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Remember when painful emotions like fear, anger, and hate were seen as natural and as the appropriate reactions to bad things? Yeah, me neither. Because apparently at some point in cultural history there came along some Yoda-people, who started to shame these emotions as sins, and on the other hand you got Sith-people, who instrumentalised them as weapons to corrupt people. 
No one ever tells you “I hope you’re very angry, because this is outrageous.” You get told to be strong, to see the positive, to be brave. They shove “light and love” down your throat and no one ever even acknowledges that maybe your negative reaction is healthy and sane.
So you start feeling guilty and ashamed for natural things, for being human; you repress them, until they eat you up alive. And the best thing is that when you’ve turned into a monster, they’ll say: “Oh, there wasn’t enough love and light in them.
—  INFP thoughts
clone headcanon:

a lot of clones like to keep their hands busy during their downtime. this most often takes the form of keeping all their gear in perfect condition and then some. but you can only dissemble, clean, and reassemble a blaster so many times. same with your armor

so there’s clones who do little things, like crochet or knit with bits and pieces of scrap yarn. clones who make little trinkets that aren’t worth anything (except their individuality, the knowledge that I made this). there’s clones who paint armor in the colors and designs that give them their individuality. 

clones who braid the long hair of their brothers, giving both their hands something to do, and lessening the touch starvation of themselves and their brothers (going off @poplitealqueen‘s wonderful post about touch starvation among the clones). clones who idly rub the shaved scalps of their brothers for the same reason, or who rub their own scalps without even realizing it

Hatred of Customers

When working at a job that requires you to make contact with people and be hospitable and all that jazz, I wouldn’t find it very surprising if the aliens were unable to understand why we hate the people that come in when it is dead quite. They would most likely believe that you would be happy to do your job that you are getting paid for because why would you chose this job if you hate it? I would lean towards them having the equivalent of a tearing-out-their-hair moment after they find out that most people are in a job for the money, not the enjoyment. So back to the main topic, people can and will be short (In their heads never right out to the customer. Heaven forbid that from happening.) because their paid relaxation got cut short and/or they’ve been on their feet all day and just want a break goddammit!


I know what I’m doing may be dumb
I know I should not be staring at the sun
But the thought of it leads me to temptation

here’s my part for the islands project! watch the full thing here! 

i feel like this part of the song’s lyric is so fitting for finn at the beginning of islands, like i can see him thinking to himself something along these lines. im so glad to have been given this part~

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