Okay but when was the last time a friend talked about you the way Eren talks about Armin?

Like not even me and my best friend do that and in high school pretty much everyone thought she and I was dating. Even people in our circle of friends had a hard time believing we wasn’t.

Anyway point is Eren is hella gay for Armin. I think he fell for him the moment Armin first spoke to him, either that or when Armin first told him about the ocean.

He freakin’ loves Armin.

When he was eaten by that titan saving Armin, he only thought about two people his mom and Armin.

“And I saw the look in your eyes….that’s when I realized for the first time I wasn’t free.” - Eren Jaeger to/about Armin Arlert in ch. 73

It is for that very reason he saved Armin from that titan.

And y'all that’s just from the beginning of the series (the quote from ch. 73 is Eren talking about what he felt when Armin was about to be eaten that that titan that ends up eating him.)

This is just the tip of the eremin iceberg.

But y'all still want to ship Eren with someone twice his age.

There is no love there.

Where are y'all finding that love?

When mr.twice-his-age kicked/beat him? That ain’t love, that’s abuse no matter the intention mr.t-h-a had.

Has Armin ever hurt Eren intentionally? Or vice-versa? I don’t think so.

Ugh why isn’t eremin more popular?

It’s one of the few ships in this series that actually makes sense.

Avengers Bake off

So the Avengers end up on the Charity Bake Off and mayhem ensues almost immediately.

Clint knows how to bake only one thing. He can make really, really good flapjacks. Unfortunately the challenge is to make cupcakes. He attempts to cunningly disguise his flapjacks as 12 perfect cupcakes. He fails utterly and gets the Paul Hollywood look..

Tony produces half a dozen flat rubbery things that somehow manage to be raw and burnt at the same time. He is very proud and attempts to decorate them with Iron Man colours, only he doesn’t know how to mix icing either and they end up a weird pinky-orange colour.

Thor attempts to recreate some unearthly delicacy from his homeland. Unfortunately he runs into a snag:

“Have you the nectar of five golden apples?”

”… will seville do?”

“I require this to be beaten with a spoon of solid gold!”

“… we have a mixer?”

“This flour must be made only from the most precious wheat of Asgard’’s golden fields, and watered with only water from the clearest glaciers!”

*entire ingredients team quits on the spot*

He tries it anyway with normal ingredients. The cupcakes explode. At least, eh maintains that’s what happened, Steve thinks it might be because he tried to use Mjolnir to speed up the cooking.

Natasha is very secretive and doesn’t talk about her bake at all, although she comments endlessly on the others’. Finally she produces twelve perfect, dainty, fairy cupcakes, all delicately iced with pink butterflies. No one says anything, but Tony might have broken a rib in restraining himself.

Steve bakes shrunken down versions of the cakes he used to watch his mother make. They are very pretty and well made, and each one is iced to reference a member of the team. Tony tries to pass off Steve’s Iron man cupcake as his own.

And finally… Bruce wins.

Everything think he is going to fail after he Hulks out at the ten minute mark. However, the Hulk ignores the other avengers and the film crew desperately rushing to protect their cakes and camera equipment, snatches up the blocked piping bag that finally sent Bruce over the edge, squeezes a jet of icing out of it that hits Mary Berry in the face, and- face set in concentration- pipes twenty four tiny perfect fondant and icing flowers to decorate his meticulous and delicious rose and cardamon cupcakes.

Paul Hollywood is very glad they were the best. he was not looking forward to telling a grouchy Hulk, resplendent in a green and pink floral apron, that he would be going home this week.


Dream Team - Ultraverse/Marvel crossover pin ups (6/6). 

  • Lady Killer and Psylocke and Dave Roberts
  • Prototype and Iron Man by Chris Sprouse
  • Solitaire and Punisher by Cully Hamner
  • Hardcase, Mandarin, and Iron Man by John Statema
  • Primevil, Hulk, and Venom by Henry Flint
  • Siren and Gambit by Kevin West & Steve Moncuse
Chapter 3: Home Run

Prompt: Ultron has threatened the lives of the Avengers, so now, they planned to threaten his. The only question was: how?

Warnings: cursing, pretty gnarly nightmares (beware)

Originally posted by tchllas

  “All our work is gone,” Bruce announced. (Y/N) was now fully awake after two minutes of a black out from the Charlie Sheen worthy cocktail Thor brought. (Y/N) drunk was a weird experience because before those two minutes, she was a raging pile of giggles and ludicrous ideas. Now, she was completely sober. Hydra, man. They screw people up like assembling and disassembling IKEA furniture (crap like the ‘Hurdal,’ the pricks). 

  “Ultron cleared out,” Bruce continued. “He used the internet as an escape route.”

  “Ultron…” Steve whispered lowly above (Y/N)’s head, his arms crossed, stance strong. She was seated in a blue swivel chair just below him, watching Tony who looked borderline suicidal at that point. Well, when you build a Freddy Kruger-bot, the consequences stick with you for a while.

  “He’s been in everything,” Natasha announced. “Files, surveillance, probably knows more about us than we know about each other…except for maybe (Y/N),” Natasha nodded over to (Y/N) who just smiled and saluted her.

  “I never asked for this life, it just came to me,” (Y/N) stated.

