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Smoulder- Chapter 22

Chapter Summary: In which the author discovers that the sexy deep-v thingy on a mans lower abdomen is called his Apollo’s belt. You ready for some sin?

Rating: SFW but like, sinfully SFW I don’t know.

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Chapter 22

“I can’t believe you won!” Nino sulked, taking off his cap to wipe his brow angrily.

Twirling his racket in his hand, Adrien shot Nino a triumphant smirk which was only thirty percent sheepish. It was a brief look, and Nino pouted in response. The pair of them hung back, wiping sweat from their faces, whilst the girls went to fill their water bottles at a fountain on the other side of the courts. The cloud coverage made the heat more stifling, the air more humid, and Alya’s hair had doubled in volume as a result.

When Nino teased her about her hair ‘hulking out’ she’d thrown a tennis ball at him.

Adrien dropped his towel back into his bag, earning a disgusted look from Plagg. If they’d been alone, Adrien would have argued that camembert smells as bad as sweat anyway, so the Kwami shouldn’t be judging him in the slightest.

“What can I say?” Adrien began, staring after Marinette with a dopey smile on his face. The girl in question was laughing at something Alya had said and, though they were well out of earshot, he still felt slightly boneless at the idea of Marinette’s laughter. “I guess we’re just lucky.”

Nino rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, lucky you won considering how much of a perv you were being,” he proclaimed, placing his cap back on his head and sliding up to Adrien. He placed an arm on Adrien’s shoulder.

Adrien jerked away from Nino’s touch, as if the accusation had given him an electric shock. It was true. He had to admit. The fact that they’d somehow won the match astounded him. Marinette had carried him through it whilst he’d been constantly distracted.

Her skirt was hypnotic, and he’d tried so hard not to look. But it kept shifting when she ran.

She ran a lot. Adrien, on the other hand, had managed to hit himself in the face with his tennis racket twice because his eyes had been focused on Marinette in a way they really, really shouldn’t have been.

Huh. So this is what rock bottom is like.

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i had so many ways i wanted to answer this. one option, for example, was a picture of the incredible hulk crying. (with bleached hair, of course).

But I’m not on starredforlife so my memeing must be limited! Here’s what I actually came up with. also i’m terrible at drawing babies so i drew you a toddler (for exhibit c)! she’s got wild hair and is kind of clumsy and a tooth is missing but she’s cute.

I know it will grow back, but  . . . Poor Bruce!

Intellectually, I know this is to create a contrast with his look in Age of Ultron, but part of me is crying for those curls at the back of his neck that Natasha runs her fingers through. (Credit to the folks who made the gifs.)

Dang it! Treat our baby right!

why can’t we have a planet hulk netflix mini series?? gladiator chris evans riding across an alien desert on a giant red dinosaur to save a captured sebastian stan??? sign me tf up


from Avengers (1991)

I couldn’t resist embroidering my two favorite superheroes in their swimsuits