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From the moment he first saw your grin Calum knew he was doomed. Falling in love wasn’t part of Calum’s plan when he came over to relieve his curiosity over the new neighbours. That silly grin that flashed your missing front tooth and made your eyes glisten and narrow - that one, had him fending off the meanies when you were too busy crying. At the time he didn’t know it, not yet, but he knew that if Miss Hulmes ever told them to draw their dream home again, he’d draw you.

“It’s okay, we can share my sandwich.” Calum cooed, rubbing his tiny palms across the length of your back as your cries halted and his favourite grin started to resurface on your face. Little did you know, it was vegemite sandwich.

“Cal, I’m hungry.”

Now 8, Calum was certain he had taken a fancy on you. It was the way you would let your hair loose, instead of having it in braids and rest your head on his shoulder every break time, that caught him this time. He forgot to breathe and when he did, he was panting as if he played a whole game of rounders with Michael.

But this time, Calum stiffened because little did you know, he had cake and all sorts of Oreo flavoured deserts he could pull off with a special plate of carbonara (with the assistance of Joy) on the side all for you. Just for you.

“Just wait, we’ll be home soon.” He chided, dragging you wrist and hurrying off home, excited to see you grin your widest again once you see what he had done for you.

It wasn’t easy to say, but you were just as beautiful as he expected. Breathtaking. And, he felt the same excitement he felt when he first entered Year 1 with you by his side. “Calum, look!” You gushed, and Calum had never ever felt that happy in his life when you grabbed him by the hand and took him to marvel at the carbonara with pulled ham - not bacon.

“And look!” You excitedly took the large teddy bear sat in front of the carbonara in your arms, almost shoving it in Calum’s face. But he didn’t mind. “Ha..ppy… Birthday! Lots of love, Calbum.” You recited the contents of the card stuck on the bear’s back with a tape, squinting your eyes even more to ensure you had read that right, but you didn’t see the crimson painting Calum’s cheek when he heard you chant his special name that only you used.

“I love you too, Cal!” You grinned, pulling him into a hug with the teddy bear between them, “I love Sam too!”


“Yeah, Sam.” You giggled against his ear, warming Calum’s inside cosily. “Sam, our bear.” Calum flushed a darker shade of red, unable to form a thought, let alone a sound as he watched you pull away from him and pamper Sam’s face with kisses.

“Sam.” He sighed, infatuated at the sceneries wildly playing in his mind. Calum was 13 and ‘in love’, while you were 13 and clearly annoyed. You cursed inwardly, starting to feel vexed as Calum rambled another series of his wild imaginations to you. Sam wasn’t even that pretty - sure she looked cool with red hair and makeup on, but that didn’t make her pretty… You just couldn’t see the hype with Mikey’s cousin.

“Then maybe you should go and suck up to her instead of staying here.” You grumbled, shoving a handful of popcorn shamelessly inside your mouth. Not at all caring when Calum mocked you for being un-lady like, to which you argued that he wasn’t worth the effort that was required to be graceful. But deep down, you knew it was because he felt a lot like home and you were far too comfortable with him.

He sighed, plopping his head down on your lap as Spiderman 3 finally began playing again after a lengthy advertisement. Admittedly, Calum noticed the way you would lick your lower lip and sigh heavily when Maybelline’s commercial was on. He thought it was a sign of desire - but you didn’t need makeup. You were prettier than all of the girls in your year. Even prettier than Holly Jones who everyone fancies.

So, he decided it would be best to comfort you the only way he knew how to. “You don’t need makeup.” You heard Calum mutter, causing you to furrow your brows and hum in confusion. “You’re ugly either way.” Childishly, but comfortably and most importantly - jokingly.

But that night you didn’t grin the way you always did.

“Y/N?” Calum’s voice broke the silence, his voice breathy and laced with concern.

It’s been 2 days since that incident happened involving you and Greg during your 16th birthday party. You’ve been withdrawing away from everyone lately, and everyone knew Calum was the only one who could break you away from your pity-party.

And they were right, because even though you stayed silent, Calum held onto the call and didn’t stop speaking. He was talking about nothing and everything at the same time, filling you in with the boy’s thoughts and concerns about your sudden withdrawal. And he was pretty persistent and animated to the point he had you laughing.

“Mikey did that?” You croaked, finding it difficult after having not spoken for a long while.

Calum stayed silent, every single fibre within him soaked with relief and happiness upon hearing you speak. “Yeah, he did. He misses you.” Silence was your only response, again. “I miss you. We miss you.” He added.

“Calum can you come over?” You blurted out after a while of contemplating your request. It was 4 AM and it seemed absurd to demand for his presence, but you wanted him to. You needed him… you needed your home to come home to. After Greg had broken your heart to pieces by shagging Holly Jones on your mum’s bedroom during your birthday party, you needed your rock. Greg was far too depressing, and it was about time you sailed back onto the other side of the mood spectrum.

“I’m coming.” Calum whispered.

You didn’t think, nor did you attempt to as you submitted to your unconscious desires and lifted your hips to grind against Calum’s.

