A brief summary of inquisition characters
  • Cole : Precious cinnamon roll. Too good, too pure for this world.
  • Solas : *Sound of sobbing lavellans in the distance*
  • Varric : Hawkes no.1 fan, also head of the cole protection club
  • Dorian : His moustache brings all the boys to the yard
  • Iron bull : Bigass quanari hulksmash, lil bit gay for dorian though
  • Krem : He's ACLASSI guy *badum tsh*
  • Vivienne : Anti-Mage Mage. Disapproval intensifies.
  • Sera : *Throws a jar of bees at a dragon* Aesthetic
  • Cassandra : Secretly a fangirl. DON'T tell varric
  • Blackwall : 100% grey warden, the greyest of all wardens. In peace, vigilance. In war, victory. *looks at smudged writing on hand* in dying, sacrificial
  • Cullen : No longer complete with noodle curls. Bless you, andraste, bless you
  • Josephine : Sweet angel (until she's not.) Still waiting on that marble bath though
  • Leliana : I am a mysterious spy, nothing ca- *hundreds of photos of schmooples the nug fall from her robes* CRAP NO I WAS JUST
  • Morrigan : Heheheh I'm back bitches, demon child in tow. Remember? From the scene that scarred all the Alistair romancers back in origins? YEEEEE BOI.
  • Anders : Oh wait, no one knows where the HELL HE IS RIGHT NOW
  • Inquisitor : My hand freaking glows. I have the power to literally punch the fade AND corpheoheouhus in the dick, simultaneously. But, y'know what I still don't have enough of? ELFROOT. Let's go do that first!
If I could rename the signs what would i name them...
  • Aries: Hulksmash
  • Taurus: Taurthem
  • Gemini: Gemhoe
  • Cancer: Canunot
  • Leo: wannabequeen
  • Virgo: virgoaway
  • Libra: libruhwhyoudo
  • Scorpio: Scopino
  • Sagittarius: Saggititurus
  • Capricorn: Candycorn
  • Aquarius: Aqualien
  • Pisces: Pissyfish

Just a joke! 😂 #HulkSmash!

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I have an abdomi...

I have an abdominal and lower torso workout that most people at the #gym would call psychotic and self abusive at best. After all the snow I have been shovelling this year this is the third time in a row I have been extra psycho on the routine and feel absolutely nothing. I call that a win! #health #hulksmash