hum forever

i always forget that brook is probably going to be the last straw hat standing and i am Hurt by the thought that he could very well drift the seas alone once again

the second winner of the guessing game, here is a soulmate!seokmin!!
find: wonwoo | joshua 

  • when the humming started, you don’t remember
  • you’re sure it had to be recent - but then again you couldn’t remember a time when it wasn’t around
  • like background noise in your head, you could hear the slight hum of a song you didn’t know in a voice you didn’t know 
  • but it was beautiful,,,,,and in all honesty you didn’t mind it at all
  • “you can hear your soulmate before you meet them!” people had said before, but you were always too shy to ask: can i hear them humming too?
  • and even though you told yourself you shouldn’t,,,,,,,,you started humming the song in your head too
  • it was so bad, your boss at work had noticed - telling you that you couldn’t always be humming while serving coffee- it would piss people off!
  • but you were fine stacking boxes in the back or taking out trash,,,
  • somehow,,,,since the humming had started,,,you’d kind of lost the ability of getting mad
  • the humming just,,,,,,calmed you down
  • and you had never heard anyone else hum the song,,,,not until you were outside of the cafe you worked at
  • after hauling three huge trash bags to the back you’d decided to take a tiny break and clear your mind
  • the humming was still there and before you knew it, you were doing it too
  • tapping your foot along even, as you scrolled through your texts - checking your email and seeing what you might like for dinner
  • when you heard footsteps
  • looking up, you saw a kind looking boy with pretty bright features walking toward you
  • he had earphones in and you were pretty sure he was talking the alleyway as a shortcut when as he passed by, you heard him humming
  • ,,,,,,,,,,the same song you were,,,,,,,,,,
  • it took you a moment to snap out of shock and turn to follow him
  • he was walking fast, hair slightly messed up by the wind and you had to sort of sprint to catch up to him
  • but when you finally did, tapping his shoulder to get his attention
  • the boy took off his headphones and smiled, “yes?”
  • unlike most strangers, who might have told you off for bothering them, he seemed fine with you catching your breath as you went
  • “w-what’s that song you were humming?”
  • with an even wider smile, the boy takes his headphones and puts them on your ears. the song playing,,,,,it’s the first time you’ve heard it with words but you can tell that the music
  • is the same tune as the humming in your head
  • ‘I adore you, I adore you, enough to get dizzy.’ 
  • mouthing the words to try and get them memorized, the boy takes the headphones off and says “it’s one of my favorites, do you know it ?”
  • you look at him and give a sort of embarrassed laugh
  • “i don’t,,,,but it’s been stuck in my head,,,,”
  • the boy’s eyes widen,,,, “it,,,it’s been stuck in mine too! im seokmin by the way!”
  • he puts his hand out for you to shake and when you do you both feel a small spark
  • but not like the kind that hurts, just the kind that runs up your spine and makes your whole body shiver
  • you look at each other,,,,,,,and for a moment there’s just silence
  • till your eyes drop back down and you notice it - the writing on your wrist
  • seokmin looks at his too,,,,shocked even more as he reads what it says on his skin now
  • outloud, he says your name and you stare down at your own new tattoo - seokmin
  • “are you-”
  • “could it be-”
  • seokmin takes your hand in his and at the same time you two gasp, “we’re soulmates!”
  • for the first time in forever,,,the humming in your head stops for both you and him and you hear seokmin mumble “i can’t wait to tell woozi his song helped me meet my soulmate”
  • you have many questions, like one who is woozi, but you save that and with a small stutter ask if seokmin wants to come in and have some coffee
  • he puts his headphone in his bag, but takes your hand again and says he’d love to
  • as you go back inside, with the humming gone in your head you hear seokmin humming by your side - and somehow think that hearing it live is a hundred times better,,,,,,,,,
Hawaii Loving (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Requested by anon: “hi, i absolutely love your writing! could you possibly write something about being in hawaii with grayson? i’m still not over all of those pictures of him! 😭😂”
Word Count: 1,730
Warnings: None.
A/N: Gurl, I feel you and I got you. Hope this satisfied your Hawaii!Gray needs. ;) xx (Also, if you’ve requested something then please be patient. I’ve gotten a lot of them so it might take a while!)

Hawaii was beautiful. There was no doubt about that. The sand was white and searing hot against the soles of your feet, the ocean sparkling blue and clear and the food was just simply amazing.

School had been stressing you out, but you had finally graduated and as a present, Grayson decided to book you two tickets to Hawaii. When he’d broken the news, you had squealed, jumped around and then jumped him, disbelief and excitement running through you at the thought of spending a whole week in Hawaii of all places with the person you loved.

The surprises just kept coming though, because you had thought that you would stay at a hotel but you should’ve known that Grayson would go all out, because he was just that incredible. He had booked you the Honeymoon water bungalow, way out in the ocean with an incredible view of the beach that could be seen through the roof to floor windows. You couldn’t lie, you had cried at the sight and Grayson had laughed, pulling you in for a hug and a kiss.

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I Am An Alpha Ch 22: Bonding Time

I have a blanket wrapped around me by the time Kris and the others bust in their eyes are glowing red, chest heaving, the usual entrance they have been making the whole time I’ve been here. I smile awkwardly but the Tao doesn’t take their intrusion as nicely, he jumps in front of me shielding me from their view, and in his mind, possible attack.

“Get out!” The young alpha roars at his brothers.

“What the hell do you think you are doing using her like that? You are not clear minded enough to be anywhere near her!” Kris snarls.

“Hyung, wait, I said it was alright!” I stammer out.

Kris’s eyes shift to me, “And what were you thinking? He could have hurt you!”

“But he didn’t!”

“But he could have! You don’t know what you are getting yourself into when an alpha goes into rut around his mate.”

“And you do?” Jin sasses as he joins us in the room, easily swaggering pass my mates to stand in between them and Tao.

“This is none of your business,” Luhan quips.

Jin rolls his eyes, “First off, fuck you, yes it is, Insoo is my business with or without mates. Secondly, I’m so fucking tired of you guys freaking out about every little thing! How many times have you guys done this in the few days you have known her? She helped her mate out during his rut, what is the problem?”