Body to body, skin against skin, you felt pretty damn comfortable caged between your sheets and Calum’s body as he quickened his pace. Thrust after thrust, his kisses seemed needier as his lips pressed harder against yours. Burning was an understatement, in fact you felt ignited with blue flames and not just red as you gripped tighter onto Calum’s arm, the flame getting wilder and lighter until you only saw white.

Calum stilled as he, too, saw only white and you didn’t complain when he collapsed on top of you, immediately rolling to the side in case he broke you with his weight. And, as he cooled down, he held you tighter against him, not caring whether both your slick skin literally stuck to each other.

“Happy 18th Birthday, princess.” He whispered, bringing his hand up to cup the side of your face. “It’s definitely happy.” You grinned toothily, giggling as Calum pulled you in for a kiss that said the words he couldn’t.

But his phone rang and his screen lit up with her name written across it with hearts and the infamous ring emoji right by it. Holly was impatient, ending the call after his phone rang for 30 seconds because frankly, Calum didn’t want to talk to her. No, he wanted to cherish the time you had together, but you seemed to think otherwise, especially now that the harsh reality came crashing down on you once again.

“You should go.” You sighed, closing your eyes shut in hopes that it would soothe your burning heart. But it only worsened when you felt Calum’s lips against your forehead and his rough palm against the plane of your cheek.

“Happy Birthday, princess.” He whispered against your lips, kissing you one last time before heaving himself off of you. “See you.” You whispered back, clutching the blanket tighter against you as you watched him leave, again.

“Stay beautiful.”

Now famous, Calum had difficulties coming home without troubles on the way. He pursued music while you, unknown to him, pursued motherhood while attempting to get a degree in Forensic Psychology. But nonetheless, that didn’t mean phone calls were impossible from time to time.

Today was different however. Calum was successfully back where you were, back home right where he belonged and despite the fact that fame did indeed change some of his perspective, maybe even cloud, it was still clear that he would still draw you if he was asked to draw his home.

“I’m here baby!” You were gleaming in pride as you clapped your hands and urged your baby boy to walk to you, a moment to cherish as your son squealed and pushed himself to stand up. “Come on Sammy, mummy’s here.” You continued to cheer.

On the other side of the room, your mum watched silently from the door, holding her phone still against her cheek while holding back her tears.

“Hey, you still there?” Joy asked over the phone, checking to ensure that your mum hadn’t hung up midway their conversation. “Yes…” Your mum whispered, her heart twisting with happiness as you cheered upon having Sam reach you.

“Is that Y/N? She’s home?” Joy probed, but your mum could barely respond as she was far too into celebrating baby Sam’s first few steps. “I want to see her! Me and Calum are coming over.” Joy gushed excitedly, immediately hanging up and it was only moments after that your mum took in what she had said. And it meant trouble.

“Mum! Did you see that?” You squealed, hugging Sam tightly but carefully at the same time. You peppered him with kisses as a reward, and your mum softened at the sight.

Seeing you so happy with Sam made her question just how much happier you could be if Calum completed the family. Hence she let go of her worries, besides it was only a matter of time before Calum found out anyway. He was the father after all.

“He takes after his mum, next thing you know you’d be chasing after him.” Your mum left her spot by the door and migrated to the settee by you and Sam, the smile on her face was inevitable because she was so sure that her leap of faith was bound to make you so much happier than you are.

“Honey, Joy’s coming over by the way.” Your mum began, stroking your hair as you rained all of your attention onto Sam, peppering his face with kisses eliciting squeals to bubble from his lips. “Oh, I haven’t seen her in a while!” You responded, loosely focusing on your mum’s words. “You’re so cute, you little cherub.” You cooed, lightly pinching Sam’s chubby cheek and grinning once he shrieked in joy.

Sam closely resembled Calum and that realisation only hit you now that your mind is free of stress over his frequent cries and you’re actually able to study his features well, and though it hurt you, you were relieved that at least he had a part of his dad that he could have. If not Calum’s love and attention, then at least he was able to have his sweet chocolate brown eyes; and his plump peach lips; and his soft tousled locks that matched the shade of Oreo, your favourite, though right now Sam only has a few strands.

“You’re a little cherub, my little cherub.” You whispered lovingly, lightly clamping Sam’s curious hand in between your lips.

Far too in your own world, you didn’t notice the loud rap of knocks against your front door, to which your mum tended to immediately. You continued to play with Sam, laying him carefully onto the soft fur rug on the floor to blow raspberries against his stomach.

It was the shrieks of joy and the familiar laughter that caught Calum’s attention the moment he stepped inside your mum’s home. His mum decided to drop by the bakery with Mali to grab some snacks for the small catch-up session, hence he was half-hearted about going to your mum’s house after being informed earlier on that you were still in university with the intention of going home later on in the night.

He didn’t know why he was compelled to come, but he let his feet drag him across the street and into your mum’s front door. Perhaps it was for the sake of reminiscing, but he did it at the thought of you anyway.

