My thoughts on Ben Carson and his gross insult to the memory and history of black people

When I saw the now infamous video where Carson was speaking to HUD staff, I literally thought I was hullucinating, I felt like my spirt had left my body and came back sad, and confused. I actually laughed, but from utter disbelief.

I was so sad that this man had the unmitigated gall to say my ancestors who were stolen from their home, walked to the ocean, branded and mutiliated like animals. My ancestors who endured rape, abuse, chains, inhumane conditions on slave ships. My ancestors who were traded like possessions on the slave block, to disgusting monsters, to be worked to death on plantations, where they endured whippings till their bones were exposed, raped and used as breeding stock, locked in ‘hot-boxes’ in the boiling sun.
My ancestors who died for the freedom that was rightly theirs as a gift from God.

For Ben Carson had the audacity to say my ancestors were immigrants, this man dare shame and belittle the history of black people in America and the Caribbean in such a careless manner, is a true sin.

Dauntless: Uh Oh

Eric x OC
​​​Warnings: language, angst

​A/N: why can’t I let go of these characters?

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I’m scared.
It’s not a word I normally used, I’m Dauntless, I don’t fear anything.

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