  “He’s in your files, he’s in the internet, sorry (Y/N), but I think he has the one-up on you here,” Rhodey induced, holding his wounded shoulder that surprisingly wasn’t bleeding.

  “That’s debatable,” (Y/N) shrugged.

  “Oh, yeah?” Rhodey challenged her. “What if he decides to access something a little more exciting?”

  “The nuclear codes…” Maria realized.

  “Nuclear codes,” Rhodey echoed. “Look, we need to make some calls, assuming we still can.”

  “Nukes? He said he wanted us dead,” Natasha offered.

  “He didn’t say dead…he said extinct,” Steve proposed.

  “He also said he killed somebody,” Clint added and everyone turned to (Y/N) who just laughed.

  “Yeah, no. I wasn’t really a threat a few minutes ago…by the way, there was a vase in one of the meeting halls that’s not really a vase anymore…it’s more shrapnel now, so…yikes,” (Y/N) shrugged, cracking a few smiles despite the situation.

  “Well, besides (Y/N), there was no one else in the building,” Maria proposed as Tony approached the center of the lab and tapped the air.

  “Yes there was,” Tony stated as Jarvis’s consciousness appeared, it’s projection more of a mess than Lindsay Lohan post-Disney.

  “This is insane,” Bruce professed, his eyes and hands taking in the devastated scene before him.

  “Jarvis was the first line of defense,” Steve announced, blue eyes glued to the floor beside (Y/N). “He would’ve shut Ultron down, it makes sense.”

  “No, Ultron could’ve assimilated Jarvis,” Bruce pieced together. “This isn’t strategy, this is…rage.”

  Suddenly, Thor marched into the lab, full-out battle gear, grabbing Tony in a choke-hold, dissipating Jarvis’s projection. (Y/N) was already on her feet.

  “Whoa, whoa, whoa! What’s goin’ around?” Clint asked while Tony slapped at Thor’s hands ineffectually.

  “Come on. Use your words, buddy,” Tony pleaded while (Y/N) put a hand on Thor.

  “I have more than enough words to describe you, Stark,” Thor threatened.

  “Alright, Khal Drogo. We get it, testosterone. Whoo, you win,” (Y/N) joked, placing a light hand on Thor’s shoulder, but Thor continued his grip and (Y/N) sighed. “Throw me a bone. I’m trying really hard to be adorable here so you’ll let go of our friend,” (Y/N) half-smiled up at him and damn. That smile could end wars. Everyone had a soft spot for (Y/N), including Thor. “Is it working, yet?” Thor still looked pissed, but he released Tony roughly to the floor and (Y/N) cocked her head, exhaling a small sigh of relief. “Guess, it worked.”

  She gave a quick glance to Tony who sent her an appreciative nod, then returned to his stoic state.

  “Thor! The Legionnaire,” Steve diverted Thor’s attention.

  “Trail went cold about a hundred miles out, but it’s headed north…and it has the scepter,” Thor nodded reproachfully to Steve. “Now, we have to retrieve it, again.”

  “The genie’s out of that bottle. Clear and present as Ultron,” Natasha stated.

  “I don’t understand,” Dr. Cho directed to Tony, staring at one of his dead robots. “You built this program. Why is it trying to kill us?”

  Then, Tony started to laugh while Bruce quickly shook his head, warning him to stop. Yep, Tony had officially gone mad. But, (Y/N) understood completely. She was right there next to him in that department. The world was just so fucked. Herself and Tony used to joke, saying they should quit avenging, start a hat shop, and stock up on cats. Well, maybe they would’ve been better off with that plan.

  “You think this is funny?” Thor asked, testosterone puffing out of his chest intimidatingly, but (Y/N) just sighed. This was about to go south (you know what I mean).

  “No. It’s probably not, right?” Tony continued to laugh, looking right at (Y/N), expecting her to laugh with him. She didn’t. “Is this very terrible? Is it so…is it so…it is. It’s so terrible.”

  “This could’ve been avoided of you hadn’t played with something you don’t understand,” Thor contended, but Tony stopped him.

  “No, I’m sorry,” Tony didn’t apologize. “I’m sorry. It is funny. It’s a hoot that you don’t get why we need this.”

  “Tony,” Bruce sighed, attempting to diffuse his partner, “maybe this might not be the time to…”

  “Really?” Tony exclaimed at Bruce. “That’s it? You just roll over? Show your belly every time someone snarls?”

  “Only when I’ve created a murder bot,” Bruce argued with wide eyes.

  “We didn’t!” Tony contended in exasperation. “We weren’t even close. Were we close to an interface?”

  Bruce nodded a vehement ‘yes’ to Tony, but Tony ignored him.

  “Well, you did something right,” Steve attested as he approached Tony, arms still crossed like they always seemed to be those days, “and you did it right here. The Avengers were supposed to be different than SHIELD.”

  “Anybody remember when I carried a nuke through a wormhole? Saved New York?” Tony asked.

  “Oh, that was a wormhole? Sorry, I must’ve gotten confused with the wardrobe to Narnia,” (Y/N) rolled her eyes.

  “Well, get your head on straight, (Y/N),” Tony responded harshly. “A hostile alien army came charging through a hole in space. Not any lions, or tigers, or bears, but an army of killer aliens. Recall that?”

  “No, it’s never come up,” Rhodey shook his head.

