In case you couldn’t tell, I am really freaking excited about Hullabaloo, ESPECIALLY since the the second short got funded and it’s called “Curse of the Cheshire Cat”! The Cheshire Cat is probably one of my favorite characters of all time. In case you haven’t heard about it, here’s their Indiegogo page:

Female main character, steampunk, traditionally 2D animated films!!! 

It really sucks that I can’t wear red without looking stupid (everything on my face is brown and my complexion can’t take it) because the North Sydney Bears jersey from the early 90s is the duck’s nuts. 

There’s a few other crackers from this period too see: Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks (that fuckin’ goofy as shark in the emblem!) and Manly-Warringah.

Beyond the surface aesthetic, I like retro jerseys from a material standpoint. Thick cotton and looser fitting cuts. None of this hyper-athletic, skin-tight, sweat-wicking hullaballo. Back when the captains of the NSWRL teams probably still worked as sparkies to help make ends meet. When sport wasn’t like the record industry in the 80s.

Some of my fonder childhood memories circle around the drain of rugby league. Going to the local leagues club to watch my beloved Souths Tigers. Sitting in the ‘corporate box’ at Athletic Oval watching the Toowoomba Clydesdales while my Dad drank tins of XXXX and passed me deep-fried spring rolls. The first time he’d ever been treated to anything ‘managerial’ after 15-odd years of working on the print floor at the local newspaper. The very same man catching a signed Brisbane Broncos ball for me, kicked by none other than Mick Hancock before a game against Balmain.

Now they’re all just pissing into their own mouths.