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Soulmate AU idea

So I had this stupid idea, idk if it’s been done already but here we go:

Soulmate AU where, everytime your soulmate is listening to a song/music (It also counts if they’re the one making the music, if that makes sense), you can hear it too. This leads to a bunch of situations, for example:

“Wtf they’re listening to this again? It’s been like 20 times today!”

Being almost asleep and suddenly, DEATH METAL OF DOOM 

Or, on a more pleasant note, hearing your soulmate sing before you go to bed every night and then one day the singing just stops

Trying to be productive while your soulmate is listening to some ass loud music, and so you try to cover the noise by putting your own music over them. War ensues

Being on the bus with only one earbud in, listening to a song not very well-known, when suddenly the person next to you starts humming the exact same thing you’re listening to

Growing up, hearing your soulmate sing almost everyday, until one day you see them on TV and they’ve become famous

Noticing that your soulmate is listening to depressing/sad music these days and trying to cheer em’ up by putting on your favorite songs

A lot of people trying to meet their soulmates at concerts of an artist they know the other likes

Soulmates who have found each other making little playlists for when they’re away from one another

Not hearing anything because your soulmate is deaf

Living your life with an almost constant soundtrack, because your soulmate really loves music

And of course, trying to communicate with your soulmate via songs and music, which is harder than it seems

Early Man Premiere…

So… today was interesting. As part of my new year ‘Do More’ sort of, kind of, resolution, I travelled down to London for the Early Man premiere. 

Things didn’t get off to the most auspicious of starts. My train was cancelled, so I got into London much later than originally planned. 

However, I arrived just as people were being let in and by some stroke of luck I somehow managed to find myself front row on the green carpet. 

That’s where my luck ran out. Tom was the only ‘main’ cast who came our way, and God bless him he did try to get to as many people as possible. But time was against him and he was called into the screening before he made it to our side.

But… I got to gaze at his back for quite some time whilst he was busy signing. And here’s the thing. I wasn’t gutted, as I thought i might have been. Would I have liked to get the pre-requisite selfie and autograph? Sure, I wouldn’t have said no. I doubt any of us would if we were honest.

But genuinely, I was just happy to be there. I got some photos, albeit of the Hiddlesbum (I swear, my hands were shaking from the cold and the adrenaline, and I had no idea what the hell I was taking photos of until I got back to the station! Apparently the man bends over a lot! 😩)

But more than that, i met some lovely people and have some wonderful memories to take home with me.  

Unlike many of the hungry autograph hunters (I’m not referring to the fans here btw - the pro’s were out in force), screaming and banging hoardings, I was quite content just to watch the man in action. And what shone for me is the way he interacted with the crowd. 

He was calm, polite and dear-God-in-heaven, oh so beautiful in the 'flesh’. I realise people say that all the time, but believe me, he genuinely took my breath away for a while and I had to pinch myself to remember to even attempt to take some photographs! I’ve been to premieres before where actors are rather aloof, but I never got any hint of that from Tom.

As for the hair? Well, again I got to stare at the back of that for some time. My, it looks SO soft. There was also very little product. It’s lighter than I expected (definitely prefer the no product look!) and deliciously wavy…

I’m waiting for my train home (another three and a half hours of travel!) with spotty wi-fi and barely any battery so will try to make something of the pics when I get back if anyone’s interested…

P.s. (I do have way too many of Luke because apparently I fangirled almost as much over him - given that he was stood right in front of me…)

I don’t think I can live without you
because the minute you drift away, to a place I can’t reach
my stomach gets tied up in knots and my mind goes numb

I don’t know how or when or the way of it
but the thing that hums in my bones with certainty 
is that I need you, I trust you, I love you

because the world seems darker without you smiling at me
and the song of my heart goes quiet when I don’t whisper your name

because when you touch me, the garden of eden explodes into being
and I think my atoms were formed to finish the puzzle piece that is you

—  Unfinished Stories #220 by Abby S
Uptown Girl

Summary: Billy takes interest in a girl who has to keep it secret from her family. The Wheelers.  

Originally posted by bouncycorgi

    Author’s Note: This shit took me forever to write, oh my god! 4k + words, my dears. Get a snack and get cozy. 


        “Billy!” I exclaimed as he captured me around the waist and tugged me behind his locker door.

Billy and I had been flirting back and forth for a while now. I thought when he first approached me that he only wanted to get under Steve’s skin by dating his girlfriend’s younger sister. But after Steve and Nancy broke up, he kept on flirting.

He had yet to kiss me, even though he came close many, many, times. He was a tease, and he knew it. He also knew that I wasn’t self-confident enough to make the first move, so he went on teasing.

His lips would brush my cheek, in towards my nose, and suddenly he would pull back. He loved to watch my cheeks go red, always pulling away with his trademark smirk.

        “Missed you yesterday.” He told me, keeping his arms around my waist and tucking his head on my shoulder.

        “Mhmm.” I hummed, “Family thing.”

I had gone with Nancy to visit Barb’s parents after school. Despite the lack of clues in Barb’s disappearance, they hadn’t given up hope on finding their daughter. Nancy and I both considered them to be like a second family. And I think they enjoy having girls in the house, another child to parent in Barb’s absence.