  “Well, it should,” Tony continued. “We’re standing three hundred feet below it. We’re the Avengers. We can bust arms dealers all the live long day, but, that up there? That’s…that’s the end game. How were you guys planning on beating that?”

  “Together,” Steve asserted.

  “We’ll lose,” Tony contended, but Steve stood his ground.

  “Then, we’ll do that together too,” Steve promised and (Y/N) inhaled.

  “Hm…no,” (Y/N) shook her head. “Yeah, no. I don’t do losing. Call me competitive, or Monica Gueller, or whatever, but I didn’t come here to the Avengers to have our world screwed over by some half-assed, knock-off of the Terminator. Sorry, Tony,” (Y/N) shrugged at Tony who just nodded, even cracking another smile. “It doesn’t matter what you did. What matters is how the hell we’re gonna stop it. And, uh, yeah. Would you look at that? We are, in fact, the Avengers. Our track record is pretty damn clean, so I’ll remain optimistic if all of you do as well,” (Y/N) professed. 

  ‘Dammit, (Y/N). Why is she so like that with her calming words, yet passionate fire? Thought everyone as they nodded to her. Although she was insane at times, it always seemed the important things she had her head on straight.

   “And besides,” (Y/N) continued, sitting back and spinning in the swivel chair, “I really feel like kicking some more ass. I watched Kim Possible with Derek while I was drunk, and now I feel like I can do anything,” (Y/N) explained, causing everyone to laugh as she looked out the window. “Hey, have you ever thought of hanging a bungee cord from the balcony out there? Just one of the things that popped into my mind earlier. I mean, you could totally sell tickets and make even more money than you already have,” (Y/N) proposed to Tony.

  “I’ll keep that in mind, (Y/N),” Tony laughed.

  “I would. Especially keep in mind that most of that money would come from my own pocket,” (Y/N) nodded as she stared dreamily out the window. “Cause that shit is awesome!” (Y/N) sang out. 

  “Why are you like this?” Clint chuckled.

  “Parents smoked pot when I was an infant,” (Y/N) answered sarcastically. “Yeah, my mom would take me to magic shows and get a tad too invested in the tricks, you know,  like, ‘holy shit! Where’d he go?’”

  Never a dull moment.

  “Steve…” (Y/N) whispered into the night. She could feel the taut muscles in his arms wrapped around her waist (like always), his soft breathing on the back of her neck, yet no other movement along his body. Dead asleep. “Dammit,” (Y/N) whispered to herself. Sam had taken Bennie back to his apartment while Steve and (Y/N) were avenging. (Y/N) needed her dog. She had had another nightmare (like always). 

  She would never actually describe the horror movies that seeped from the dark corners of her mind to Steve, inevitably playing on repeat over and over again every night that her eyelids met her cheeks whether voluntary or involuntary…ha! Who would she be kidding? Sleep always had to be involuntary, forced onto her by prescripted pills or pure exhaustion. There were so many nightmares she had. One where the big, black rats back in Hydra ate at her toes in the middle of the night, another where she watched a man be whipped to death in her place (Hydra tried anything and everything to break her, but she was unbreakable…or she was already too broken to begin with…), another in which she was drowned and revived…drowned and revived…drowned and revived as an experiment. She had nightmares of her family dying. The echo of the single shot that took her brother’s life, her mother’s blood seeping from the bullet hole in her skull on the black and white kitchen tile (that one was brought on by Ultron, so thanks dick). The worst ones involved Bucky though. The way he screamed, the way he took her punishments for her, the way he died….but didn’t die. The way he was still being tortured by Hydra, possibly in that current moment, he could’ve been being electrocuted, beaten, hosed, cut open…she constantly had nightmares of Steve dying, Tony dying, Bruce, Nat, Clint, why was everyone dying? 

  ‘Why? Why? Why? Just leave me alone! Why? Why won’t you leave me alone! Why? Just leave me alone!’ (Y/N) cried out in her mind.

  And then, it hit her like a shock to the heart. She, suddenly, sat bolt upright, waking Steve like a bomb. He scrambled for the light asking, ‘What happened?’ ‘What’s wrong?’ ‘Are you okay,’ ‘Cancer?’

  “…you’ve never seen the Breakfast Club, have you?” (Y/N) asked, deflecting everything. “That’s a horrible shame,” (Y/N) shook her head, dead eyes focused on the window, yet she saw nothing.

  “I agree,” Steve assured her. He wasn’t stupid. He could see her eyes reflected off the window, see her shoulders tense, but he wasn’t going to call her on it. She would come to him if she needed it. For now, he decided to support her as she had asked him to do a while back…and a few times since then. “I’ll Netflix it.”

  “Okay, yeah, thanks,” (Y/N) smiled at him. He leaned in to kiss her and she kissed him back with her soft, pink lips, but that was all. He felt nothing else from her.

  While he flipped through the sections on the TV, (Y/N) thought of her revelation. It wasn’t as if she had ever blamed Tony for Ultron, but the whole situation still reminded her of how she was still being hunted like a loose zoo animal by Hydra. Their ‘property’ she was deemed to be, but their property she vowed to never become.

  Tony had the right idea. Although, she wished he had told her his plan. She respected the compassion behind his idea, the drive in which he carried it out. No, she was not pissed at Tony…Ultron was to blame. Her blood was boiling at that point, her eyes set to kill. She watched them glow like a starving werewolf in the night from the reflection in her window. Honestly, she was almost afraid of herself. Good. If she can send a cold chill through her own spine, how would Ultron or any of her other enemies stand a chance?

