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the twins ask bill for help with their trig stuff in the future and bill can't handle the scalene triangles. You probably know who this is

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Bill Cipher then proceeds to explain to the Pines twins a really weird (and unexplainably awkward?) trigonometry lesson that actually ends up helping Mabel understand her summer math homework somehow??????


Heat Magazine Issue 908 29 Oct - 4 Nov  with @HumansAMC 

For Colin Morgan, who plays part-synth freedom fighter Leo, the big theme of series two is “humanity vs consciousness”. Morgan is quietly spoken and deeply charming, but get him on the subject of technology’s effect on us and he gets very animated. 

 " I’m not really that into technology.I never have my phone on set. The majority of people l see on the street would rather look at their phone than another human being, “ he explains. It’s definitely shutting people down–people walk into each other, because they’re playing Pokémon Go. or whatever.”

 Katherine Parkinson agrees. “Colin’s so right about people and their phones, she says. But while he was saying that to you, I was on my iPhone. l was only looking at photos of my children, though.”

 That’s allowed-proper human behaviour. 

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  • Finn:Let me just ask you straight out! Do you believe that ghosts are real? Right now.
  • Bubblegum:Uh, no.
  • Finn:Why do you not believe ghosts are real?
  • Bubblegum:I've never seen one.
  • Finn:There are a lot of things you can't see that are real!
  • Bubblegum:What can't I see?
  • Finn:You can't see gravity! That's real!
  • Bubblegum:Yeah, I can drop an apple.
  • Finn [under his breath]:Fuck.