Interior by the Exchange Int: Jackie Ferrara´s Wallyard architectural sculpture (1981), Børge Svensson´s patinated iron sculpture (Denmark, c.1960s), Paavo Tynell model no.9224 table lamp and 9602 floor lamp (Taito Oy, c.1940s), Gunnar Nylund stoneware floor vase by Rörstrand Ab (c.1950s), cast iron urn Mikrokosmos by Olof Hult for Näfveqvarns Bruk (1928), flat-woven rug by Bohusslöjd (Sweden, c.1950s) and a Swedish Modern mahogany tripod low table (c.1930s). / Instagram


Stella Im Hultberg [* Im rhymes with Kim, and Hultberg reads HULT (rhymes with adult)-berg.] was born in South Korea, raised in Seoul, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and later in California. She studied Industrial Design and worked as a product designer before serendipitously falling into the art world in late 2005. After a decade in NYC, she now lives (and works) in Portland OR with her daughter and husband. Her Facebook.

“This photo becomes more and more amazing as the years pass…. this is the earliest image I know of with someone frontside grinding the shallow end of a real pool… to make it even more impressive he’s up on top of it…. the skater is Marty Smith and the Kona Pool is the arena…. thankfully Stan Sharp captured this fantastic image!”  

Chuck Hults

Katelyn Ohashi, Sabrina Vega, Kyla Ross, Amelia Hundley, Rachel Gowey, Maggie Nichols, Brenna Dowell, Lexie Priessman, Sarah Finnegan, Madison Desch, Felicia Hano, Mykayla Skinner, possibly Madison Kocian and Nica Hults AND SO MANY MORE IM SO EXCITED FOR NCAA THIS YEAR 😭

Gymnasts I'm excited to see in NCAA this year

Please add to the list! We can have a mass one going. (By the way I did this only for the freshmen so maybe we can do one for every class!)

- MyKayla Skinner (I wonder what her form and vault is going to look like…)
- Sabrina Vega
- Madison Kocian
- Madison Desch
- Courtney McGreggor
- Kyla Ross (eep!!)
- Amelia Hundley
- Maegan Chant
- Kennedi Edney
- Victoria Woo
- Maggie Nichols
- Anna Glenn
- Grace Glenn
- Nica Hults
- Madison Copiak