  They don’t.

  “What’s this?” Tony asked Steve as he handed Thor the tablet with Strucker’s dead body displayed on the screen, his own blood spelling out, ‘peace,’ on the brick wall behind him.

  “A message for Ultron,” Steve declared as Thor forcefully bitch-slapped Tony in the chest with the tablet. “Ultron killed Strucker.”

  “Huge loss. Excuse me while I don’t cry,” (Y/N) stated as she was handed the tablet from Tony.

  “And he did a Banksy at the crime scene, just for us,” Tony added.

  “Like Red John from The Menalist,” (Y/N) added further.

  “Like-” Tony began.

  “Okay! Christ! We get it!” Clint exclaimed in exasperation. “You’re both balls deep in pop culture references. We know!” (Y/N) just stared at him.

  “…like that episode of Criminal Minds where Prentiss-”

  “Ugh!” Clint threw his arms up, then sat sullenly in the chair beside Nat while Tony high-fived (Y/N).

  “This is a smokescreen,” Natasha proposed as she soothingly rubbed Clint’s arm, his head still buried in his hands. “Why send a message when you’ve just given a speech?”

  “Strucker knew something that Ultron wanted us to miss,” Steve pieced together.

  “Yeah, I bet he…yep,” Natasha concluded, her eyes taking in the ‘record deleted’ notice on the computer monitor in front of her, “everything we had on Strucker has been erased.”

  “Not everything,” Tony asserted with a sigh. The team followed him into the file room. “Dig in everyone.” 

  (Y/N) picked up a box and began to flip through the pages right next to Clint and whispered, “I feel like I’m on a case with Sherlock Holmes right now.”

  “I hate you,” Clint muttered while (Y/N) just laughed and continued flipping.

  “Known associates,” Steve announced as he placed a box on the table behind (Y/N) and Clint. Then he reached behind him back and pulled gently on the sleeve of (Y/N)’s sweater to guide her between himself and Tony. “Well, Strucker had a lot of friends.”

  “Well, these people are all horrible,” Bruce stated, shifting his gaze through the file in his hand.

  “Wait,” Tony pointed to Bruce’s file, “I know that guy.” Bruce handed Tony the file who looked carefully at the man’s profile photo. “From back in the day.”

  “Of yore?” (Y/N) asked, cocking her head with a smirk.

  “Of shut the hell up and listen,” Tony smirked back, twitching his mustache up in amusement. (Y/N) just held her hands up defensively. “He operates off the African coast, black market arms.” 

  Steve just stared at Tony like ‘are you fucking kidding me? You build a murder robot that I just barely forgave you about, and now you’re telling me you are an underground criminal? I’m Captain America! I can’t deal with this! I’m good, not hood.’

  “There are conventions, alright?” Tony answered sarcastically. “You meet people. I didn’t sell him anything…he was talking about finding something new, a game changer. It was all very, ‘Ahab.’”

  “This,” Thor pointed to the photo.

  “Uh, that’s a tattoo,” Tony responded. “I don’t think he had it…”

  “No, those are tattoos,” Thor pointed to the man’s neck, “this is a brand.”

  “Can I please see that?” (Y/N) asked him, and Thor handed her the file. She studied the brand with curious eyes, then the memory popped into her mind.

  “Wakanda…” (Y/N) whispered.

  “You know where it’s from?” Bruce asked in shock.

  “Yeah,” (Y/N) nodded, then narrowed her eyebrows at him. “And thanks for the confidence boost.”

  “Sorry, it’s just…can I check?” Bruce asked and (Y/N) handed him the file reproachfully. He turned to the computer and put in the information while (Y/N) crossed her arms.

  “And, by the way, the symbol means, thief,” (Y/N) retorted confidently. 

  “I knew that…except, in a much less friendly way…and…Wakanada? Wa…Wa…”

  “Jackass,” (Y/N) muttered. “Wakanda,” she corrected him. Tony dropped his folder dramatically and clapped for her while she bowed. “Thank you, thank you.”

  “Ah, Bruce, that was rough,” Tony laughed at him, then straightened up and cleared his throat turning to Steve. “But, if this guy got out of Wakanda with some of their trade goods…”

  “I thought your father said he got the last of it?” Steve asked him.

  “I don’t follow,” Bruce started.

  “Is Tuesday just a slow day for you, then?” (Y/N) asked him, cocking her head.

  “I’m sorry, (Y/N), okay?” Bruce sighed.

  “All I needed, you’re forgiven,” (Y/N) beamed at him.

  “Anyway,” Bruce shook his head at her, “what comes out of Wakanda?”

  “The strongest metal on Earth…” Tony announced as Steve looked back towards his shield, then up to (Y/N) whose gaze shifted towards the ceiling in exasperation.

  “Ah, fuck it all,” (Y/N) groaned.

  “What? Why?” Natasha asked her. (Y/N) dropped her head and took a deep breath.

  “Steve and I figured out why my powers were useless against Bucky,” (Y/N) motioned for Steve to pick up his shield. (Y/N) tried to freeze it, but her beam just bounced off the vibranium and hit the ceiling, making it snow on the team for a few seconds.

