Trudeau Just Broke His Promise to Canada's First Nations
Caleb Behn, who is from West Moberly First Nation, one of the nations taking the federal government to court, says Trudeau has broken his promise.

Justin Trudeau’s government has quietly issued its first batch of permits for the Site C dam — allowing construction to move forward on the $8.8 billion BC Hydro project despite ongoing legal challenges by two First Nations.

The federal-provincial review panel’s report on Site C found the 1,100 megawatt dam will result in significant and irreversible adverse impacts on Treaty 8 First Nations.

Caleb Behn, who is from West Moberly First Nation, one of the nations taking the federal government to court, says Trudeau has broken his promise.

“It’s 19th century technology being permitted with 19th century thinking and I expected more from the Trudeau government,” he said. “These permits were our last best hope to resolve this.”

“These permits suggest very strongly that, at least these ministries, if not Trudeau’s entire cabinet, are unwilling to engage in reconciliation with indigenous peoples. I thought this country could be more.”

Charlie Angus, MP for Timmins-James Bay and NDP critic for Indigenous and Northern Affairs, echoed those sentiments.  

“I think this was a real test of the Trudeau government and they failed the test,” Angus said.

“The Liberals seem to be thinking that if they say the right things, it’s somehow the same as doing the right things.”

Trudeau has emphasized building a new relationship with indigenous peoples since taking office in October. He included the following paragraph in every ministerial mandate letter:

“No relationship is more important to me and to Canada than the one with Indigenous Peoples. It is time for a renewed, nation-to-nation relationship with Indigenous Peoples, based on recognition of rights, respect, co-operation, and partnership.”

But with the issuing of the Site C permits, doubts have been cast on that promise.

“We hear from all the key ministers about the nation-to-nation relationship and then they rubber stamp and go ahead with all the big projects,” Angus said.  

For Behn, who was the subject of a documentary called Fractured Land last year, the sense of disappointment was palpable.

“What do they care about a backwater in northern B.C. that only has 40,000 voters?” he asked. “If you spent $9 billion on solar panels, geothermal … you wouldn’t have to run roughshod over indigenous rights.”

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#45 (old list) Jefferson/Madison please? :3 also your fics are gr8

AHHHH THIS IS GONNA BE ADORABLE I’M ALREADY SCREAMING!!!!!! Thank you so much for this one, Anon! Kiddos, get those toothbrushes out because HERE COMES THE FLUFF <333

“Tell me a secret.”

It was nearing eleven at night and Thomas could tell that James wouldn’t be able to stay awake much longer. Coughing all day really tired the chronically ill boy out, which Jefferson totally understood.

Thomas reached out and gently stroked James’ cheek. The other boy sighed contently, leaning into his boyfriend’s touch.

Even though they’d been living together for nearly a year–– ever since the start of their freshman year of college–– Jefferson was still in awe that he falls asleep and wakes up next to the boy he loves so much every single day. He was still amazed that he could reach out and touch him any time; that he could bury his face in his side and drift off to sleep.

He looked at James, whose eyes were fluttering shut, and was suddenly overwhelmed with an urge to know everything about him.

“Tell me a secret,” Jefferson whispered before he could stop himself.

Madison’s eyes stayed shut, but his mouth turned upward, into a tiny smile. “I don’t like mac & cheese,” he said playfully.

“Ha,” Jefferson deadpanned, shoving the other boy’s shoulder. “Seriously, James. Tell me something I don’t know about you.” Jefferson snuggled up closer to his boyfriend, who began to run a hand through Jefferson’s curls.

“Fine,” Madison sighed. “Well, you’re gonna laugh at me.”

Jefferson hugged him tighter. “Never,” he promised.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” Madison chided.

“Okay, I’ll do my best not to laugh at you,” Thomas amended.

“Good,” Madison said. “When we were in middle school I had a crush on you.”

Jefferson couldn’t help the squeal that rose out of him. “For real?” he asked.

“That’s not the worst part,” Madison added.

“Oh?” Thomas was intrigued, but he was still swelling with pride that Madison had had a crush on him for so long.

“I used to practice making out with my teddy bear. I’d pretend he was you,” the other boy shyly admitted.

Jefferson was glad Madison had made him amend his earlier promise because he couldn’t help the uproarious laughter that overtook him.

“I knew you’d laugh,” Madison grumbled.

“I l-love, y-o-ou,” Thomas stammered between fits of laughter. “So-o much.” After about five minutes, he finally calmed down.

“Thanks for telling me,” Jefferson said. He kissed Madison on the cheek. “I think it only makes you even more adorable.”

“Mmm,” Madison sighed, leaning into Thomas more.

“And James?” Thomas said with a yawn.


Jefferson could tell Madison was on the verge of sleep. He scooted up to his boyfriend’s ear and whispered directly into it. “Tell your teddy bear that he taught you very well.”

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Oh oh oh, um ladrien spiderman au! Ladrien spiderman au!

It was only when Ladybug’s upside-down hands clasped his cheeks that Adrien realized she was hanging from the lab ceiling by her feet alone.

Startled out of the trance Ladybug’s soft lips and softer words had put him into, he jerked back and stared.

As he suspected, her feet weren’t even stuck there by webbing; they were just… stuck.

Adrien’s physics-loving mind tried to adhere two and two together and failed. Ladybug was a slight female human of average height; taking into account the fact that muscle was denser than fat, there was no way she could be under fifty-five kilos, and was probably closer to sixty-five. The surface area of her feet, depending on her arches, couldn’t be much more than a hundred-and-fifty square centimeters at the very most, seventy-five when she went onto the balls of her feet…

To have enough adhesion in that small space, she shouldn’t have been able to move, much less fight with the agility he knew she had.

“How are you doing that?” he said, taking another step back so he could properly marvel at the spectacle of his crush completely flouting the laws of nature. The back of his brain itched to pull it apart and figure out how it worked, itched to see if he could replicate it.

Soft, pink lips flushed and parted; he got the feeling she was blinking at him behind her face mask.

It… was a rather odd thing to interrupt a first kiss with, Adrien realized belatedly.

Fortunately, Ladybug didn’t appear to hold it against him.

“Why not come over here and find out?”

adrien is both gwen and MJ so he can be both a model and cute science nerd (also because i love gwen with all my heart and refuse to accept her death in my heart)

send me a ship and an au for a 3 sentence short fic

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why is your writing so simplistic and plain? i'm reading all your old replies and all i am seeing is just plain words.

i can’t tell if that’s criticism or not, but believe it or not, i got a learning disorder. i went through high school being picked on by my friends for not being in the academic stream, but rather the applied - hands on learning experience. it’s easier for me to have simplistic and clean writing because that way i know two things: i can understand what i’m saying and hopefully so can the other person. just because i don’t write purple prose, that doesn’t make me a shitty writer. it just means that i would rather understand what i’m saying. 

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Does your head hurt? Mine does because it can't comprehend that S/C may not be together; and if that IS the case - then there are 4 very fucked up, NOT normal people in those 2 relationships. WHO acts this way? FFS - the hand sex a day before the IFH. Got to take excedrin.

seriously! he’s not even touching the trophy, just her hand, and she’s stroking the inside of his fingers. 

that is NOT normal for people dating others.