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Either/Or: Rosie

Prompt! Can we see Supercorp but one where Kara rescues a baby and brings them home and Lena doesn’t wanna get her hopes up about adoption because she doesn’t want Kara to have to outlive her AND a child (Pref a fluffy ending but up to you?)

“Kara, honey, are you home yet?” Lena called out as she kicked off her heels and balanced the bags of take out in her arms.

The quiet of the penthouse greeted her as she hurried toward the kitchen. As she turned on the lights, the city outside disappeared from the large windows. Their home became its own universe, with just the faintest bit of galaxy outside.

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White sheets & purple kisses

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,032
Warnings: Smut - NSFW – Sexual themes, inappropriate language, nudity, handjob, fingering, squirting, unprotected sex - please guys if you’re going to be intimate with someone, please use protection. Also if you’re underage, please don’t read this.
Author’s Note: Hi guys, I don’t even know what to say about this. I think this is the most smuty thing I’ve ever wrote ahah so all I can say is I hope you enjoy it. This is also for @marvelous-fvcks writing challenge. I hope you like it! I did my best. And please guys, tell me what you think of it. I’m so nervous for some reason ahaha.
Prompt Word: Hickey

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Hold On, I’m Coming (Part 2)

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

Summary: you and Dean have your first date

Pairing: Firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,400

Warnings: language, mention of injuries, mention of stitches

A/N: You guys want more - you got it! Hope you like it, and there will be at least a few more parts that I’ve got planned. Beta and general life credit to my twin @deanssweetheart23 for reading everything and putting up with me

Check out the Series Masterlist

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anonymous asked:

Bittys reaction to jack cutting off his 90s boy band bangs 😪

“Hey honey, how was - Oh my!”  Bitty froze, half turned away from the cream he was whisking, eyes wide.

“Does it look bad?” Jack asked, sheepish as he shifted on his feet, ruffling his newly-shorn hair.  The floppy bangs - the ones that reminded Bitty of his brief and shameful boyband phase before he found Beyonce - were gone.  Instead, Jack sported a short, clean cut.  He looked…

“Good!”  Bitty rushed to assure him.

“Yeah?”  Jack seemed to doubt it.  Bitty quickly started whisking the cream again, trying to get the peaks to stiffen as fast as possible while reassuring his boyfriend that,

“Yes sweetpea, you always look so handsome.  I just didn’t know you were getting a haircut.  I’m…surprised!”

“You’re sure it looks okay?”

“I swear on Moomaw’s peach cobbler recipe.”  At that, Jack let out a breath, finally letting himself smile.

“Okay, I believe you.”  He came over to Bitty, and as soon as his boyfriend had set the mixing bowl aside, Jack bundled him up in his arms.

“What has gotten into you today?” Bitty asked, laughing into Jack’s chest and hugging him around the waist, squeezing back just as tight.  Jack nuzzled into Bitty’s hair, the softness and the sweet smell of conditioner making it one of Jack’s favorite things.  He hummed, pressing a smiling kiss where his mouth landed.

“Pretty happy, I guess.  Coaches are pretty confident we’ll be making it to post-season.  Three more games, and we only need one more win to lock at least a wild card.  That’s euh…kinda why the haircut.”

“Jack!” Bitty looked up in surprise.  “Isn’t that bad luck?”  Jack shook his head, looking amused.

“A little presumptuous maybe, but the coaches said so and there’s no specific superstition against it so…”

“So?  What on Earth managed to get you to deviate from your standard - your classic - Backstreet Boys bangs?” Jack laughed, and started to sway, taking Bitty along with him in the silly half-dance, and pulling a laugh out of him as well.

“Well I didn’t want to spend our first anniversary sporting my old high school ‘do.  That’d be awful.”  Bitty stopped, his resistance stilling Jack as well, and Bitty turned in his boyfriend’s arms so they could be face to face.

“That’s actually incredibly sweet.”

“You know how important you are to me, Bits.  I know it’s not a big thing, but I don’t want hockey to make me look like a ridiculous caveman on our day.  Figure it’s the least I can do after you had to live through Movember.”

“Oh god,” Bitty groaned, remembering the awful ‘stache that had plagued him all through November.  “That was trying.  Good lord but that thing was hideous.” Jack leaned down to kiss him, firm and barely holding back a smile.  “I suppose I’ll get used to having that thing on my face eventually.”

“Does that mean one of these years you’re gonna let me keep it?”

“No, it absolutely does not!  It just means that I love you enough to overlook your regrettable facial hair occasionally.”  Bitty cupped his cheek, stroking a thumb over his face thoughtfully.  “But a well-groomed beard would definitely be up for discussion.”

anonymous asked:

Hey! Could I request a Scenario for Shiro where his S/O helps bandage up some minor wounds and maybe it gets an little Smexy ( If ya catch my drift ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

OK, I’m so so sorry this took so long! I was like halfway through with it when my computer decided to freeze up and crash on me before I saved. I was/still am pissed.

But here we are. Just a little NSFW.

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