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Avengers Preference: When Their Sibling Starts Flirting During A Mission

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Bonus! Peter:

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hi, do you know or have any ideas of which heroines will be available in the A-force event? do you know anything about it?

Really don’t know much about it, it hasn’t even been confirmed exactly by anyone, but it does look like it’ll happen.

As for characters, there’s no solid confirmation either, but from this screencap posted over on Reddit, it looks like we’ll be seeing Singularity and She-Hulk (unless the ‘girl made of stars’ is referring to Dazzler). Carol Danvers has also been mentioned in the past so I wouldn’t be surprised if she showed up with them as well.

Talk From Superheroes: Hulk Where Monsters Dwell

This week Andrew and Diana are talking about the animated feature Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell and we’re using the term “animated” loosely. How much of this movie was just a JPEG image with words, what version of Jasper Sitwell is this, and what is the real backstory of Warwolf?

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I'm starting the process of selling a house, and like, I'm doing it privately, not going through a realtor, and even though right now it's all in the negotiations it's really stressing me out... Talk to me about sweet baby Tony and his big Brother Bucky so I can smile again! Please!

Anon, I am so happy that you’re doing this, I swear, if I owned a house, I would never leave it except to go to the store, this is a big step and I hope this all works out.

Now, onto the cuteness: The first time Tony (and all the other littles in the tower, though Bucky has actually already met Natasha, but they weren’t as close as everyone always thought they were) met Bucky, it was a little messy.

Hulk was out and had Peter with him that day, who wouldn’t stop crying for some reason, so they had to leave the playroom entirely, because they’re pretty sure Peter has an ick in his tummy. (All the babies are very worried about him, what if his tummy ick doesn’t go away? It’s concerning.)

Natasha is sitting in the dress-up box (yes, in it) while Clint sat outside of it, being slathered with baby friendly make ups, because Natasha wants to make him the prettiest girl ever, and Clint wants to be the prettiest girl ever, so it’s nice, but they’re not really playing with the others, which is okay, because Natasha gets nervous at too many people focusing on her anyways.

Tony wouldn’t let go of Daddy for about ten minutes while Bucky looked at them from the ground. Steve is upset at that, because he’s trying to be a good Daddy and focus on both his boys, but Tony needs him right now, so he ended up in the rocking chair with Tony in his lap, giving him a bottle that Uncle Sam had made for him.

When Steve looks back up, Bucky is getting up off the floor onto his knees, so he could crawl over to them, a teddy bear -vintage Bucky bear, actually, which is funnier than Steve can say- and gets up onto his feet, looking down at Tony in his lap, who looked a little nervous at the new person there.

They seemed to have a conversation entirely with their eyes for a minute, before Bucky nodded, satisfied, and thrust the teddy bear out at Tony, who took it with a happy little smile.

Yeah, these babies are gonna get along fine.