Chefs Collaborative National Summit 2011 - New Orleans : Adam Seger Hum Spirits

Crescent City Serenade

A spirited tea punch made from biodynamic rose petal chai tea, Hum Botanical Spirit, Death’s Door Organic Gin, Cresecent City Farmer’s Market cucumbers, Hollyfield Farm Tatsumas, Sweet Potato Syrup, PawPaws NOLA wildflower honey, Mayhaw-Jalapeno Gastrique

Shit was intense.

Zevia Guiltless Mojito

Thanks again to our friends at hum Botanical Spirit for sharing this mojito recipe with us! Highball glass: - Dozen+ crushed mint leaves - 2 lime wedges - 1.5 ounces hum Botanical-infused Rum - Ice - fill with Zevia Black Cherry hum includes four incredibly rich botanicals- fair trade hibiscus, organic ginger, organic cardamom, and kaffir lime. It is a must to try! And makes a great hostess gift for the holiday season. Of course, enjoy responsibly.

strange-alliances asked:

"Its a sad story isn't it?" Spirit hummed as they approached Rythian with a wide grin, "The story of a man born from darkness who had fallen for a little bird with a broken wing. While they planned to wed, his little bird had been captured and sealed away. Never again would he hear the sweet tunes she sang for him. Ahaha, such a shame~" (I'm so sorry about this asshole)

“Wh-who are you? What do you mean Ali’s been captured!? Where is she? Is she okay!?”

homemade-awesome asked:

Tokay gecko

[Lizard Asks]
Tokay gecko: favorite sounds>

Some of my favorite sounds, in no particular order, are the sound of a running facet, rivers, the oceans or large bodies of water in general, incredibly silky smooth voices, well-tuned and well-played pianos, violins, friendly laughter, Cecil and Kevin’s voices from Welcome to Nightvale, my friend Ari’s voice sounds pretty similar to Kevin so I’ll include nyr, Louis Armstrong, and the ever-constant and ongoing hum of spirits that never seems to ever quite quiet down in the back of my hearing. Those guys sure are Loud.


Guiltless Boozy Float

Our friends at Hum Botanical Rum created the most AMAZING Guiltless Boozy Float. Such a fab way to dress up an old favorite! Build in a highball or rocks glass -2 Scoops Frozen Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt (Stonyfield Zero Fat Oikos Vanilla is yummy organic creaminess) -1.5 ounce hum Botanical Spirit Fill with cold Zevia Ginger Rootbeer If you haven’t tried hum Botanical Rum yet, it’s a MUST! This fragrant spirit is infused with ginger, cardamom, kaffir lime and hibiscus. Such a delicious treat to taste and smel! And of course, please induldge responsibly.

go-eldarplayer asked:

You received a strange dark metal crate, with the icon of the moon with wings spread out on it. Upon opening the box, you are greeted with the sight of a lovely power sword, and a note. "Consider it a gift from the NLR, hope you like it, was custom made from our forge worlds." Signed Lord General Emily. P.S. Be carful where, and when you swing it. This thing managed to cut an entire Baneblade in half, so once more, do be careful.

Regis looks over the note and seems quite puzzled as it is said it is a gift. His mind tries to recall a Lord General when he was in the guard. As he can not quite recall running into such he is careful to lift it from the crate. A soft smile crosses his face as he looks it over. Exquisitely cared for and the machine spirit hummed softly with its duty wish to enter battle. Lightly he moved his hands about the housing as he takes care not to insult the machine spirit. 

This was quite a gift for him. But then again he was starting to dig up some rare items from his supposed crates as the writing and marks resemble his own. He mist of been known to be a collector of sorts.