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weepdee  asked:

ahhhh okay so here we go first request. could we get rfa + v + saeran reacting to mc being a huge fan of musicals such as Hamilton, Razia's Shadow, Les Misérables, etc?? bless ur cute souls <333

Yoosung-Be More Chill

  • “Um, MC why is my name Jeremy in your phone?”
  • “Cause you’re a nerdy gamer who’s in love with a person who loves plays.”
  • It takes Yoosung one look at your phone’s music to realize that you’ve become obsessed with a new musical.
  • You were right too, almost to a scary point.
  • Yoosung is a lot like this Jeremy kid
  • He ends up listening to the soundtrack too and your house is a mess.
  • Seven walked in to hear Yoosung scream “It’s from JaPAAAAAAAANNNNNN.”
  • Seven immediately leaves the premises
  • The two of you use various quotes to answer questions
  • “MC what’s taking you so long?”
  • “I’m waiting for my porno to load.”
  • You two just become dorky, off-key messes


  • Hamilton had gone international and Zen just so happened to be cast as Aaron Burr
  • When Zen finds out that you loves Hamilton too he has you help him practice, filling in any parts that he can’t.
  • The two of you end up singing the whole musical together and Zen is the best Maria Reynolds you’ve ever heard aside of course the original
  • Whenever he messes up he screams. Not frustrated, just extremely confused.
  • You two only made it through once because after that all attempts ended up half finished
  • Of course Zen only found this another reason to love you because his angel can sing better than anyone he’s ever heard and isn’t shy to break out a verse with him
  • He finds it almost scary how attractive he finds it when you rap ‘Guns and Ships’

Jaehee-Dear Evan Hansen

  • Jaehee already loves musicals, except it took you to introduce her to musicals that didn’t involve Zen
  • The first one you showed her was Dear Evan Hansen
  • She falls in love immediately and learns all of the songs in the course of two and a half days
  • She sings it everywhere, when you visit her at work she’s humming, normally For Forever, and when she cooks she sings Waving Through a Window
  • The best times though, the ones that leave both of you laughing and yelling lyrics, are when you sing Sincerely, Me as a duet
  • You two always crack up when you sing the line ‘but not because we’re gay’ because yes. You two are VERY gay, well you’re both very Bi
  • Through this you’ve learned that Jaehee has the voice of a Goddess and you are incredibly happy that she sings all of the time now
  • She almost cries when you sing ‘If I could tell Her’ to her with things that you love about her
  • You then continue to branch out but DEH holds a special place in both of your hearts


  • “We live in Korea, why are you learning about the American revolution?”
  • He’s extremely confused as to why you know that Alexander Hamilton was causing shit in New York in 1776 but you couldn’t name more than three cities in Korea
  • “Why aren’t you learning about the American Revolution?”
  • “I’m not American, MC!”
  • That’s the gist of your conversation about Hamilton
  • He doesn’t really understand why you just want to learn about the revolution but you see him nodding his head to the beat and after a while mouthing along to some of the words to a few songs.
  • And then
  • When he hears ‘Say No To This’ for the first time while you’re showering he is livid.
  • He busts up in the bathroom and jumps in the shower to your screaming.
  • “What is he-my love it’s just me-What the hell does he think he’s doing cheating on Eliza? Eliza doesn’t deserve any of this! Eliza is too good to him!”
  • “Yes honey I know, she was a great person.”
  • He continues to stand there in his full suit complaining about Ham as you laugh mumbling ‘I told you so’

Seven-Be More Chill

  • Oh dear Lord as soon as he hears this musical when you’re in the shower he’s hooked
  • He invents a SQUIP
  • He also takes the SQUIP and you honestly can’t tell if it works or not
  • All you do know is that he’s been trying to have you take a SQUIP too, but knowing your boyfriend that is a chance you are not willing to take.
  • He likes to sing every single song like Brittney Spears and honestly, he’s a great Brooke
  • Every time you go to leave somewhere he sings the entirety of ‘Do You Wanna Ride?”
  • He’s got a whole dance routine to that damn song
  • Well….he’s got a dance routine to each of the songs
  • Not to mention after around two months, he chugs red mountain dew more than he does Dr. Pepper and you can only guess why…

~Love, Peony

Drive-In Saturday

Hi guys! Thank you so much for 700 followers, so I’ve been working on a little fanfic for you all. I hope you enjoy, there will be more to come! Sorry it’s so long.
Ship: Stenbrough (mention of Reddie)
Word Count: 3004