  “Ohh…” Clint raised his eyebrows and looked down. “That sucks.”

  “Yeah,” (Y/N) nodded. “I know. Those cock-suckers knew they needed something to stop me, but at least it’s good to know that they’re scared shitless of me so, ha, ha,” (Y/N) leaned back in her chair and brushed off her shoulders.

  “We’re all scared shitless of you, (Y/N),” Tony laughed and cocked his head at her. “Just for different reasons.”

  “Good,” (Y/N) smiled wickedly as Steve put his hands on her shoulders. 

  “Where is this guy now?” Steve asked Tony.

  “Probably hell…or headed there soon,” (Y/N) hypothesized with her chipped, black nail-polished finger tapping her chin.

  “A salvage yard off the African coastline,” Tony answered Steve, then nodded to (Y/N), “which basically is hell.”

  “I guess we shall see,” (Y/N) smiled coyly, then raised one eyebrow mischievously. “But, Ultron won’t. Let’s give him a birthday surprise he won’t soon forget.”

  “…it’s a thing with me,” Ultron ranted after he just Bucky Barned Klaue’s arm off (too soon?). “Stark is, he’s a sickness!”

  “Ahh, Junior,” Tony sighed mockingly as he landed his suit on the high rise across from Ultron, Thor and Steve bringing up his rear. “You’re gonna break your old man’s heart.”

  “If I have to,” Ultron asserted, Wanda and Pietro bringing up his rear (and let’s get ready to rumble!).

  “Nobody has to break anything,” Thor contended.

  “Clearly, you’ve never made an omelet,” Ultron quipped.

  “He beat me by one second,” Tony joked to Thor who just shook Tony off.

  “Ah, this is funny,” Pietro announced bitterly. “Mr. Stark. It’s like, what? Comfortable? Like old times?” Pietro nodded down to the Stark Industry weapons below the riser.

  “This was never my life,” Tony proclaimed, and (Y/N) knew he meant it. She just needed to make the twins know it as well. Ultron…well, she would just shit on him.

  “You two,” Steve promised the twins, “can still  walk away from this.”

  “Oh, we will,” Wanda nodded and smiled sarcastically at him.

  “I know you’ve suffered,” Steve began, but Ultron fake gagged.

  “Uuuuaghh! Captain America, God’s Righteous Man,” Ultron chucked condescendingly, “pretending you could live without a war. I can’t physically throw up in my mouth, but…”

  “If you believe in peace,” Thor interrupted, “then, let us keep it.”

  “I think you’re confusing peace with quiet,” Ultron advanced on the team, but (Y/N) dropped from the broken window in the ceiling and landed gracefully on the high riser between her team and Ultron, shocking the hell out of the maniac.

  “Then allow me to, personally, disrupt that so-called not-peace,” (Y/N) advanced on him. “Release the Kraken, am I right?” (Y/N) laughed. “Call me Shitstorm, because I’m about to tear your metallic ass to shreds. First off, let me point out the absolutely hilarious irony that we’re all on a ship called, Churchill. I mean, fuck, could the metaphor be anymore obvious?”

  “I thought you said it was irony?” Ultron chided her.

  “I don’t think I was done, dickless,” (Y/N) yelled at him. She could hear Bruce laughing through the intercom while she further advanced on Ultron. “The funny thing is: Churchill fought for peace, my team and I are fighting for peace, and you are supposedly fighting for peace which I’m calling bullshit! Because, hello?” (Y/N) placed her hand to the side of her mouth, focusing her loud whisper to Pietro and Wanda. “In case you haven’t figured it out, he’s the bad guy,” she pointed conspicuously to Ultron who glared at her, burrowing lasers into her skull.

  “Yes, and what about the killer standing behind you?” Wanda asked, eyes flashing red.

  “Thor? I know he may look like a drunk surfer met a meat-head vampire slayer and had gorgeous sex, kinda like the human version of Chewbacca, but nah, he’s-”

  “She meant Mr. Stark,” Pietro nodded to Tony, trying desperately not laugh.

  “Tony? Yeah, just,” (Y/N) covered Tony’s face-plate with her hands, pushing him back as she smiled at Pietro and Wando. “Ignore him, he’s on his period. Kind of a drama queen if you know what I mean,” she nodded her head at Ultron. “Tony just likes to build things in his spare time…not all of those things turn out good, casing point,” (Y/N) motioned to Ultron again. “Titanium tits over there. I mean, do you honestly think he’s going to stop with just, okay, murdering us? Because that’s what he’s trying to do here. Murder us, right here, right now. You really want to be a part of that?” (Y/N) asked them. Wanda and Pietro both looked like they realized something tragic, their faces dropping slightly, but Ultron stepped in front of them. 

  “I’m tired of this,” Ultron grumbled, but (Y/N) wasn’t done.

  “Well, I’m tired of you and…what the fuck is this asshole anyway?” (Y/N) asked Tony.

  “The one about to be in charge of the Avenger’s extinction,” Ultron announced and (Y/N) just stared at him, then turned to Tony.

  “How stupid did you program this damn thing?” (Y/N) asked and Ultron tried to blast her, but she flicked her wrist, swallowing the red electricity in a pop glitter of silver. “Rude. I was having a conversation here,” (Y/N) motioned between herself and Tony. “Did you not program him with manners either?”

  “Manners are for those who have no drive,” Ultron drawled.

