hulu for the holidays

The Binge Watch Challenge

Have you ever wanted to make a friend watch a show you love?
Do you have friends that pester you to watch their favorite shows?
Got Netflix, or any other means to watch shows?

If you answered yes to these then let me introduce you to the Binge Watch Challenge!

The rules are simple, you challenge your friend to binge-watch a show of your choosing, and in return you will watch a show of their choice. The one stipulation is that both parties must complete at least one season of the show within one week of the challenge if it’s an hour long show, and 2 seasons if it is only a half hour program, additional rules can be applied to shows with short seasons. After one week the two can come together and discuss their opinions of the shows.

The goal is to not only enrich lives with the wonders of good television, but to also foster friendships with new conversation. Don’t you want someone to go to when a character dies, or a couple breaks up, or someone gets pregnant? Now you will.

Consequences for not watching the challenged show include ending of friendships, full permission to spoil anything the violator cares about, or being made to watch a terrible and/or boring movie (some possible films include the room, the last airbender, or baby geniuses 2, but it’s a case by case basis). 

Don’t have time because of school? Try it out over winter break!