“Who’s a good boy?” Calum perked his head up, his steps halting at the sound of your voice. “Who’s mommy’s boy?” But he wasn’t imagining it, he was sure it was you. Calum looked to your mum for a silent permission to step inside, to see you, perhaps to hold you. It’s been 1 year and a half for goodness sake. Specifically 20 months since he last heard from you, it didn’t help that it was through a phone as well.

“Sam you little cherub, you.”

“Sam?” Calum couldn’t believe his eyes.

You were there with his most favourite grin plastered on your face, but not for long and he watched as it dissipated into a frown and finally your lips parted in shock.


But it wasn’t just that. In your arms, there laid a baby who closely resembled him. It wasn’t just Sam’s sparse hair, and his lips, and his skin that Calum felt strangely familiar to. It was the chocolate brown eyes ogling at him that clicked it all in place. But the moment was ruined by Sam’s  coos and his eager grabby hands that grazed your forearm.

“Sam…” He whispered.

It’s been 2 days and just like your during your 16th, you withdrew away from everyone aside from your - and his - baby. But he liked how the name rolled on his tongue and goddamn, he ached to have you in his arms. He wanted you, and Sam. He needed you.

“Y/N?” He whispered through the phone, causing you to break in a million pieces as your yearning grew stronger. “I know you’re there, and I know you’re listening. And I know about Sam.” Calum’s voice was raspy, it was clear that he had been crying. “Hey.” You weakly responded, watching Sam’s chest heave up and down, soft snores leaving his parted lips while he slept peacefully in his crib.

It was silent for what seemed like years and each time Calum sniffled, your heart was closer to shattering. Until finally, you couldn’t bare it any longer. You wanted to come home, home to Calum and he sure as hell wanted the same thing.

“Come over?” So you spoke, hope filling you up and igniting you at 4 AM in the morning.

“I’m coming home.” Was all that he could whisper and this time he knew.

He loved you from the moment you were eight years old, grinning like there was no tomorrow with your gap tooth showing, but you were still beautiful nevertheless; it wasn’t just a crush, it was love, when the littlest thing such as your scent filled his nose and drove his heart wild, but he’d give up everything to be breathless beside you than to be living the fast life, away from you; it wasn’t Michael’s cousin he was in love with back at the age of 13, no it was you, it’s always been you, but you were too busy and he was too foolish to notice; it wasn’t just platonic love that drove him to lay his clenched fist on Greg’s face when he broke you to pieces at your 16th, no it was pain on your behalf, because he knew damn well that if it were up to him he would have made sure it really was a sweet 16th for you; and when you were 18, it wasn’t just sex. No, it was love making and Holly was the barrier that kept you from holding onto tight to him before he left, she was the barrier that he chose to put up with to made you wouldn’t want him more, especially since he was leaving to pursue music and you were going to pursue psychology.

He loved you all along, and he still does. Because from the very beginning, he knew that he would draw you if he was ever to draw home. You’d draw him, too.

The Bone People

I finally finished reading The Bone People, by Keri Hulme.

I do not recommend it.

It came to my attention because it was by an asexual agender aromantic person, and features an asexual agender aromantic main character.  That is not a reason to read this book.  There are maybe two pages total in the entire novel which talk about those identities, and they are not central to the plot.

The other 450 or so pages are a muddled mix of perspective swapping (sometimes mid paragraph!), symbolism over substance, plot lines that go nowhere, stream of consciousness rambling, and “let me reread that last page because I must have missed something” confusion.  It’s the sort of book you were forced to read in high school English class that made you hate reading.  (It won a Major Award™, so you’ll read it and like it!)

It should also be noted that the story deals with child abuse, which comes suddenly and violently.  If that’s an issue for you, steer well clear of this book.

The Good:
Amazing description of what it’s like to be ace or aro.
The two main adult characters do not become romantically involved and do not sleep together.

The Bad:
Many plot threads go nowhere.
Too many “I don’t understand what’s going on” moments.


Some of Michael Jung’s eventing horses and a selection of their best results

  • La Biosthetique Sam FBW > 2009 Luhmühlen 4* winner, 2010 individual World Champion, 2011 individual and team European Champion, 2012 individual and team Olympic Champion, 2015 Burghley 4* winner
  • fischerTakinou (ex-Takinou d’Hulm) > 2015 individual and team European Champion
  • fischerRocana FST (ex-Rocana I) > 2014 individual Reserve World Champion, 2014 team World Champion, 2015 Kentucky Three-day Event 4* winner
  • Halunke FBW > 2013 individual and team European Champion,
  • Leopin FST > 2012 Luhmühlen 4* winner
  • River of Joy > 2010 Reserve German Champion, 2012 German Champion

anonymous asked:

I'm curious: are there some celebrities out as asexuals or aromantics? The media always talks about the coming outs of gay/bi/etc stars, but what about our community?

yes! i know that Tim Gunn has come out as asexual, and a quick google search has also brought up Paula Poundstone, David Jay, and Keri Hulme. i’d love to hear it if any of our followers know of more!!

- Alec