  “Wow. That’s literally base-line what any antagonist would say, so, congrats on proving my point for me, Dark Side Baymax,” (Y/N) clapped for him. “Okay, but no. Can I ask you a question? Oh, wait! Don’t answer because I don’t give a shit! I’m obviously going to ask anyway,” (Y/N) cleared her throat. “Why does it make any sense for you to kill us in the name of peace, then kill the world in the name of peace, because as I was saying,” (Y/N) directed back to Wanda and Pietro, “you think he’ll stop with just killing us? No. He wants more than that.”

  “How would you know?” Ultron stepped in again.

  “The vibranium. You obviously have a plan further than just us. Wouldn’t satisfy you enough. So, what? You gonna kill everyone? Your little comment about starting over again? How far will you take this? Destroy the world? Destroy every world? Where does it end? What’s your end game? Because, and be honest, doesn’t that all seem a bit….redundant?” (Y/N) asked her hand under her chin, head cocked to the side, a confident smile playing on her lips. Ultron had no words. “What? Ignorance got your tongue?” (Y/N) laughed and  created a small ball of ice, “See this? This is your ego.” Then, (Y/N) turned to Tony and she tossed it to him as she manipulated a bat of ice. Tony saw exactly where she was going. He tossed the ball and (Y/N) poofed it away before it hit the bat, then leaned against Tony’s Iron Shoulder as they pretended to watch it, hands covering their eyes from the “sun.”

  “I think that was a home run,” Tony announced theatrically.

  “And that one’s out of here!” (Y/N) exclaimed in an announcer voice.

  “Are you done yet?” Ultron asked, his eyes flaring in red.

  “What? You don’t enjoy how I’m stalling?” (Y/N) chided him. “I could try some magic tricks if you want? Maybe pull a quarter out of your ass, feed it back to you, and, um, I’ll take the pack of Hubba Bubba on shelf 666,” (Y/N) smirked.

  “Uagh!” Ultron lunged at (Y/N), forcing her back with a shock of laser-like lightning in burning, orange light, just as she lifted her hands to block it, barely pushing the shock wave with a heave as she sent it to her left side, then charged him with a blade of ice, digging it deep into his chest as he knocked her off the edge of the high rise. Tony caught her before she hit the floor as Thor slammed Ultron against the back wall with Mjolnir, but Ultron simply struck Thor with his arm, sending the demi-god to the ground as he took off after Tony who had set (Y/N) back on the high-rise where she told him to.

  Ultron tackled Tony mid-air where they brawled ceaselessly.

  “Come on, please! You know this is wrong!” (Y/N) pleaded with Wanda, and Wanda looked so on the verge of changing sides, just as Tony blasted Ultron across the room, almost taking out Wanda. 

  “Are you fucking kidding me, Tony!” (Y/N) yelled as Wanda stood, eyes flaring in red as her beam of red collided with (Y/N)’s silvery-blue on the high rise. (Y/N) was, by far, stronger, but she didn’t want to hurt Wanda. “Wanda…please! Listen to your gut! Doesn’t this feel wrong?”

  “Do not tell me what I feel! I feel anger at Stark! He killed my parents!” she screamed, her power becoming just a bit stronger.

  “No, he didn’t! He never ordered those bombs! It wasn’t-”

  Pietro came and knocked (Y/N) off the high rise where she fell, but stopped herself from hitting the floor by a gust of icy wind, cold enough to freeze your nipples off.

  ‘Huh…didn’t know I could do that…learn something new everyday,” (Y/N) thought to herself as her feet reached the ground. She cocked her head and decided to do something a bit crazy. She brought her hands up, creating a spire of ice that lifted her to the riser and she continued her efforts with Wanda, occasionally taking out an Iron Legion here and there. Ultron tried to shoot her from the side, but Tony jetted from nowhere forcing his ass through the wooden ceiling as they continued their war mano e mano.

  The fighting raged on until (Y/N) found herself battle-locked with Steve against the Iron Legion that rained from everywhere. The down-side to (Y/N)’s power was that it worked better in larger spaces where she wouldn’t accidentally freeze one of her teammates. She got close to hitting Thor and Steve several times. 

  She was kicking ass, ripping apart and stabbing the robots to pieces until she realized…her teammates were nowhere to be found. Even Clint’s arrows ceased as she forced a wall of ice at the last four robots, crushing them between ice and concrete.

  She searched for anyone until she found Steve crumpled in a heap, his eyes opened, yet filled with crimson violence. 

  “Steve? Steve? Wake up!” (Y/N) called to him. She felt his pulse and it was completely normal. He was breathing and alive, yet his mind was somewhere far, far away…in a place he never wanted to be…

  In his tortured sleep, Steve found himself in a 1940′s swing club. Cheap wine bottles popping, cameras flashing, over-animated laughter, gaudily lip-sticked women, men in army green military uniforms (including himself), the sound of bombs echoing just outside the room. He walked in a daze, passing two men laughing over each other as one dabbed a napkin to the other’s bullet wound to the heart. Steve watched everything unfold before him until someone tapped him on the shoulder. Peggy.

  “Are you ready for our dance?” she asked smoothly, her bright red lips tingling under the silk of her suave accent. But Steve wasn’t having it. He was searching for (Y/N), but he was trapped in his past.

