Oregon Detective Pioneers New Sexual Assault Reporting Program

In 2009, Hull began looking for a way to change how police departments interacted with sexual violence survivors.

She saw specific problems: many victims who initially reported a sexual assault would stop participating in the police investigation and often the information the police did collect was not effective for ultimately developing a case.

And those problems extend far beyond Ashland. The Justice Department estimates that only 35 percent of rape or sexual assault victims report those crimes to the police.

When Haley was ready to report what had happened to her, Hull had assembled a program to help.

In 2013, the detective launched a program called “You Have Options” at the Ashland P.D.

After speaking with victim advocates and sexual assault survivors about their experiences with law enforcement, Hull identified three main concerns that kept victims from reporting or from continuing to participate in an investigation: confidentiality, fear of disbelief, and delayed initial reporting.

Why does a Popcorn pop?

Be it a movie theater or at the comforts of your couch, the popcorn is definitely a favorite snack among all age groups. But why does it pop?

Popcorn is no ordinary corn.

Of all the different types of corn out there, Popcorn is the only variety that pops, hence the name.

There is a tiny droplet of water inside the kernel of a popcorn, which is surrounded by a hard shell called a hull.

As the popcorn is heated, the water turns into steam. This builds pressure inside the kernel. When the pressure built cannot be contained by the hull, it POPS!

And a Popcorn is born.

For a popcorn to pop successfully, the ideal amount of moisture must be between 13- 14 percent.

When there is too little moisture, there will not be enough steam produced to carry out the popping and if there is too much moisture, the popcorn will crack prematurely.

Sometimes the most simpleton questions can have the most elegant answers. Ergo Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!

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