Stan loved his new job. He had figured a 16 year old boy ought to have a job and stop relying on his parents for everything, so in the late summer, right before starting his junior year, he applied to the old record shop downtown, Archie’s All Time Hits. To Stan’s surprise he was accepted after only a few days since applying and was eager to start.
He’d been working a little over a month now and was still just as happy to be there as he was the first day he started. He loved being surrounded by the poster covered walls, with rows of stands filled with any music one’s heart desired. He loved the perfect stream of sunlight that shone through the glass windows across the bins of vinyls each day just before 5 o'clock. He loved the kind people that visited each day and how amazing it felt when someone asked him for advice on what to listen to. He could talk for hours on his favorite albums and recommend the most perfect music for anyone he met. Archie loved having Stan around because he had finally found a young soul that liked and appreciated the music just as much as him. He quickly took Stan under his wing and Stan grew to enjoy music more than he had already thought.
One warm October Saturday afternoon, Stan rode his bike to work as he often did. The leaves crunched beneath the wheels as the wind rustled through his soft brown curls. Six Different Ways by The Cure played from his mixtape through the headphones of his Walkman that was clipped onto his jeans. The song reminded him of the Losers. He missed them a lot. With the amount of time he had been working lately, he couldn’t spend as much time as he wanted to with his best friends. He still spent the free time he had with them but often it was difficult to juggle all of his responsibilities and seeing his friends. Bill was the only one that Stan saw much more often than the others. Stan often rode to his house after work to do homework or even just see him. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy played as Stanley arrived at the record shop, thinking of Bill as he parked his bike.
Stan slid the headphones down off his ears as he walked through the door. “Hey Archie,” he said as he headed towards the back room to put his backpack down. Archie nodded his way while looking up from a bin he was reorganizing. He walked back to the front just as a customer arrived which he gladly went to assist.
Stan went about his usual responsibilities for the next few hours; helping customers, organizing bins, and bringing out the new vinyls to the front. The shop closed at 5 on Saturdays and Archie had already left, leaving Stan to finish out the day. The shop had been quiet most of the day with only a few customers coming in to browse.  At around 4:30, the store finally received some customers. Stan was crouching on the ground organizing a bin of Beatles vinyls while humming Alphaville’s Forever Young that was playing from the record player in the back, when he heard the little bell above the door ring.
“Good afternoon, i’ll be right with you,” Stan said finishing up the bin.
“Stan the fucking man, what a place this is.” Stan whipped around to see Richie walk through the door with the remaining five losers following close behind.
“Guys what are you doing here? I thought you were all going to the movies?” Stan said walking over to greet them.
“We’ve been missing our favorite curly haired friend while he’s been working hard,” Bev said to which she received a taunting “Hey!” from Richie as he pointed to his mess of black curls atop his head.
“You guys are the best,” Stan beams.
All the losers disperse through the rows looking for vinyls for themselves. Bev heads towards a Stevie Nicks bin but is distracted when she notices a stray New Kids On The Block record that she teasingly calls Ben over to show and Mike follows to join in the jokes. Richie pulls Eddie’s hand towards the back bins full of bands such as The Cure, Joy Division, and Queen.
“Richie! I wanna look at the people I like,” Eddie whines.
“Eds, I love you and all but I can’t deal with anymore discussion on The Yo-Yos or Wo-Hos, or No-Nos or whatever their damn names are, I need some actual good music” Richie pleads, receiving a serious eye roll from Eddie.
“Its the Go-Gos,” Eddie says annoyed. “And don’t call me that! I only wanted to look at The Smiths anyways,” he pouts.
“Well shit, Eds, you know they’re my favorite,” Richie beams down at Eddie as he throws his arm around his shoulder, squeezing him tight, then dragging him along.
Stan stands back, watching his friends enjoy themselves talking about the music he too is so passionate about. As he looks around he notices one loser off on their own, Bill. He stops a moment and just admires Bill. The way his hands glide over the cover of the records package, as his gleaming eyes follow over the old Elton John record he’d found. The ray of sun that Stan loved so much falling perfectly on Bills cheek, giving him an ethereal glow. As Bill went to brush the single strand of dark hair that had fallen over his eye, he looked up to meet the dark eyes of Stan watching him. A slight rush of heat filled Stans cheeks as he was caught, but he simply smiled at the boy and made his way over to him.
“Elton John?” Stan asks as he approaches.
“I-I was just l-looking,” Bill stammers with a small laugh and a gleam in his eyes that was familiar to Stanley. As Bill goes to set the vinyl back where it goes, he accidentally knocks a few onto the ground. “S-shit, im sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it,” Stan says as they both reach down to pick up the fallen records. Reaching for one of the albums, his hand falls upon Bills as he reaches for the same one. They both look up to see the others eyes right in front of theirs. They stay there a moment before Stan breaks the stare and coughs a bit, letting go of the album. Both boys cheeks fill with a slight red as Bill stands up first.
As Stan picks up the last of the vinyls and sets them back where they belong, he spots an Aladdin Sane album. His eyes light up as he quickly grabs it, it’s his favorite. He eyes the album in his hand a moment before turning to Bill.
“Hey, uh, have you ever heard of David Bowie?” Stan mumbles.
“H-have I heard of h-him? He’s m-my favorite,” Bill says as his eyes light up in a way similar to how Stans did when first eyeing the album. Stan smiles down at the album, the album he listened to when Bill popped into his head. The album he listened to when he was riding home from Bill’s house after an afternoon of movie watching. The album he listened to when he couldn’t sleep at night and needed happy thoughts. “Stan?” Bill asks, breaking him from his daydreams.
“Oh, uh, sorry about that, I was just, thinking about, uh..” he stumbles. Stan has never blushed so many times in such a short amount of time.
“T-these love songs make y-you t-think of someone, S-Stanley boy?” Bill teased while patting Stan’s shoulder. Stans blush deepened even more. If only Bill knew. Bill stood there smiling at Stan with that sparkling white smile that made Stan melt.
“They make me think of Eddie’s mom, Billy Boy,” Richie interjects as him and Eddie walk by on their way to the next aisle.
“Richie what the hell?” Stan yells after him as he watches the two boys run down another aisle, hand in hand. Eddie playfully hits Richies shoulder and rolls his eyes right before Richie leans down to kiss Eddie on the forehead and he instantly perks up again. God, did Stan want something like that. Richie and Eddie were so open with how much they loved each other, why couldn’t him and Bill be like that? But Stan knew why, Bill didn’t love him like that. At least he didn’t think he did.
“I-I can’t stand him,” Bill laughs. “I don’t e-even r-remember what we were s-saying.” Thank God. Stan thought to himself. Richie may be an annoying asshole, but at least he just saved him from that awkward conversation. How could he tell Bill that he’s the one he thinks about when he listens to those dumb love songs. He quickly thought of how to reply without reminding Bill of his teasing question.
