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30-day Writing Challenge 2017

Day 1. Poem about secret or forbidden love.

On the Love of Self

It starts slowly, like getting acclimated
to thinner air. You stop looking away
when, by chance, you see your face
in reflective material - in the black stone
of a skyscraper, or the stillness of a lake.
What you can see of yourself becomes
you; you do not hesitate, seeing another’s
hands at work, when your brain commands.
You start to think of your body as a whole –
a thing that hums and whirrs and works
in concert with itself. You do not have
to love its faults, which are many:
the strange pains, the weaknesses, the aches.
But you can start to love what it does.
The hands that create, if haltingly, the brain
that powers it all, darting from task to task
like lightning, the legs that, though painfully,
take you where you need to go.
This is love: to choose over and over.
Decide that this body is worth your love
and work from there. And when you see
that stranger smiling in the mirror, don’t turn away:
look her in the eye and smile back.

The first time he breaks your heart, it’s in someone else’s mouth.
We’ve always said we won’t take them back if they cheat,
if they lie,
if they kiss other girls and don’t intend on telling us.
But you do.
You love him. And the stories tell us love conquers all.

The second time he breaks your heart, it’s six days before Christmas.
I drive to your house and hold you and I’m helpless as you break.
Your mother says you’re worth a thousand of him,
but that doesn’t help when it feels like your heart’s in pieces.
But he comes back. He says he’s sorry.
He says you’re the best thing that ever happened to him.
And you say yes, yes, yes,
he’s your Prince Charming, and this is a fairytale after all.

The third time he breaks your heart, it’s in the car outside your house.
You knew this was coming -
things hadn’t been the same since London.
You haven’t slept for three days straight,
and you cry when people ask you how you are.
But this is it now. He doesn’t come back and you keep your heart,
he keeps his empty iloveyou and imsorry and takemeback
and it turns out not everyone gets a happy ending.

—  Josie, “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
Popcorn Date

Title: Popcorn Date

Paring: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,689

Warning: Cavity level fluff that turns smutty

A/N: I’ve been having this dream for months, thought I should share. The humming I talk about you can see in this video, just go to 17:05 and watch them talk about it, it’s pretty great. He does the humming thing again later on and Jensen can’t stop laughing. Anywho, enjoy dorky cute smutty Jensen!!

“Dude, just go ask her!” Jared nudged Jensen so hard he stumbled a little, falling into the side of Baby.

“Shut up! Come on man!” Jensen looked over his shoulder only to whip back around. “Shit, dude she’s coming over!” Jared started laughing before falling into a coughing fit as he tried to hold it together.

“Uh, hey guys. Jared you dying or something?”

Jared just shook his head, trying to keep a straight face. Jensen’s eyes went wide as he slowly shook his head, silently wondering what the hell had gotten into Jared.

“You guys sure you’re good?” you looked between the two boys.

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The thing that appealed to me most of all is [how] there’s basically an 8-track recording machine in there, so you can build sequences and have different things repeat at different times and patterns through it, so I felt more autonomous, you know – everything else was going on in the studio, and I’d have my headphones on, building my own little song in here and no one would know what was going on until I finally press the button and it was all in sync with the track, and it seemed like I’ve done four days [of] work in an hour.
—  Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran on the Fairlight CMI (The Shape Of Things That Hum)

Reasons to Love Aracely: The only part, because if I included them all it’d just be every appearance she has ever made in a comic ever <33


I’ve been working on a section of my SS Poseidon’s Boat Deck, and I decided to join it up with the other large exterior models of my ship to give a nice view of the whole thing. The aft deckhouse housing the stairwells of either the Engine Room Crew or else the original Second Class (I’m not so sure it’s the crew’s stairwells anymore) is completed, and I’ve started work on the large Grill, a restaurant and lounge for the original First Class that specialized in an informal atmosphere and meals à la carte.

Ordering à la carte just means you choose each entree, appetizer, dessert and whatnot separately, which is what basically everyone does now, but it was actually pretty uncommon a hundred years ago. In the old dining rooms and restaurants you could choose from two or three different courses that were all planned and set, and if you wanted something from one course and something from another you were out of luck. Some ships in the early twentieth century (most famously the Titanic) introduced à la carte restaurants, where patrons could choose each dish individually, and naturally they were a huge hit, so they became more and more common on board ships as the century went on, and by the 1930s (when my ship was built) all ships had an à la carte restaurant in First Class.

You can also see what is a stairwell attached to the middle of the aft wall of the Grill, with the tiny cubular deckhouse on top. Also I’ve decided I will make cubular a word.

The original lifeboats I designed awhile ago turned out to be much too small (they were 28 studs long and I needed something in the 36- to 40-stud range), so I had to redo them. I ended up creating, like, eight different designs of different lengths and widths and had to choose between which of them I liked best (I didn’t much like any of them so it was hard). The last lifeboat on each side of the ship is 38 studs long and the others (including the other two on the Port side) are 40 long). The lifeboats are probably around 35 feet long in real life.

Don’t let Eugene & Cassandra’s expressions here fool you, our storyboard pitch today for my second Season 2 episode was a big success! Thank you, Ricky Roxburgh, and the rest of the writing crew, for delivering an unforgettable script filled with solid laughs and genuine heartfelt moments. And big thank you’s to Storyboard Artist Anna Lencioni & Storyboard Revisionist Amber Vucinich for making this happen, and for Production Coordinator Matt Haddon for keeping things humming along.

This episode is going to be great, believe me. It reintroduces us to some familiar faces and expands this new Tangled universe we’re setting up. Can’t wait for you all to see it!

//Y I K E S. Someone decided to be racist on one of my posts so blooooooock!! They literally took what I was saying and twisting it in all the wrong directions. Yikes™ just yiiiikes. Not gonna deal with people like that who can’t take the idea a character isn’t 100% white only because they are ‘said in the book to have white skin’. Byeeeee.//


“Today, you will define who you are. Today, you will spill white blood and change the future. Are you with me?!”

“You really don’t trust anyone, do you?”
“Never met anyone worth trusting.”