hulo my family is stuggling a bit again, and i want to help out;;
Last time i did this i made quite enough to help my mom pay for things, even tho she didn’t want me to lmao. 

i reused some old pics bc theyre my only examples;;
ok but! its p simple!

> chibis - $5, and you can add as many up to 3 other characters. Each will be an additional $3 though.
> bust sketches - $5, additional chara $3
> col. bust sketches - $8, additional chara $3
> painted bust - will be $15-20 depending how complex the chara is, extra chara will be additional $5
> painted full body - $25, additional chara $5
> sketch full body - $15, if you want it colored will be $18, additional chara $3 
> the last ex is a painted bust, but if u want me to animate smth like shown on ANY, it’ll just be an additional $5 

I can draw anything just as long as it doesn’t include:
> intense/explicit nsfw (ok i cant do ppl doin the dirties)
> furries/animals (i can draw like animal ears on ppl tho…idk i cant draw animals themselves well tho;;)

If you’re interested, just send me a message on here.
reblogs are much appreciated, thank you for considering.

thanks! ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