A brief summary of inquisition characters
  • Cole : Precious cinnamon roll. Too good, too pure for this world.
  • Solas : *Sound of sobbing lavellans in the distance*
  • Varric : Hawkes no.1 fan, also head of the cole protection club
  • Dorian : His moustache brings all the boys to the yard
  • Iron bull : Bigass quanari hulksmash, lil bit gay for dorian though
  • Krem : He's ACLASSI guy *badum tsh*
  • Vivienne : Anti-Mage Mage. Disapproval intensifies.
  • Sera : *Throws a jar of bees at a dragon* Aesthetic
  • Cassandra : Secretly a fangirl. DON'T tell varric
  • Blackwall : 100% grey warden, the greyest of all wardens. In peace, vigilance. In war, victory. *looks at smudged writing on hand* in dying, sacrificial
  • Cullen : No longer complete with noodle curls. Bless you, andraste, bless you
  • Josephine : Sweet angel (until she's not.) Still waiting on that marble bath though
  • Leliana : I am a mysterious spy, nothing ca- *hundreds of photos of schmooples the nug fall from her robes* CRAP NO I WAS JUST
  • Morrigan : Heheheh I'm back bitches, demon child in tow. Remember? From the scene that scarred all the Alistair romancers back in origins? YEEEEE BOI.
  • Anders : Oh wait, no one knows where the HELL HE IS RIGHT NOW
  • Inquisitor : My hand freaking glows. I have the power to literally punch the fade AND corpheoheouhus in the dick, simultaneously. But, y'know what I still don't have enough of? ELFROOT. Let's go do that first!

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Boys reaction to their love interest having inhuman strength. Not op but they can push the Regalia all day if the boys break down. In fact that's how they reveal their skill in a less scary fashion. As a result they couldn't be more gentle if they tried. In fact they pretty much act as de facto healer. When they're more comfortable there is many strength related jokes. Including 'i will break you' with added terrible accent.

This… might not have stuck completely with your request? Sorry ‘Nonners. Headcanons under the cut.

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WIP - Hulk #hulk #brucebanner #markruffalo #thorragnarok #theincrediblehulk #planethulk #incrediblehulk #hulksmash #avengersinfinitywar #avengers #marvelcinematicuniverse #marvel #stickynotes #postit #postitart #drawingart #sketchart #art_help #artoftheday #artwork #art #ciscospostitart #sketch_daily #myart #wip #nationalsuperheroday Sorry for not doing a full video which I do want. I have an iPhone 5 and it’s running out of space. Hope you all enjoy it!

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If I could rename the signs what would i name them...
  • Aries: Hulksmash
  • Taurus: Taurthem
  • Gemini: Gemhoe
  • Cancer: Canunot
  • Leo: wannabequeen
  • Virgo: virgoaway
  • Libra: libruhwhyoudo
  • Scorpio: Scopino
  • Sagittarius: Saggititurus
  • Capricorn: Candycorn
  • Aquarius: Aqualien
  • Pisces: Pissyfish

Just a joke! 😂 #HulkSmash!

#ChrisEvans #Chris #Evans #CaptainAmericaCivilWar #Hulk #Spiderman #Cevans #TeamCap #TeamCevans

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On the one hand, I really really really want to be the grownup, the adult, the bigger person, the one who always takes the high ground, the one who always responds to lunacy with nothing but class and grace.

On the other hand, I really really really want to go all full-out, hardcore, relentless, fierce, hulksmashing feminist rage monster on the people who perpetuate Carol hate and/or revolting misogyny in the TWD fandom.

Do you see my problem?