  “The war is over, Steve,” Peggy told him. “We can go home now.”

  Steve just stared at her. Home? Home was with (Y/N)…home was….where was he? Home? Where was home?

  “Imagine it,” Peggy smiled at him and Steve turned away from her to find that the party had disappeared. The room went black, then he saw a glittery mist of silver. It grew and grew until he could make out (Y/N)’s silhouette as she danced to their song, “Unchained Melody,” by The Righteous Brothers. She glided so elegantly across the floor, creating crystals under each of her light footsteps, decorating the scene in pure beauty. He watched, entranced by her effortless pirouettes, so wild and carefree she was, until she stopped. Her back leg caught by a bloodied, blue surgical glove, ghastly it laced it fingers around (Y/N)’s ankle, digging it’s nails into her skin as it flipped her to the ground, cracking the soft skin on her forehead. Her blood slipped down her face like warrior’s tears as the arm dragged her into the dark, encompassing her small body in pure black as her silver eyes locked with Steve’s, and for the first time since he had almost died, he saw pure terror in her eyes. He lunged for her, reaching out, straining his whole body in the most gruesome pain he had felt since his transformation with the Super Soldier serum, but he felt the cold metallic touch of vibranium on his tense neck, choking his life away, pulling him backwards…away from (Y/N). 

  All he remembered was a single, red star.

  “Steve? Steve!” (Y/N) continued to call his name until he began to mumble hers. It started out soft, growing stronger and more desecrate as his consciousness expanded until he opened his eyes, really opened his eyes, blinking them rapidly to diminish the bloody clouds from his vision.

  “(Y/N)? (Y/N)! (Y/N)!” Steve yelled, his half-closed eyes taking in the fuzzy outline of (Y/N)’s face. She was gorgeous. Even fuzzy and dirty and sweaty, she was mind-blowingly, breathtakingly gorgeous. “Don’t go into the dark, don’t leave, love. Don’t go,” Steve pleaded to her.

  “Steve,” (Y/N) smiled at him, almost knocking him out again. “Steve, I’m not going anywhere…nah, we still haven’t gone to Amsterdam like you promised.”

  “Right….” Steve laughed faintly, the horrid dream still fresh in his mind.

  “Guys? Is this a Code Green?” Bruce asked into the intercom and (Y/N) whipped her head up. The Hulk. Wanda would try to…oh, no….

  “Change of plans. I kinda have to leave, like, right now,” (Y/N) kissed his forehead. “I love you, Steve, but,” she stood up and began to sprint, “shit, fuck, fucker, shit and holy mother of ballsacks sucking fuckers, damn asshole licking, shit fuckers…” (Y/N) cursed the whole way out of the ship until she reached the dock and continued sprinting into the ridiculously bright light. Bright like after you get too much chlorine in your eyes, then take a nap on your couch, waking up five hours later to decide to walk outside. *sighs* Vampire for about ten seconds before you realize you need to run back into your house before the sun melts your eyeballs like mochi balls. 

  Well, (Y/N) couldn’t run home. She had shit to take care of.

  Then, she spotted Bruce hanging out of the Helicarrier, eyes sick with anxiety comparing to a clueless father who had lost all of his kids at the state fair.

  “Bruce! Fucking fuck! Get away! Go away!” (Y/N) yelled at him, kicking her legs into a higher gear then they had even started at, until she reached him. “You have to go! She’s coming for you! You have to go!”

  Her eyes were beyond panicked as her eyes circled the space just outside the Helicarrer as Bruce took (Y/N)’s insanely rapid pulse.

  “(Y/N), you need to calm down. You’re gonna have another-”

  “Heart attack! I fucking know! I feel like my chest is about to pop like a zit! You need to get-”

  Suddenly, (Y/N) saw Wanda approach from the bushes, her hands spiraling in red magic. (Y/N) pulled away from Bruce who tried to grab her back, but she was too quick and…

  Okay, this was stupid. Let’s just point out how fucking stupid this was, shall we? If one twin is coming at you, wouldn’t you expect the other to be right around the corner? And it was especially stupid for (Y/N) because that was exactly how her and Tony worked. That’s how they pranked Clint in the clown mask. How (Y/N) drew Steve out and Tony placed the life-sized Uncle Sam dolls in his bed.

  So, yes, this was stupid. Now, that that’s out of the way…

  “Wanda! Please don’t-”

  Pietro. He blitz attacked (Y/N) who back flipped mid-air, but was blasted again by Wanda into the Helicarrier where she smashed her head on the back wall.

  If that wasn’t a trigger for Bruce, nothing was. He began to transform before Wanda and Pietro, body roaring into the green monster Bruce hated more than anything. Arms and legs taut by insane muscles and larger than life veins, appearing ready to burst from his tough skin at even the slightest movement. A truly terrifying sight…but this is exactly what Wanda wanted. (Y/N) definitely saved her the step of attempting to convince him to transform himself. She sent her scarlet aura up to his eyes that shocked him back a bit until she whispered, “Attack.”

  The Hulk shook his head, but the red wouldn’t release from his mind, angering him even further as he rumbled away towards nowhere, looking for a target to sack. Any target, so long as he could smash.

