hulu movie night

Quick tip y'all

I highly suggest investing in an Amazon Fire Stick. You’ll have to get it jail broken after buying it (pay someone or find out how to do it yourself on YouTube), and it let’s you watch pretty much anything. Usually new episodes are posted after an hour. Sometimes sooner. Hell, I managed to watch a movie that I couldn’t find anywhere else because, well, it wasn’t even being released until a few months later.

It’s usually cheap, even if you pay someone to jailbreak it. Either way, it’s cheaper than cable. After a few months, it’ll be cheaper than Netflix and the majority of streaming sites. All you need is a television and an internet connection.

It’s super great. Especially if you’re dead broke. Please get it.

Noirvember watchlist
  1. Possessed
  2. The Damned Don’t Cry
  3. The Long Goodbye*
  4. The Killers (1946^ & 1964*)
  5. Gun Crazy^
  6. The Asphalt Jungle
  7. Phantom Lady
  8. Laura^ (Netflix)
  9. Pitfall (Hulu)
  10. The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (Hulu)
  11. The Big Combo (Hulu)
  12. D.O.A. (Hulu)
  13. Kansas City Confidential (Hulu)
  14. Hollow Triumph (Hulu)
  15. A Woman’s Secret (Warner Archive)
  16. Crime Wave (Warner Archive)
  17. The Gangster (Warner Archive)
  18. The Racket (Warner Archive)
  19. Incident (Warner Archive)
  20. Caged (Warner Archive)
  21. The Woman in the Window (YouTube)