“You were just about to tell me your favorite song from this album,” he said, gesturing towards the vinyl in hand. The approach was slightly flirty but subtle enough he hoped Bill wouldn’t think twice about it. Thankfully, he didn’t.
“Oh y-yeah. I really l-like Drive-In Saturday, a-and The P-Prettiest Star,” he answered. “It’s s-so hard to pick a-a favorite t-though, I l-love everything B-Bowie sings.”
“How did I never know this? We both love Bowie and somehow we never knew about it,” Stan joked. “I think I have an idea.” Stan grabbed Bill’s hand before he had a chance to even give a reply. He led Bill through the aisles of bins, stopping at one to grab a pile with his left hand, and continuing dragging him towards the back.
Stan leads Bill into the small employees room in the back of the shop. There’s a small couch in the corner where Archie takes his midday naps, a coffee table by the window with a single chair, and a record player laying on the floor with Stan’s backpack dumped out and his records surrounding it. Stan’s Alphaville vinyl still sat under the needle- he hadn’t had time to flip it since he was distracted by his visitors.
“I guess I could give you a Archies Insider experience,” Stan jokes as he sets the records down on the coffee table and then gestures towards the room with his now open hand. He hadn’t realized they were still holding hands but he wasn’t going to be the one to pull away. Bill continued to hold his hand as he looked around the small room then led Stan towards the record player on the ground. He let go of his hand as he bent down.
“Are t-these all y-yours?” Bill asks, picking up the scattered albums and looking over each carefully.
“Uh, yeah,” he replied. Bill continues to take all the vinyls in. He picks the needle up off of the now still Alphaville record and puts it back to the beginning and listens to the first few notes of Forever Young as it restarts. He closes his eyes, taking in the tune, and when he reopens his eyes, he looks up at Stan and starts jokingly singing along.
“Let’s dance in style, let’s dance for a while,” he starts. Stan bursts out laughing but can’t help and stare at the boy sitting on the ground making the cutest fool of himself. “Heaven can wait we’re only watching the skies” he continues as he stands up. Bill grabs Stans hands and begins swaying around him while continuing to belt the song.
“Wow I can’t believe I get an exclusive private show from Alphaville themselves!” Stan teases. Bill stops his singing and plops on the couch.
“A-are you s-surprised? Your b-best friend is s-secretly f-famous!” he jokes back. Bill was out of breath from his performance, singing and hopping around the room was hard work. While he caught his breath, Stan took the vinyl off the record player and dug through the pile he had brought in with him. He pulls out the Aladdin Sane album they talked about before, placed it on the deck, and lowered the needle onto the record. Drive-In Saturday began playing quietly through the players speakers.
“M-My favorite,” Bill practically whispered. He was still slouched on the couch, closing his eyes once more, but this time he kept them closed. He hummed along to the tune as he swayed his head back and forth to the beat. Stan stared for a while, not on purpose, but because he couldn’t take his eyes off the peaceful boy. He’d never seen Bill so relaxed, and he seemed so into the music filling the room.
Stan was still staring in awe when Bill opened his eyes. For a moment Stan thought Bill would be weirded out or confused, but he just smiled at Stan and motioned to the spot on the couch next to him. Stan rose from his spot on the ground where he was sitting and hesitantly made his way towards the couch.
Bill sat up enough for him to sit next to him and curled his feet up towards himself.
“So you r-really like w-working here don’t y-you?” Bill asked.
“Of course. I love being able to work somewhere where it doesn’t feel like I’m actually working. I love being surrounded by all the music and I’ve learned so much from Archie, I’m so thankful,” Stan starts and he didn’t finish there. He kept rambling on about the new artists he had found, and the people he meets. He mentions the story about the old woman who came in a few days ago and talked for a whole hour with him. He talked about the young girl he helped find a present for her mothers birthday. And he talked about the young boy who came in and said he wanted to be just like him and gushed over the Walkman clipped to Stans jeans.
Bill just sat and listened. He loved listening to Stan talk and watching his dark eyes twinkle with excitement while his soft brown curls bopped up and down with each slight movement. He was put into a place of peace as he watched Stan talk about something he was so passionate about. The soft melodies of David Bowie still played in the back, adding to Bills sense of happiness.
“I just talked about myself for way too long,” Stan finally laughed. “I didn’t even notice how long it was until that vinyl went quiet. I’m so sorry.”
“N-No, t-that’s okay, I l-like just l-listening,” Bill replied. Stan got up to flip the record but as he walked over, he noticed the clock on the wall.
“Oh my God. It’s almost 6 o’clock. The shop closes at 5, where’s everyone else,” Stan rushes through the curtain separating the back room from the main store with Bill following closely behind. They enter the shop and notice everyone was gone. “Well that’s weird, they’re gone and didn’t even mind to tell us”
“Do you n-need help c-closing up?” Bill asked as he walked to the front of the counter where Stan went behind the counter to lock the register. “Wait S-Stan, look w-what I f-found.”
“What is it?” he asked, looking up from the register.
“To Stan the Man and B-Billy Boy,” he began, reading from the piece of paper that had been laying on the counter. “Bills singing w-was so bad we had to l-leave immediately because E-Eddies ears began to b-bleed. Signed Trashmouth and the L-Losers”
“What the hell, he’s a little ass,” Stan laughed as he grabbed the paper from Bills hands. He flipped over the sheet of paper and noticed more scribbled on the back. “Richies a dick, you two have fun, we went to see that movie. Don’t have too much fun though, who knows whats happening back behind the curtain. Signed Bev with a half-assed winky face next to it?”
“They’re s-so w-weird,” Bill laughed. “I don’t k-know what they’re e-expecting us t-to do.”
“Yeah, what the hell, maybe we can catch that movie though?” Stan said.
“Only i-if we h-have a bike r-race on the w-way there,” he jokes back. Stan runs to the back to grab his bag and locks the door of the shop on the way out. Both boys rush to their bikes and start pedaling towards the Aladdin in the center of the town.
“I don’t know how you expect to win this race on that grandma bike,” Stan yelled to Bill as he sped past him on one of the turns. Bill started speeding up and caught up to Stan just in time. The boys jokingly trash talked each other as they sped through the streets of Derry.
“See I told you she couldn’t win,” Stan yelled back as the Aladdin came into view. Bill sped up right as he said and finished before him. “Or maybe she can win…How do you always do that?”
“Gotta put some f-faith in good ol S-Silver,” Bill chuckled. The boys both hopped off their bikes and walked towards the front of the Aladdin. “H-Hey S-Stan?” Bill said softly, looking down at the ground as he spoke.
“Yeah Bill?” he answered? Bill kept his eyes down as if he was nervous of what he had to say. Stan stood there patiently, worried of what Bill might have to say to him. Was he mad? Did he know Stan liked him? Was their friendship ruined? Just as Stan was caught in worry, Bill looked up into Stan’s eyes and quickly leaned in and kissed Stan on the lips.
“Uh-I-ya-um,” Stan stuttered, not knowing what to say.
“Hey, I-I’m the one w-with the s-stutter h-here, I’m sorry I-” Stan cut him off as he leaned in for one more kiss.
“Don’t be,” Stan said as he pulled away, grabbing his hand to lead him into the Aladdin where their friends awaited

