hulk hug

So an acquaintance of mine posted this

on Facebook, and somehow the conversation went from me adding this…

“I adore that darling corporal! Wish I could pull him out of t.v. land and snuggle the stuffing out of him and his bear ^///^”

to him eventually coming back with this…

“Marvel’s Agents of W.A.L.T.E.R.”

And my mind exploded!

Because, could you imagine the Avengers being assigned a young Shield agent who’s supposedly just a glorified secretary…but they slowly begin to realize that there’s so much more to this kid than meets the eye. He brings Tony coffee when Tony is too absorbed in his work to realize he actually wanted coffee

, and even if the young man doesn’t know the terminology, he knows exactly when Bruce wants the printouts of the test results for the whooie-whatsits. He ducks coming around a corner, even though there was no warning that Thor was going to throw his hammer.

 And when Bruce happens to Hulk out involuntarily, Walter can somehow approach him in that calm, sweet, gentle manner he adopts with all of the animals they run across,

and hugs him until he comes back.

Dreams Are Weird

Last night I read some fic and then fell asleep watching a BBC nature documentary narrated by David Attenborough. This inspired my brain to dream up a similar style documentary about the Avengers living in the tower. For example:

Camera pans in, sweeping over the communal kitchen where Steve, Clint, Bruce, and Thor are milling about getting food.

VO: Morning dawns in Avengers Tower, and the pack of heroes emerge from their dens in search of food. As leader, the other members defer to the Captain. *Thor lets Steve grab some bacon first* At least until the Widow arrives. *Everyone steps out of Nat’s way as she stalks to the coffee pot*

VO: Like his majestic namesake, Hawkeye prefers to perch above his fellows observing the scene.

*Bruce passes Clint a refilled coffee cup* His pack mates have adapted to their brothers eccentricity and embraced it.

*Tony wanders in and glares up at Clint yelling “Damn it Clint, get off the fucking fridge.”* With notable exceptions.

Scene switches to the Avengers lab floor. The camera pans artistically to show Jane working on a holoboard and Darcy typing at a computer.

VO: On the battle field the Hulk is a savage fighter, decimating all who stray in his path. In the safety of his home however, it is a different story.

*Hulk lumbers in and walks over to Darcy, careful not to knock anything over.*

“Hulk smash stupid robots, Hulk get hug now,” he preened. Darcy laughs and stands up. Moving in so Hulk can scoop her into a hug, her feet dangling three feet off the floor.

“Good job sweetie, you are always the best smasher,” she praised running her fingers through his hair.

VO: If the Captain is the authority figure, here we have the packs motherly figure. A seemingly ordinary woman whom the pack has accepted as one of their own.

My Very Special Avengers Assemble S4 Wishlist:

- They get Tony back and have a group hug, even Hulk
- SteveTony hug while in their everyday forms (none of deaging/bodyswap please, one real hug!!)
- Tower is repaired, Tony carries Steve over the threshold
- That Peggy episode to be full of Peggy feels mainly, Howard can twiddle his thumbs in the background :P
- More Avengers’ Dads SteveTony feels (you can never have enough of those)
- But I would love Steve and Tony in suits, or tuxedos!!
- Another SteveTony undercover thing!!! Maybe in SUITS or TUXEDOS, like James Bond!!
- Even more Team Nights like the Game Night and Movie Night we found out about in S3
- Team going together to a concert, or a team outing! A TEAM VACATION!!
- So much more but I think the list is long enough, for now.

Hugging Bruce randomly.

(English is not my native language, so I am sorry for any mistakes!) You sat in the labor and were watching Bruce. He looked so cute; the way he scanned the papers with his eyes and licked his lips, totally deep in thoughts. “Bruce?” you called him and stood up. He looked up at you and responded with a “Hm?”. You smiled. “Is everything alright?” Bruce nodded. “Yeah, thank you.” His eyes wandered back to the papers. You tilted your head. What was the best way to relieve him (at least a little bit) from his stress he (obviously) had? Then the idea popped up in your head. You walked to him and took the papers out of his hands. He looked at you very confused. “(Y/N)…?” And then you hugged him. You just hugged him and smiled. Your head was on his muscular chest and you can hear his heartbeat. It took a few moments for Bruce to realize what just happened, but after a couple of seconds you can feel his arms around your body, pressing it against his.

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How Can That Be (3/?) [Ft. Reader x Hulk x The Avengers]

Summary: Bruce finds himself drawn to the new avenger by an unknown force. What happens when this force causes Bruce to become the Hulk?

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12

You took a deep breath and looked up at the Hulk, locking eyes with him. You began to speak softly,

“Hey big guy.”

You paused; waiting for any sign of anger from the Hulk. For the first time, the Hulk’s face didn’t show anger, only a soft almost loving look.

“Can you help me up?”

The moment your words reached the Hulk’s ears, he sat back on his heels and held his hand out to you.

“Holy crap, he’s actually listening to her,” Sam whispered to the other Avengers.

Everyone was watching in amazement as the Hulk helped you to your feet.

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