hulu problems

After I binge watch Hulu instead of doing my report

Once Upon A Time

so i did a bad thing…

i started watching a new show and now…

im obsessed. the name of the show is

Once Upon A Time aired on ABC

and let me just say its a GREAT show!

This guy is my favorite!

Its rumplestiltskin!

not sure if i spelled it right but if you have not seen the show i recommend watching it!

I would be watching it now but my HULU is not working.

I am crying

so now i end my night by playing Xbox until I am ready to sleep…

GOODNIGHT everyone (:

Youtube Red, and Why Content We Love is Going Dark/Blocked

Oct 24, 2015 — On Oct. 28, 2015, Youtube Will launch new paid platform Youtube Red to the Public. Youtube Red will allow users to watch content without ads for the price of $10 a month. For the past few weeks, Youtube, exstension of Google, has been pressing on content creators to sign up for this new subscription service, and for those whom do not choose to sign, will face the consequence of their channel/content going private (dark), or unavailable in the U.S. and other countries.
Originally Youtube was created for users to freely create and produce content and to share their hobbies, opinions, thoughts, and talent with the world through a simple video. What makes Youtube different from subscription services like Netflix and Hulu was that creators were able to express their artistic freedom, and viewers were able to communicate closely with their favorite youtuber, creating a very popular community. As a creator myself, I can say for the most of us, this will hurt us badly, and this move was not created for the creator or viewer’s interest, but for Youtube and Google’s economic gain.
If you don’t want to see your favorite music artists and channels (AKB48, Morning Musume, Up-Front Entertainment, ESPN, etc.), go dark/ blocked. Sign this petition and express what Youtube means to you!