Of Comforting Hands (Elriel)

Angst with a fluffy ending. Written for this prompt: ‘Elain helping Az when he has some sort of breakdown’.

He dreamt of fire, of flames scorching a path up small, vulnerable hands. He dreamt of brothers laughing cruelly, of the smell of burnt flesh, of screaming he barely recognized as his own. The pain was immense, even in this twisted version of reality, the fire biting into his hands with the kind of mindless viciousness that nature often wrought.

Cauldron, it hurt, it hurt, it hurt and he was screaming for help, crying out for it, but no one came, no one came. Fingers dug into his shoulders and arms, holding him down so he that he couldn’t move back from the fire. He struggled with all his might but his wings, useless things, were tied to his body and his legs were chained and even if he were free, his brothers were so big, how was he supposed to fight them and win?

Azriel screamed and screamed and screamed.

In his true memories, his screams had finally gotten loud enough to attract a wayward servant. But in his dreams, in his nightmares, his screaming did nothing but make his brothers laugh harder, make their hold tighter as the fire continued to climb up his blistering, melting skin. 

The fire was almost at his face now, the smoke in the room thick and black and choking him even as his body burned to the bone. He wanted it to end, please he just wanted it to end.

Make it stop. Stop. Stop. Please– 

And then there was a blissfully familiar voice – so gentle, so different from the screams of his nightmares. 

“Azriel,” the voice said, sweet-sounding but rife with worry, “Azriel, wake up. It’s a nightmare.” 

The fire wasn’t stopping, it wasn’t slowing. It was going to burn him alive

Wake. Up.”

Azriel sat up with a wild, near-silent gasp, his eyes opening to the calm serenity of his bedroom. He barely managed to stop his shadows bursting from him, the sheer panic almost enough to make him lose control. He tried to calm his thundering heart, tried to stop the shaking of his scarred hands, but the nightmare was still right there, living on his mottled skin. It was getting hard to breathe.

“Azriel?” Elain asked at his side, delicate hands hovering over him.

Elain. Lovely Elain. Mother above, I wish she didn’t have to see me like this. She didn’t deserve to be stuck with someone so utterly broken inside, not after all of her own struggles. He would never forgive himself for the first time she woke him mid-night terror, when he’d almost hurt her in his delirium. The nightmare he’d had that night had been particularly bad… because worse were the nightmares where the fire wasn’t burning him, where it burned Rhys or Cassian or Mor or Feyre… or Elain. Mother and Cauldron both, what he would give to never see those images in his head ever again. What he would give to protect her, to protect all of them, from the darkness he very literally brought everywhere with him.

(And yet he couldn’t find it in himself to push her away now… or ever. His brothers were right, after all. He was weak.)

“Just – give me a moment,” Azriel finally managed to say with a shuddering breath. He turned so his legs were hanging off the bed, letting his head fall into hands for a long moment (he didn’t have to keep looking at them like this). His eyes stung with unshed tears.

And he couldn’t – he couldn’t breathe properly.

“Oh Azriel,” Elain said, cool fingers finally making contact with him. One hand curled around the back of his neck, thumb gentle against the hinge of his jaw, while the other took hold of his trembling bicep. She didn’t let go for even a moment as she climbed closer to him, until she was plastered against his side, leaning her forehead against his temple.

“Breathe with me,” she whispered, her fingers ever so soft as they traced circles into his sweat-glistened skin.

Azriel gulped in one breath. Then another. And another. And another… until he felt his chest rise and fall in time with Elain’s. Something like relief shuddered its way through him. It hadn’t been so bad this time. 

He lifted his head, shocked to find his cheeks wet. Elain gazed at him with heavy eyes, but a small, proud smile played at her lips. She took his face in between her hands, thumbing away the only physical evidence of his nightmares. Slowly, so slowly, she pulled him down to her, placing a soft, soft kiss on his forehead.

Azriel felt something desperate release in his chest and suddenly couldn’t keep his scarred hands away from her anymore. He wrapped both his arms around Elain’s slight body, pulling her into his lap, her legs dangling between his. Elain wrapped her own arms around Azriel’s neck as he bent down to rest his head against her chest, his ear over her heart. Her fingers combed through his sleep-mussed hair as she hummed faintly under breath, rocking slowly back and forth with him.

She was so small in his embrace, so slight compared to his bulk, but Azriel felt completely wrapped in her, completely surrounded by her soothing, familiar scent. He found his fingers tangling in her thin nightdress, his eyes gradually closing. Elain’s arms tightened around him, her humming only pausing so she could kiss the top of his head.

Now was not the time for talk, they both knew. That could come tomorrow, along with everything else. For now, all he wanted to do was sit here, wrapped in Elain, the steady thump of her heartbeat and that soft humming of hers forever soothing him.

And, when Elain was plagued by visions, when her own sleep became plagued by nightmares, Azriel would do the exact same for her. He would sit with her and soothe her and he would wait. He would always wait for her to be ready.

As she would for him.

Good Girl Ch 49: Where We End

Beep, beep, beep, beep.

I’m not dead.

Why am I not dead? Hospital, I’m in a hospital. Why can’t open my eyes? Why do I feel someone holding my hand? Who is holding my hand? It surprises me that the first name to come to my mind is Jiyong. But how would he have gotten here? How did I get here? I try to move, to sit up, to open my mouth, to do anything but it all hurts.

