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Tony and Pepper had invited you and Bruce to dinner at a very fancy restaurant for the evening. You were happy to go, since the two of you had very few couple friends to hang out with. Tony and Bruce talked technology and research while you and Pepper laughed about them and their incessant need to bring their work home.

You took a sip of your wine when you suddenly felt a hand on your upper thigh. Tony and Pepper were caught up in their own conversation as Bruce’s hand trailed further up your leg until his fingers were hovering right over your core. You held your breath as you tried not to make any noise or face that would bring attention to you and what was happening under the table.

“B-Bruce…” You whispered, licking your lips.

“Shhhhh, sweetheart, wouldn’t want them to figure it out would you?” He leaned into your ear, his breath tickling your skin as he brushed some of your hair out of your face.

You swallowed hard as his occupied hand pushed your panties to the side and slow slid his fingers in. You had never been more thankful for a long table cloth as you were when he continued to pump into your as you ordered your food and Tony ordered another round of drinks.

You could barely eat as his palm continued to rub against your clit with each thrust of his hand. You struggled to control your breathing as your hand wrapped around his forearm and your fingers dug into his skin, leaving little marks. You forced yourself to keep your eyes open as you started to feel your walls tighten around his fingers but just as you were about to cum he pulled his hand away.

You glared at him as you bit back a whimper and he smirked at you. You had been so distracted you hadn’t even realized that dinner was over and everyone was packing up to leave.

“You’re so dead when we get home.” You muttered in his ear through gritted teeth which he responded to by giving you a big grin and licking his fingers.



OMG! There are 4,000 of you wonderful people, people who have stood by me and you guys actually read my crappy fanfic and deal with me freaking out over Tom Holland? I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Let’s do some ships!  blacklist ultronships

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-send me an ask with your fav emoji or your fav imagine, prefrence of which gender you’d like to be shipped with (if not specified, you’ll get either!), and a little bit about yourself for a ship and gif of your ship!

It’s best if you send me more about your personality, hobbies, etc. rather than what you look like. Example: My name is Gabby, a self proclaimed nerd who loves to dance and run. I’m an introvert who loves staying in and reading or watching 80s movies on Netflix, rather than be out in a large group of people. I love science and math, and I want to be a doctor someday! (I would ship myself with Peter Parker lmao) 

Let’s get our ship on!

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The scenes we NEED in Infinity War.

1. Tony asking for Peter and both respond.
2. Rocket needing Bucky’s metal arm.
3. Thor and Drax comparing their turds.
4. Groot helping Bucky with his mental state. Bucky even shares his plums with Groot.
5. “I am T'Challa, King of Wakanda.” “I am Groot.”
6. Somebody saying ‘No shit Sherlock’ and Stark and Strange give each other a knowing look.
7. They also bond over their facial hair.
8. Steve telling someone to watch their language and Drax asks how he can watch language.
9. Both Peters bonding over their retro tech.
10. Rocket and Stark drinking and creating robotics together.
11. An arm wrestle between Gamora and Nat.
12. Mantis getting Wanda and Vision together
13. Rocket hitting on a fox. “Rocket, she can’t talk.” “Of course she can! She’s just shy!”