James was having an awful month. Ash was at school too much, leaving him alone a lot. He ran out of his bottle of pills, and was too embarrassed to ask for a refill. That made his hullicinations act up way too much.

He would be lost in different worlds, and no amount of weed would calm the screaming in his brain. He couldn’t find a way out of this. His friends were gone, and without Ash, he was alone.

Violence. He would pinch and claw at his own body, hoping to wake up from his nightmares, but it was hopeless. He’d have to take bigger measures.

He’d completely forgot Ash was supposed to come home in ten minutes, but he stumbled into the bathroom, sobbing hysterically. His hands were shaking uncontrollably and his fingers curled around something sharp. He saw the red liquid dripping down his hand…. his cries only got more pained and loud as he slid the sharp tool down his arm.