hulk smashing loki

Imagine being an avenger that Tony is very protective of cause you are like a sister to him and Loki takes an interest in you (part 1)

This imagine is based off of another imagine I did but a longer version :) It’s basically the same thing but longer. Also there is going to be a second part.

Original Imagine:

Part 2:

Warnings: some mention of sex, and some cursing.

Notes: This was requested by someone but I forgot who (I’m so sorry) but I hope you enjoy:)

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Loki had been watching and staring at your every move since you first arrived at the gala with Steve. He continued to watch you even after he got captured and was on the plane. He thought you were so captivating he felt like it was impossible for him to take his eyes off of you. Then you bend over a table to write something down, this giving Loki the perfect view of your ass, which made him think of all the things he could do to you. Oblivious to Loki staring at you, Tony realized it when he turned around and saw Loki staring straight at your ass. He quickly went up to Loki, and aggressively grabbed the collar of what Loki was wearing,

“Listen, rock of ages I see you staring at y/n, and I know the things your thinking about. I would suggest you stop or I will kick your asgardian ass into next week.” You turned your head and looked at Loki in disgust.

Loki put his hands up in surrender “Alright, alright. Didn’t mean any harm.“ Loki looked into your eyes and winked at you, which made you roll your eyes.

“Great, now some nut job likes me” You said. Even moments after Loki’s eyes still lingered on your figure. He knew what he wanted. He wanted you to be his, be his queen. Loki always got what he wanted. Most of the time.

After you arrived at the Helicarrier you quickly went to the lab to go talk to Bruce about the events of the capturing of Loki. While you were talking to him, Loki went by the lab armed guards by his sides he smiled at the two of you, mainly you, which made you uneasy.

Steve walked into the lab “Hey y/n, can you take guard duty for Loki. Since he has taken a liking towards you maybe he will tell you something about his plan.”

Right then Tony walked into the lab too “I’m not letting y/n go near him, and just let Loki have eye sex with her.”

“What I have to babysit that asswipe? But Steve..”

“Please y/n…”

“Ugh fine but I’m leaving if he gets creepy.”

Before you exited the lab Tony grabbed your hand slightly “If he does anything funny, just call for me ok.” You nodded to Tony.

You had your way out of the lab and walked down the hall towards the room where the cell was keep. You opened the door and walked in.

“Well, well it seems so that you couldn’t get enough of me, come back for more.” Loki smirked.

“Please I’m only here cause I have to be.”

“sure.” It had been a few minutes in silence until Loki spoke again “Mmmm what I would give to have my way with you. Have you spread across my sheets hands tided to the headboard to use as I please. It hear your little moans in my ear..”“ You turned around and looked at him disgusted.

“If you don’t shut up I will shoot you. And you know what that would solve a lot of our problems wouldn’t it?”

“Aren’t you a feisty one, that’s how I like them.”

“Alright I’m leaving your weird as fuck.”

“Mmmm wait y/n, let me get a last view of your body before you leave so I can have a fresh imagine of it in my mind for when I need to imagine it for later.” After that you quickly left the room and looked for Tony. He was in the lab with Bruce.

“Yeah you are totally going to have to kill him.“ 

While Loki escaped his cell, you were walking fast down the hall towards Loki’s cell.

"Where are you going darling the fun as just started.” You heard Loki whisper in your ear as he grabbed your wrists and pinning them behind you. You tried to push away from him but he didn’t budge. He turned around to face you he grabbed your jaw and forced you to look at him. “You know pet you will soon learn to appreciate things when they come to you.” As he said that you punched him in his stomach with your knee making him fall back a few steps, and then you punched him in his jaw.

“You think your hurting me but I find this father enjoyable.” You scoffed and before you could get another hit in he flashed from in front of you to behind you and pinned your arms again taking you to New York with him. As you were walking to the jet where he would escape you said,

“Well your plan sucks by the way. Kidnapping and holding a girl against her will isn’t really going to win her over.”

“You’re lucky I didn’t take control of your mind but I didn’t really think would be far would it love?” He whispered in your ear as he moved his nose down your neck. You started to try and escape his grip again but you couldn’t. “Well well pet I think its time to have some fun he said as he pushed you into the quinjet.

As you both arrived in the Stark tower he pushed you up against a wall "Well isn’t this place every private. Maybe we could have some fun before the war.”

“Get away from me you disgust me, and..”

“Well, well if it isn’t rock of ages, with y/n. You know I warned you about getting near her.” You saw Tony walk in and you felt relieved. Loki still held a firm grip on you while him and Tony had their conversation, you weren’t really listening, thinking about all the ways you could escape. Stuck into your own thoughts the next thing you noticed Tony flew out the window, but then Tony came back and blasted Loki with an energy blast. Before the fight could continue and almost help you to escape Loki, the Tesseract opened a portal in the sky causing the  invasion of the chitauri. Loki grabbed your hand and forced you to look out of what was happening in New York.

“Just imagine it y/n. The king and queen of Midgard.”

“Your fucking insane.” Then you heard a loud noise and turned to see what it was. Then you turned to see Thor.

“Loki let her go.” Loki soon released his grip from you to start fighting his brother. As Thor was fighting Loki, Loki threw a spell at you that made you freeze in place.

“Oh come on!” You screamed as you watched the two brothers fight. Then after Loki and Thor were fighting jumped off the balcony leaving you there still frozen in place. Thor rushed over to you "Lady y/n are you ok?“

"Yes I will be fine now please for the love of god end this war. Don’t worry I will find a way out of this.” You smiled lightly at Thor as he left.

After a while you were still frozen in place while Loki was fighting. Then out of nowhere Hulk and what it looked like to be Loki smashed into the building. Loki got to his feet, and then Hulk screamed “give me back my friend!!!” Then Hulk repeatedly smashed Loki into the floor leaving in there, and you were released from Loki’s spell.

“Thanks Bruce!” You called out as Hulk left threw the smashed hole in the wall. You then ran down from the Stark tower and help the fighting with the chitauri. Then after the Avengers captured Loki he was soon taken into custody by the Avengers. Thor was allowed to take Loki back to asgard for his punishment. As you said goodbye to Thor you could hear Loki mutter as you walked past him “Don’t think this is the end my pet, I will come back for you, if you like it or not.”

You tried to pretend you didn’t hear it and just walked past him. But as you saw Thor fly into the sky with Loki you couldn’t help but feel a weird feeling in your stomach, a feeling of sadness but you ignored it.

I so wish I was Thor in this.