huma quereshi

DAY 2750

Jalsa, Mumbai                   Oct 17/18,  2015                  Sat/Sun  1:09 am

The mind states the obvious to keep on … the body states the obvious to not !

Dilemma reigns supreme and timings that were once a part of curriculum, go a begging .. but the refrain has remained the same .. hard work pays immensely .. if it has not come then .. then there is a problem with the genes ..

Many wish that their remains after the passing should be maintained and stored in some religious centre. Many do not agree with such .. genes and its DNA’s have been developed and counted and stored say some … others have news of analysis through these tests that give a complete and correct description of what illnesses to expect and when they would occur and how long the age ..

Quite remarkable all this .. slowly we shall be overtaken by technology … a technology that shall think and act for us .. we the humans shall remain redundant … overtaken and controlled by our own inventions ..

But work continues with all its apprehensions and wonder .. it is frightening to imagine how the day shall eventually pass, but pass it does .. a few hours ago there was thought on when the day shall end, when I shall sit in the quiet comfort of my thoughts, write think, examine assess and decide what needs to be done or undone ..

A flow occurs on the AKRHZ .. matters move a bit sooner and more efficiently .. the order is restored for most parts of the show, but ..

The apprehensions of its receiving or rejection are foremost in the mind .. attendance for any celebration of the product, is mercilessly cut through the body .. it is far too much to be in the presence when broadcasts explode upon the Tv seasons .. one would rather sit in its quietude and pray and hope that the semblance of a disaster is avoided ..

There is a rush against time ! The rehearsals with the people of eminence, that adorn the show, continue, as the next script is approved and sealed .. a process is being templated .. a management routine has now got some semblance of procedure .. all that needs to be done is that the anchor to be inspired and heated for the moment .. heat is understandable ; it has the capacity to come and vent and disappear .. but inspired ? inspired from who what and where ..

See .. it is a format that is fresh and new .. a concept, which runs in the other parts of the world too .. but as always the spread and the taste become local when it is produced within our environs .. and that is the double edged sword !

It is not time yet to speak about ‘swords’ and ‘double edged..’ implication of the work .. work is work .. it does not possess the acumen to differentiate .. and it never must .. someones work becomes the others expenditure .. a continued expenditure .. but commercials are always hard nutted and frighteningly close to being either accelerated or defused.. accelerated when there is recognition of need .. of the desire for meaningful presence .. defused, because it is bound to happen .. life would never know the challenge of loss and disruption, if it just paved ways of deliverance all the time ..

There are times when it is never recognised that, the work of one, helps and feeds several others that become members of fraternity … the burden exaggerates its presence, when there is scant respect for the provider .. granted temperament outweighs any individual creativity, but I would be no creative or artistically inclined fluff, if I were to have been deprived … deprived of any toys or possession of some of the many objects that abound our sessions of play or companionship !

Asking or saying ( could be braying too) most of our discussions do lead to an end where the questions that erupt need to be answered .. and this is where the issue begins its journey through many ‘melas’, festive park environ and such !

Up front and outspoken should be the order of the day .. much of what festered inside is now out .. and instead of being in deliberate ostracised condition, speak out, scream make a noise, turn heads, turn humanity .. into a sane and comfort zonal territory ..  

There is above the visuals of the Tv presence, of Sant Balbir Singh ji, of Kapil of Irfan of Huma Quereshi and of Daler Mehdi  … they are all in such exaltation and massive presence .. they teach us lessons in academics yes but, also about the insides of our being and how it would be possible to achieve that ..

Blessed are they that make way for the other as well .. the present must leave and allow the next to come in .. there will be space for all … its just the endeavour that must find place .. all the rest follows somewhat automatically ..

Its Smita Patil’s 60 th birth anniversary and a book has been written and its inauguration is done .. there are reminiscences and stories and confessions and readings and remembrances of the time spent with the artist, and in its glorification to find common platform .. platforms to examine as it were, the life and times of the artist .. 

The family and those near will and shall always find the moments of Smita’s heart and soul .. perhaps ! her inner thought would never be known .. inner thinking is rare and secluded in our system .. 

So do we really in our lifetime, ever disclose the inner .. I would imagine not ! Let them that have authority on that, be satisfied by analysis and objectivity .. that is great and praiseworthy .. but still the unknown remains unknown .. 

There is lot that we carry within .. and within it remains … till the end of life !

My love 

Amitabh Bachchan