All Star Hipster

Buckle up kids, today on the humans are weird tag I’m going to get into, you guessed it: Hipsters.

Okay, so while I was writing some other stuff for the humans are weird about how we enjoy things more if they’re popular I was thinking about why we do that. The best answer my brain could supply was that we, as a species enjoy something more if we know that loads of other people are enjoying it with us. It’s similar to when you go to a concert and there are loads of people there, all there because they love music and want to see this thing and it just enhances your experience. It is very different to say if you were in a huge hall listening to someone sing, but you were the only one there. It just wouldn’t be as fun, because we as a species, are made to be part of a pack. [I mean it might be kinda cool, like that one day everyone thought it was a snow day when it wasn’t and so only one kid showed up in my class.] but my point is that you would enjoy the music more with loads of people, but on your own you might just feel kind of awkward and start picking out all the flaws in the singers voice [he might just be upset that only one person showed up for his performance though, so let’s give the guy a break]

So what this all leads onto is set up for the fact that I think the reason we enjoy say a certain type of clothes more when they’re popular is because we know that there are other people enjoying those clothes with us [tht sounds kinda weird but you know what I mean] and its like the concert example but on a much wider scale, rather than just one comparatively small room.

So now it’s time for me to finally get around to the point that I’ve been setting up for since the beginning: hipsters. They have no regard for the system we have in place of enjoying things more as a group. Imagine how much that would confuse aliens:

Alien: Ah, human!fred, I see that fashion has once more advanced since I last saw your kind, it does not seem long ago, but how quickly you humans move on has to stop surprising me at some point.

Human: no, don’t worry, everyone else is still stuck on those stupid jumpsuit outfits you were right.

Alien: But you are not wearing this trend?

Human: ugh, it’s way too popular for me to be into

Alien: But I though your species enjoyed things more as a group?

Human: Ew, maybe the losers and the sheep

Alien: So you are not into this trend?

Human: Well I liked it fine like three months ago, but then everyone else got so into it, and that totally ruined it for me.

Alien: I do not understand

So yeah, just a thought. When I brought this to my sister she said that she thought it might be some kind of alpha status thing, like hipsters are trying to be above everyone else. Which makes sense. It also rather reminds me of the fact that rich people started using the british accent to distinguish themselves from the poor, so you know. It’s not like we haven’t done that kind of thing to try and make ourselves more important, so anyway, as usual, just food for thought, kinda late but oh well, see you tomorrow!


Natsumi has some questionable methods of sharing.

Levi: It was for a good cause.
Levi: a sb shirt was on sale
Max: Ooh, which?
Tsuri: i still needa get a protectorate shirt
Tsuri: nice
Natsumi: give Tsuri the left half

Natsumi: Tsuri
Natsumi: that is not how you shirt
Tsuri: QQ
Natsumi: the obvious solution is to both wear the shirt at once
Scaleeen: The special class get along shirt
Levi: Wow, it’s the get along tank!