A brief summary of inquisition characters
  • Cole : Precious cinnamon roll. Too good, too pure for this world.
  • Solas : *Sound of sobbing lavellans in the distance*
  • Varric : Hawkes no.1 fan, also head of the cole protection club
  • Dorian : His moustache brings all the boys to the yard
  • Iron bull : Bigass quanari hulksmash, lil bit gay for dorian though
  • Krem : He's ACLASSI guy *badum tsh*
  • Vivienne : Anti-Mage Mage. Disapproval intensifies.
  • Sera : *Throws a jar of bees at a dragon* Aesthetic
  • Cassandra : Secretly a fangirl. DON'T tell varric
  • Blackwall : 100% grey warden, the greyest of all wardens. In peace, vigilance. In war, victory. *looks at smudged writing on hand* in dying, sacrificial
  • Cullen : No longer complete with noodle curls. Bless you, andraste, bless you
  • Josephine : Sweet angel (until she's not.) Still waiting on that marble bath though
  • Leliana : I am a mysterious spy, nothing ca- *hundreds of photos of schmooples the nug fall from her robes* CRAP NO I WAS JUST
  • Morrigan : Heheheh I'm back bitches, demon child in tow. Remember? From the scene that scarred all the Alistair romancers back in origins? YEEEEE BOI.
  • Anders : Oh wait, no one knows where the HELL HE IS RIGHT NOW
  • Inquisitor : My hand freaking glows. I have the power to literally punch the fade AND corpheoheouhus in the dick, simultaneously. But, y'know what I still don't have enough of? ELFROOT. Let's go do that first!

Daveed Diggs x reader - drabble, 01:18

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Summary: You and Daveed go to the movies and you get cold (This will not have spoilers for Spiderman Hoco, I bet some of yall haven’t seen it yet [which you totally should tho])

Warmings: modern,


You and Daveed had been planning to go on this date for months now. It would’ve been sooner, but Spider-man: Homecoming would be out today so you decided to wait for that one.

It was a cold day in August, a slight breeze drifting through the air and sickering through your jacket and shirt, leaving goosebumps on your skin. You snuggled into Daveed’s side more as you two walked the short distance to your nearby cinema. You smiled and looked up at him slightly, waiting for him to look back at you.

“You know, I’m really excited for this movie. I bet it’s gonna be great.” Daveed chuckled.

“I know, I know. You like Marvel and you think Tom Holland is better looking than me.”

You gasped jokingly and shook your head. “I would never say such thing! Tom Holland isn’t here to cuddle me now, either, is he?

At this your boyfriend smiled, looking back up as you two reached the cinema, walking in and giving your tickets to the young man who ripped them apart mumbling a "have a nice day”.

You took Daveed’s hand and led him up the escalator, stepping off when it reached the top, and headed straight for the popcorn.

Your boyfriend got your favorite drink, grabbing a bottle of sparkling water for himself and making his way over to the cashier with you. He quickly paid and you headed up to the right spots in the room. From where you were sitting in the love-seat you had a perfect view of the screen, seeing almost everything except for the very ends left and right.

As the movie started you felt Daveed wrap his arm around you again, pulling you into him and you sighed contently.

*time skip brought to you by my love for Taron Egerton*

Somewhere halfway through the movie you realised how cold you were, only wearing your thin t-shirt. Daveed noticed you shivering slightly and took off his clipping. hoodie, handing it to you. You put it on and thanked him with a kiss before taking a deep breath in, smelling his cologne. You smiled to yourself, a blush crawling up your neck as you shifted back into position.

*another time-skip, this time brought to you by HULKSMASH, an additional problem for every problem you already have *

You and Daveed walked out of the cinema hand in hand, already talking about the movie and laughing as you repeated one of the funny scenes in your head. You were still wearing his hoodie because it kept you warm, even though you protested saying he “needed it more because he got a cold more often”. At this Daveed simply waved you off, knowing he would probably have a cold by tomorrow, but refusing you to have one instead.

When you finally arrived home from your long day you quickly changed out of Daveed’s hoodie and your clothes and fell asleep in his arms, your head resting on his chest as you listened to his calming heart beat.

+ sorry this is so short but it’s literally like 2 AM smh

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Boys reaction to their love interest having inhuman strength. Not op but they can push the Regalia all day if the boys break down. In fact that's how they reveal their skill in a less scary fashion. As a result they couldn't be more gentle if they tried. In fact they pretty much act as de facto healer. When they're more comfortable there is many strength related jokes. Including 'i will break you' with added terrible accent.

This… might not have stuck completely with your request? Sorry ‘Nonners. Headcanons under the cut.

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