so in a simple explanation, at that interview, jk pointed at jimin when he said “people”, RM was sitting at the same side of jimin, and yup everyone noticed jk pointing at JM, so uploading pics of them both was the best safety measure to avoid that obvious “people aka jimin” thing


Thank you guys so much for joining the livestream! Thank God a proper livestream that doesn`t fuck up the streaming at least! But still here’s a wip progress of the animatic(yes I say animatic because majority of the vid is just image but I only add 5% of the footage has a lil bit of animation such as this)

But heck hope you like this simple animation now i`m gonna friggin color this like an anime *dies* ENJOY!

I know some of you guys said I should use proper animation softwares like adobe flash or clip studio paint but honestly in the past I use to animate using NOTHING BUT ADOBE PHOTOSHOP. So when Firealpaca applies the same principle as photoshop a.k.a the layer layouts and etc i`ve never been a happy camper and with onion skin mode makes it my time much easier unlike photoshop (Adobe please add that onion skin feature i will love you and sniff your favorite couch) Anyhoo the livestream is a blast! Have patience with the animatic vid and STAY INKISH MY LOVELIESS XDD