Unpaid internships are bad for many reasons, and we need to fix them or get rid of them because I don't want to get one; yes, I named my dissertation after a One Direction song.

LL.M. International Human Rights Law, Irish Centre for Human Rights at the National University of Ireland—Galway

Drag Me Down: Unpaid Internships and Human Rights

Ok but imaginary friends (ways humans are weird)

Humans pack bond. We just do. Aliens learn quickly that spending any significant amount of time not being actively antagonistic to a human, they will bond with you.
They bond with other humans. While humans do not necessarily bond with everyone it’s pretty easy to become low-key with others for most people. More serious bonds take more time.
Humans bond with animals capable of bonding with the human. They bring both predator and prey (hopefully not together) into their homes and make them part of the family.
Humans do the same with animals that can’t bond because their brains aren’t wired for it. We don’t care. We love them anyway.
Humans bond with inanimate objects. It’s actively encourage for child to build social skills by practicing on toys. Adults even do it
They name cars, computers, phones, and other things.
All these can be explained and understood relatively easily.
But imaginary friends…the aliens don’t get it. Humans pack bond with things that DO NOT EXIST
they have bonds sometimes closer than those to any of their peer group. Child play with these nonexistent things actively and we don’t find it weird. Adults put out extra place settings at the table for their childrens imaginary friends. They chose a different seat if a child tells them that a clearly empty chair is their imaginary friend’s chair.


I was NOT supposed to be drawing fanart right now, but i pinky promised my friend that i would draw this sooo… have a little inuyasha AU

“Amethyst ?”
“Yeah P ?”
“You know you’re my partner in time right ?”
“..heh, as long as you’re my partner in crime~

Day 2: Crossover
Life is Strange
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Muslim Women's Day
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Now we know where the booboo came from!

Yeah. Mort isn’t very nice. He’s not particularly interested in how he gets people in his belly… as long as they’re alive enough to squirm he’s happy. What an ass.

Speed  was the name of the game for this page, since I’ve gotten behind on  posting. I think I’ve balanced slightly lower quality, with brushes and  techniques that will continue to increase speed…
The next few pages should be completed faster anyways since they decrease in panels after 23.

I do need to go back and fix Noah’s size on this page. I think he ended up a little small… >>’

I love when you’re first trying to get someone into podcasts and you watch them listen to it and you’re just like

So I just thought of this...

So it’s established that a lot of the time, humans would be the ‘weird space orcs’. But what I want to see is aliens who are totally baffled by the complexities of food we would consider 'simple’ meals. Like ramen. I just made a ramen with corn, an egg, and sliced Ham and Turkey I chopped down into bite-sized chunks. Like, aliens would be so confused by that.

“Human Jess, why are you putting two substantially different meats together? What is the purpose of the corn? Humans can not digest corn. What is in the little spice packet? Why are there noodles? Is that an egg? Why?”

And we’d be like 'nah, man, it’s good, it’s just soup’ while their soup is just what we would call broth. And the aliens would be so confused and amazed because it smells really good actually?

We humans are weird.

In all aspects of life, the body and mind are constantly adapting. Our muscles become stronger with continuous contractions. Our minds become more resilient against reoccurring stressors. Our immune system learns to react faster to incoming bacteria. Humans are astounding, really. We are so completely flexible towards improvement, not only physically, but mentally as well.