  Once, he was gone to….who the hell knew, Wanda and Pietro decided to play it, “safe.” Wanda glided over to where (Y/N) already lay unconscious, a small bloodstain on the wall above her head. They both felt pity for the girl, but the mission was straight-forward. Tear the Avengers apart. Well, (Y/N) was a part of the Avengers, so into her head Wanda went, crimson magic overcasting (Y/N)’s mind.

  Her dark, twisted mind.

  (Y/N) woke up, feeling the all too familiar cold table under her body. The only thing separating her from the restraints and her naked skin was a white sheet, stained and bloodied from it’s previous victims. 

  She screamed as she felt the needles begin to jab her arms, her legs, her neck, her stomach, everywhere, sending it’s vindictive poisons through her veins in burning pain like fire to an already killer flame. 

  Surgical masked faces hovered over her exposed body as they snipped away a hole in the sheet where her heart was. (Y/N) wanted to fight, to break free, to run…even to kill. But, the poison paralyzed her as it had for years, forcing her mind into a hazy state of blurred lines and undefined thoughts. The masks spun over her, twisting and convulsing in the dark, each face mask changing color as people switched in and out, until they stopped. Slowly, each mask fell to reveal her team members. Steve. Tony. Bruce. Natasha. Clint. They watched her as the rest of the masks continued to torture her, making her scream, making her body feel as if Satan had taken a personal vengeance upon her ragged body. But she never cried.

  Her friends stared at her in pity, the want to protect her trapped behind their eyes as needles paralyzed them to stand before her. (Y/N) didn’t want them there. She ordered them to look away. She didn’t want them to watch her bleed, watch her scream, watch her in the most vulnerable time, the most vulnerable state of her life. Suddenly, the scalpel cut through (Y/N)’s chest, she squeezed her eyes shut and cried out in agonizing pain as she felt the cut deep down into her swollen heart. 

  Then, she felt nothing. She slowly opened her eyes to find nobody. Not a single person in the room. Only (Y/N)’s restrained body under the blinding surgical lights that dimmed to where (Y/N) could hardly see the bloody surgical instruments on the tray beside her. The emptiness, the terrible loneliness emptied (Y/N)’s bleeding heart. The longing for Steve, Tony, Bruce, Nat, and Clint was so hollowing, so immense and wide, it seemed to be a darker future than her deadly, dark past. It was worse than any physical pain she had felt as she whimpered for them back. That’s right, whimpered. Calling out their names, but she was, inevitably, alone. Left to die on the cold, metal table.

  Then, she cried. The tears burst from her eyes, spilling over the torn flesh of her soft cheeks as a shadow hovered over her, blocking out the dim light above her like the Grim Reaper finally come to relieve her, and at that point, she wouldn’t have cared, except for one thing.

  It was (Y/N)’s father.

  “Longing…Rusted…Seventeen…Daybreak…Furnace…Nine…Benign…Homecoming…One…Freight Car…Good morning, soldier,” the Hydra leader cooed at his daughter, his dead smile taking over the tightly drawn skin around his skull-like face. No emotion reached his eyes. None ever did. (Y/N) stared at the man before her in absolute fear, her wide eyes betraying every emotion she always hid so well, displaying them before the rodent that had ruined most of her life. The lust for blood came to her mind, filled her with gut-wrenching rage, until… the last word hit her. Everything inside her body and mind shut down. Only three words came to her dead lips.

  “Ready to comply,” (Y/N) stated, no emotion lacing her once wild tongue. Her eyes set to kill, but her mind filled with cobwebs…

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Dream Team - Ultraverse/Marvel crossover pin ups (4/6).

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Montclare & Reeder Explain How "Moon Girl" Became The Smartest Person in the Marvel U -
The stars of Marvel Comics‘ “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” are Lunella Lafayette, a nine year old girl, and Devil her giant, faithful prehistoric sidekick.

Montclare: [Laughs] You will be seeing a lot of people in the second arc. I don’t want to spoil any of them yet, but that’s the evolution of her character; to be a bigger part of the Marvel Universe. She is finally recognized, and with that recognition comes responsibility and expectations. She’s going to have to change, not be as introverted as she has been.

People have already seen her interact with the Hulk, and in issue #9 we ended with a teaser for her next team-up, which is Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel will be teaming up with Moon Girl in issue #10. What’s it like bouncing these two characters off of each other? The final page of issue #9 suggests Ms. Marvel will be playing a unique role for her in this team-up; that of the older and more experienced hero.

Reeder: Yeah, and that’s something we did in the Hulk appearance as well. Usually these teen characters are kind of seen as these novices, but when they’re around Lunella they’re suddenly thrust into the mentor position.

In the story with the Hulk, that didn’t really work out all that well between the two of them. You’ll see, though, that it works kind of differently with her and Ms. Marvel. I think Ms. Marvel has a bit of a sweeter touch to her. We’re really looking forward to showing people the interaction between them, because that’s one of the things fans have been asking for the entire time, “Please team up Moon Girl and Ms. Marvel.” It’s finally happening.

Montclare: In a lot of ways, we try to do opposites. Ms. Marvel loves being a superhero, while Lunella has a bunch of things on her list of what she wants to accomplish and superheroics just kinds of happen to her.

So, as Amy said, she’s a mentor, but not a scientific mentor. She’s not a genius where they can solve engineering problems together. She is maybe someone Lunella can relate to a little bit better than Amadeus because they have similar backgrounds as Inhumans, and they’re both heroes.