“Don’t move,” A familiar voice says warmly. I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve heard such a genially sweet tone. “You have broken ribs, a fractured ankle and wrist and you are pretty much bruised everywhere else so you are in no condition to move. You had a lot of internal bleeding so they had to open you up so stay still incase the incisions haven’t fully healed.”

“Joker?” I cry still blind but I know his warm voice and his familiar hand in mine.

He chuckles, “Yes, Pretty bird, it’s me.” I try and sit up again only to have him push me back down my shoulders as gently as possible. My arms tangle with his and I end up pulling him on top of me, ignoring the pain just for a hug.

“I was so scared!” I cried into the crook of his neck.

“Shush, calm down, no crying. Your eyes will swell more and we don’t want that.”

“How long have I been sleeping?” I wonder after a few deep breaths.

“You’ve been sleeping for two weeks.”

“Two weeks?” I squeak.

“You were beaten really bad, the doctors were impressed that you were alive.”

“How did I get here? How did you find me?” My anxiety and excitement mix together making my heart race and the monitor near the bed beep like crazy.

“Calm down,” He repeats as he rubs one of my shoulders comfortingly, “Before we get into questions, are you hungry at all? Do you need anything to drink? Maybe you could try opening your eyes so you can see.” We take a moment for him to help my pry my eyes open, the room is so bright that he has to get up and close the blinds and dim the light. “Better?”

I squint at him, adjusting to the amount of light in the room. My hands reach out and hold his face making him smile. “I feel like I’m seeing for the first time.”

Joker laughs, “It’s been awhile for you. What about the food?”

“Questions first please.”

He sighs but doesn’t put up a fight, “I got a call from a blocked number and they told me a random location where I could come get you. They literary threw you at me and drove off. I rushed you to the hospital and here we are.”

“And you’ve been here for two whole weeks with me?”

“Yep, I didn’t want you to wake up alone after something like that.”

I open mouth to ask another question but stop myself.

He notices, “What?”

“Has anyone come looking for me?”

“If you are asking about the twelve men who seemed to have been in a massive custardy battle for you left the country the day I brought you here.” I feel like someone ripped up my heart and fed it to dogs.

My voice cracks, “What?”

He sighs, placing a warm hand on my cheek for comfort, “I went to them the day I got out and tried to talk to them but they wouldn’t give me the time of day. I was going to go to Jiyong but I couldn’t get to him since he was out of town until yesterday due to some big troubles. I had to scrounge up some money but before I was able to get enough to get you out they called me.” I roll over, my back to Joker, and curl in on myself, ignoring my body screaming at me to stop moving I just want to curl up and fade away.

“So they didn’t even try to find me?”

“No. I can call Jiyong if you want, see if he’ll come.” Before he has the chance to stop me I sit up and climb off the other side of the bed regardless of the heavy boot on my foot and the pain screaming through my body. But of course I can’t move very fast he is on the other side of the bed with me in a second. “Get back in bed,” He demands.

“No, I’m going.”

“They aren’t there, they left for America and I don’t know when they will be coming back, if they are coming back at all. But please get it threw your head,” He cups my face and says the most hurtful words in the sweetest voice, “they abandoned you, they left you in god know what kind of situation. You are not going back to them.”

“I know I’m not!” I scream at him, pushing his hands away, earning a few people stopping in the door way of my room. “I’m going to see Jiyong.”

That catches him off guard, “What?”

I sniffle and wipe away the few stray tears that are running down my cheeks, “You said it yourself, they want nothing to do with me. Jiyong said he wanted me, I have no one else but him now.”

“You are not in any kind of condition to go all the way there and you have no money.”

“You take me.”

He scoffs, “What? You expect me to take you when I’m trying to convince you to get back in bed?”

“It’s your job, isn’t it? I believe your job description consist of you taking me to him.”

“Pretty bird,” He deadpans.

“I’m doing this with or without you.” I push him out of the way and begin basically limping toward the door. I don’t get far when he scoops me up and carries me the rest of the way. Joker takes me to his car in the parking lot and sets me in the passenger’s seat before climbing into the drivers side. The drive there is quiet, I just asked more random questions here and there, ones I should have asked before storming out of the hospital. “There shouldn’t be any issues with me leaving right?”

“Without seeing a doctor after being asleep for two weeks? Of course not, you should be fine,” He snaps.

I nod and look away, “I’m sorry for just storming out.”

He sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose, “Do you really have to go to him right now? Do you need to belong to someone so bad? That you can’t wait until after you got a check up?”

“I have lived my whole life without being anyone’s first choice, after being someone’s, even if it was for a short time I can’t go back to being alone.”

He gives me a sideways glance that I’m sure is filled with pity, “I’m sure he’d wait for you.”

“But I don’t want to wait.”

The rest of the drive is silent. We pull up to Jiyong’s apartment building and now is when I realize that I’m still in a hospital gown. Joker hands me a jacket from his backseat before shooing me out of the car. “It would be better if I didn’t come along when you deliver all of this. Make sure you go back to the hospital after this, okay?”

I nod but get side tracked from my mission when I see something sad in his eyes, “Will I see you again?”

A small smile graces his face, “Oh Pretty Bird like you could get rid of me that easily.”

I step out on to the street and oh so slowly make my way inside the building. I don’t have my card to use the elevator so my only hope is the receptionist recognizing me. She does, but she is still a little disturbed to see my probably bruised face. Without any hesitation she escorts me to the elevator and sends me up to his apartment. Standing in the elevator waiting for it to reach the highest floor I feel like I’m going to go insane. What if he doesn’t want me anymore too? Will he just kick me out? I have nowhere else to go. I can’t go back to my parents, they wouldn’t accept me anyway. Jihyo would drop everything for me but I can’t bring this mess to her. I have no one but him right now.

“What are you doing here love?” Jiyong is right at the door waiting, his face is creased in concern. I open mouth to respond, to explain everything but all that had happened to me in the last there weeks is forgotten and I throw myself in his arms.

“Oppa!” I cry as I wrap myself around him.

