Hey, this is different than my always-posted comics! 

Ahoy guys, gals, & non-binary pals! In light of recent events I’m embarking on a unique endeavor and I need your help! You guys have all been really great to me thus far (and don’t worry, nothing changes at all with the comics, that all stays the same!) and I thought you could be really helpful with getting this off the ground too. This is the only time I will post about the Human Thought Collective here, so follow the project @human-thought-collective! 

The concept is simple: I’m aiming to showcase honest pieces of the human experience, without anyone having to worry about someone finding out “they” said it. A personal, entirely honest, art experiment, that anyone and everyone can participate in. Not only are you able to share your own biggest regret & biggest hope, but you are also able to read and relate to everyone else who has decided to share.  

Here’s where you come in: The Human Thought Collective is being shared right here for the first time, this means I need you to share with the people you know, too (like kind of a lot)! & please send your biggest regret & biggest hope to the address listed above, I have a lot of hope in this, I hope you do too. 

Send me a message, anonymous or not, if you have anything you’d like to say or ask about this, I’d love to talk! 


I uh… I guess he got bored and wanted to go out for a jog.

(Somewhat minor spoilers)


LOTS of Braulia sketches. There’s a depression fairy, a vampire tribunal, some sketches for barbarians (the people who live past the mountain range of the north and live near vampires) and there are also lots of people of Asiatic-like origin who live far away from Braulia, to the East. I’m still developing their aesthetics and culture, but so far they’re being promising! (to me!) Little info: these people have a matriarchy going on in which women are the absolute rulers of everything and boys are way more valued by their beauty than any other thing. In fact, every young man is sexualized and the sexier they are the more advantages they have in society, as long as they stick to the rules!

Another humans are weird space orcs idea because I really like thinking about it. What if aliens have no idea how to hide their emotions? Like, they suck at poker because they can never keep a straight face or anything. or, on a darker note, their ship is hijacked and they can’t keep the fear out of their faces, but all the humans look cold and emotionless to them. Other aliens hating having to bargain with humans becase we can bluff and keep our emotions in check so well, but when they get frustrated it’s all over. Pirates threaten the space ship and they send the human to do negotiations, and the pirate talking is super confused because no matter what threat he makes, the human just doesn’t seem to be fazed one bit.

Someone please, feel free to add to this, I love to see what else people come up with!


Humans are space orcs

I’ve been reading a lot of these “humans are space orcs” posts and that got me thinking…

Imagine that you’re the only human in youre crew. Youre crew is getting attacked by pirates and they start shooting darts with a deadly substance in it. None of youre crewmembers is getting hit, but one dart hits you. The whole crew is freaking out and screaming “Oh no, our human is dying!”

But you don’t feel like you’re about to die. You feel energetic and hyperactive. You manage to blurt out “ohmygodifeelawesomewhatwasinthosedarts?!?” And one crewmember just stares at you like you lost youre mind and says “that… that was caffeine”

And then you spend the next hour running in cyrcles and screaming “WEEEEEEEEE” while your crewmembers slowly start to whish that these darts had killed you.