“Shush,” He coos gently wrapping his arms around me and sinking slowly to the floor. “What in the world is going on? Did you miss me that much that you had to run over her? I’m surprised those guys allowed that with how selfish they’ve been with you lately, no calls or texts.” He leans back and cups my face so I have to look at him. His eyes are wide with surprise at the sight of me, I can only imagine what I look like right now with bruises still covering most of my face and tears streaming down my cheeks. A moment later his jaw clenches, “What the hell happened?” His voice is barely above a whisper but there is no hiding the poison thick in it.

“Please don’t be mad! I’ll go back to the hospital later I promise just please don’t kick me out!” I wrap myself tight around him.

“I’m not mad at you so please calm down. Just tell me where you got those bruises from and why the hell you were in the hospital, okay?” His voice is softer.

“I will I just, can we just sit here for awhile first? It’s been so long since I’ve felt this…loved.”

He kisses the top of my head before tucking me under his chin, “Of course.”


He hums.

“Is forever still an option?”

“What?” He leans back once again.

I sniffle, “You said you loved me and I could stay forever if I wanted, is that offer still open?”

A massive smile spreads across his face, “Of course!”

If this wasn’t the ending you were hoping for that sucks cause this is it! Just kidding! There is a sequel and bonus chapter that I will posting tonight, tomorrow, or Saturday, depending on when I have time! The sequel only has about 12 chapters done so I will not be updating as quickly but I will be adding my other stories on here as well so please read those, I will add the on the masterlist when they are up! 


First Impressions and Second Chances (part 11)

Summary: He never thought he’d get a second chance with you. Life didn’t work like that and it wasn’t something he’d been counting on. But now, being here with you at his side, he felt like he couldn’t thank the universe enough. He wasn’t going to screw it up this time.

Words: 937

Misha x Reader

Warnings: implied smut, light angst at the end

Notes: FILLER CHAPTER AAAHHHH- lol sorry, I know you guys were wanting more, but I don’t write smut and there wasn’t much else that I could do with this one; BUT! stay tuned for more J2 in the next part (which will have a lot more going on in it!) feedback is appreciated, love you all <3

Your name: submit What is this?

You moaned against Misha’s lips as he effortlessly picked you up and carried you from the couch to your bedroom. Your lips migrated to his neck and you nipped at the sensitive skin on his pulse point. He let out a soft noise and gently set you down on the bed, kissing you firmly before pulling away to pull off his shirt.

You began to pull down your sweatpants and he assisted you the rest of the way, throwing both articles of clothing aside. Misha crawled back over you, his hands making their way up from your thighs to your stomach, where his thumbs rubbed small circles into your hips.

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gayshipqueen  asked:

64 with 188 please, i adore ur writing

64: “You’re so beautiful.”
188: “Mine.”


“God, you’re so beautiful.”

Liam blushed and covered his face with his hands. “Shut up.”

Theo chuckled. “I’m serious. Your eyes are gorgeous, your smile is blinding, your body is so sexy-“

“Okay, I get it,” Liam said, getting more and more embarrassed by the second. “You know, you’re not so bad yourself.”

“Maybe,” Theo said, shifting in the bed slightly. “But you’re beautiful in a way that I could never be.”

Liam frowned in confusion. “How come?”

Theo leaned over and kissed him. “Because you’re mine. And that makes you more beautiful than anything in the entire world.”

Liam blushed even harder, but he was grinning. “Yours?”

“Mine.” Theo kissed him again.

Liam hummed contentedly. “Forever.”


A/N: One day I’ll write something about werewolf possessiveness and actually explain everything that has to do with it. Today is not that day. Anyways, thank you so much, friend! I hope you enjoyed! Thanks so much for reading and as always, feel free to let me know what you think!

-Mod Kai

cuddle day // justin foley x female reader

request:  Can you write an imagine where you and Justin have a cuddle day?

warnings: fluffffff

word count: 410

a/n: this is sooo much shorter than my other imagines and i’m sorry, i just didn’t want it to become too rambly… but i’m so happy that people seem to like my imagines! feel free to request something if you want to, and i hope y’all enjoy!!

you woke up to the doorbell ringing. your clock read 7:30 am. rubbing the sleep from your eyes, you rolled out of bed and shuffled to see who was at the door at this ungodly hour on a saturday morning.

when you got downstairs and opened the door, you were greeted by the cheerfully awake face of your boyfriend, justin foley.

“justin?” you croaked, not even halfway awake yet. “what are you doing here?”

“baby! let’s go on an adventure!” he exclaimed, his grin fading slightly at the sight of your pajama-clad figure. you opened the door a bit wider and he stepped into your house.

“justin, i love you,” you started. “but did you happen to look at the time before you came?”

“no, but the sky’s awake, so i’m awake!” you giggled at his reference to one of the first movies you’d watched together.

“sweetheart, you know how much i love a good adventure, but i was planning on staying in my pajamas all day,” you told him. he thought for a moment before responding.

“we can make an adventure right here,” he replied. “how about we build a blanket fort and stay inside it all day?”

you smiled at the blue eyed boy. “that sounds like a perfect saturday.”

an hour later, you and justin had constructed the coolest blanket fort you’d ever seen. you’d gathered pillows and blankets from all around the house to create a cuddle nest, set up a snack storage area, and placed your laptop up on a chair so you could watch movies.

when you’d officially decided that the fort was complete, justin crawled in and you followed close behind. he curled up in the cuddle nest and opened his arms for you to join him. you laid your head on his chest, listening to his steady breathing, while he played with your hair.

“i could stay like this forever,” you hummed after a while.

“i wouldn’t complain,” he replied before pressing a soft kiss into your hair. you felt your eyelids begin to droop.

“baby, do you want me to put on a movie now?” he asked.

“don’t you dare move,” you mumbled. you felt the vibrations of his chuckle as he held you tighter.

“i won’t,” he said. “i’ll stay right here all day if you’d like.”

“good,” you murmured, just before you drifted back to sleep in justin’s warm embrace, where you stayed for the rest of the day.

🔮What dreams are made of 🌙

Aries moon: maybe you want something to finally satisfy that unnerving and continuous itch for movement, to gain a short moment of inner peace and quietness. You’re not the kind to back down from provocations, and that’s never going to change. But your soul is as fragile as anyone’s, and it needs time to recharge with power for new fights.

Taurus moon: you like when you have your arms and eyes full of the sight of possessions, loved ones or your ideal constellation of elements. But it gets boring having it all. And there’s also the need to have more, and more. It’s not what it worths, but what it makes it worthy.

Gemini moon: diversity keeps you entertained and awake. You prefer to taste a little bit of everything, but just can’t take the full package, with all the goods and bads. Sometimes, it would be so much better if you were more greedy and less flighty.

Cancer moon: it’s exhausting too put so much heart in every new hope you make. Nothing seems enough safe or serious for you. And on the rare occasion when you do find something that nearly resembles your standards, for a moment you can almost feel it. The ephemeral contentment. And it’s real.

Leo moon: your inner child is quite funny; one day they feel like the sky is theirs, and the next is wondering why the stars are so far away from their limited grasp. Chasing after sun ashes can be a tricky job. Try not to loose your spark by aspiring to the one of someone else’s.

Virgo moon: carefully, prudent and simply perfect. That’s how you dance under the endless Sky Kingdom. You strategically move your hands to your chest, checking if your heartbeat hasn’t speeded. It never does. But what if today is the day when it will?

Libra moon: in love with your own soul. In love with what makes it happy, what gives you that spark in your eyes. You join the party, and never leave it until the dawn. Seeing comets falling from the sky, but never fearing the marked burns on your cheeks.

Scorpio moon: you never trust reasons. You just follow the whispers of your heart, the aching wants of intimacy with another being. You don’t want someone else to complete you; you want a foreign arm tight wrapped around your neck; a soft voice promising everything and all to you.

Sagittarius moon: you love the cold breeze on your face; the sun is just so big and bright. You could stay in the daylight forever. Humming forgotten hymns about nature and the Universe. With your feet under the amusing blanket of green grass; savoring the last minutes of warm weather.

Capricorn moon: there’s just one way to get everything you want. Everything you need. And you found it. It’s just that you can’t remember what motivates you. You have this and this. You don’t need a new bike, a new love in your chest or a pair of fancy shoes. Maybe just dreaming about having them is actually what makes you happy.

Aquarius moon: what if everyone was like in your visions? Fair, but also revolutionary in their own ways? It would be a mess. You know that everybody is different and has various philosophies after which they guide their lives. Just as you do. You’re the Prometeus of your own inner world.

Pisces moon: sometimes, this place can be a really scary and discouraging one. You fear that one day it will reach with its claws into your soul, and it will never let go of you. But you’re strong. Strong enough to keep your heart tender even in the darkest times. Just let the hope in.
Furrever Home

Also on AO3.
This is a sequel to Homesick 4 You, though it can stand on its own.  It is also @miraculousfluffmonth‘s Aug 31 prompt, I’m yours, forever. 

Marinette hummed as she worked on the hem of her latest creation.  It had been a busy day, complete with an afternoon shoot held in one of the Le Grand Paris’ ballrooms.  Because Camile was running it, she’d specifically requested Marinette’s attendance and scheduled it for after school.  She and Aimee had started calling her Lucky Charm after the third shoot.  Eventually they’d abbreviated the nickname to LC, which most people mistook for Elsie.  It had quickly become how she was known to Adrien’s coworkers.  Today’s shoot had gone fantastically, even wrapping up early.  She’d come home inspired to work on her own designs.

She knotted off her thread and crawled back to get a better look at the dress.  It was nearly complete, and she could already see how it was fulfilling her vision.  She was startled to hear Adrien’s obvious tread on the steps.  It was late, a time he would usually come over as Chat, not Adrien.  His father was also home this week, and that combined with the time couldn’t possibly be a good thing.

She looked up as he topped her stairs, his unbuttoned coat and loose scarf flapping behind him.  He had a newspaper rolled up in one hand, and a scowl on his face.

“What’s the matter?” she asked, wondering if she should leap forward to hug him, or let him come to her.

He tossed her the newspaper, then threw his coat over one of her chairs before flopping onto the floor beside her.  "You should look at it.  It concerns you.“  His voice was low, and he wouldn’t meet her eyes.

She unrolled the paper, pushing it flat.  "Golden Boy Adrien Agreste, Off the Market!” the bold headline screamed.  Underneath was a very large photo of the two of them holding hands and looking at each other with the dumb grins of the besotted.

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Just something to think about:

You’d gotten home from work, said hello to Harry, and padded off to your room. The sticky summer air was making your clothes cling to your body, and a shower sounded like heaven in that moment. You took your time, using your favorite shampoo and even doing a face mask after. You were already feeling tired, and decided to lay down for a bit, still adorned in just a towel.

Harry would come into your bedroom, surprised (and happy) to find you lounging in bed. Your hair was still wet and you didn’t even have to ask Harry to play with it, braiding it and unbraiding it, brushing through it with his fingers (tugging softly on it every once in a while to hear you giggle “stop it, Haz!”) and massaging your scalp as he went.

You stayed in your towel for quite a while after this, content, breeze blowing in softly through your open window and the evening sun beginning to set outside.

Harry moved to your shoulders next, kneading them with strong hands, trying to get the knots out. You’d wince at the pain on occasion, but sigh in relief when he finally got your muscles to relax. You were laying face down, arms crossed under your chin and were almost asleep. He moved down your back, tracing the lines of your shoulder blades and pressing into your muscles as he went.

When you were nearly asleep, he laid down next to you and pulled you in close to his side, holding onto your arm. Your hair smelled of flowers and your skin was soft – he couldn’t get enough of you. The two of you laid like this for who knows how long, enjoying each other’s presence and felt time stop for a bit.

“Love you, pet,” he mumbled from behind you, squeezing your wrist, “could stay like this forever,”

You hummed in response, sleep taking over your brain. It was moments like this that made you fall in love all over again.