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Chapter Eleven

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader  |  Word Count: 3319
Warnings: Swearing, violence, Norse language which may or may not be correct

The specially equipped plane was minutes out, Natasha and Clint at the controls while Faye, with Grant at her side, stood before the Command center. Everyone was geared up and ready, listening as she went through the plan a final time. She held everyone’s focus, everyone’s attention except Steve’s.

He knew his job. It was simple. He was going for his girl and no one could tell him different. When Faye finished her recitation, he turned to Bucky and with a short jerk of his head the two of them made their way to a quiet, private space.

“Buck…” Steve started and hesitated, hating what he was about to ask.

“I know, Stevie.” Smoky blue grey eyes held his unyielding.

“I hate to ask this,” he sighed, looking away. Even the thought of it made Steve’s stomach turn.

Reaching out, Bucky gripped Steve’s shoulder tightly. “Steve, I’ve got your back in this. You don’t gotta ask. I’m with you til the end of the line, pal.”

Lifting his eyes to Bucky’s, Steve watched the blue slowly brighten. “Winter?”

“Yeah, man. I’ve got this.” The Winter Soldier looked back at him.

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Easter Goodness

It’s Easter and I have slept more than 6 hours!!! Let’s write a cutey one-shot. Easter fun and de-aged Tony, cause why not.

“Miss ‘Asha! Miss Asha!” Little tiny Tony waddled as quickly as he could into the kitchen were Natasha was making a simple breakfast of eggs for them while they waited for the boys to either wake up or come back from their morning run.

It was so adorable how Tony, barely even two, was the cutest thing in the world. The red room and her line of work trained her for a lot of things, but they never trained her for the absolute adorableness that is a toddler version of Tony Stark.

“Yes Antoshka, what is it?” At this point Tony had made it next to Natasha, one hand held out to balance himself or grab the nearest surface, the other clutching something to his chest.

“I find, look.” He carefully revealed the colorful egg that he had been holding onto for dear life. Using two hands to present his new found treasure. “Wha’ is?”

“It’s an Easter Egg.” Natasha watched as Tony tried to figure out what that meant, head tilt as he contemplated the egg in his hands.

“Eas’a Egg?”

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ok but why doesnt the fandom focus more on what good friends bruce and rhodey could be??

bruce sitting down and explaining that he actually did want to serve his country once upon a time, that his government contract work that created the hulk was based on the assumption that he was finding a way to protect soldiers, and how ross lied to him about everything and was just using him from the start. rhodey now understanding and being sympathetic on why bruce distrusts the military, and bruce understanding why rhodey is so committed to it, even if they don’t always see eye to eye.

bruce and rhodey getting into debates that don’t ever get heated, and if they do, they’re both mature enough that they never sling insults because they’re fucking adults. bruce and rhodey actually enjoying these debates because they’re a challenge, and both of them thrive on intellectual challenges.

bruce hulking out when someone targets rhodey as a civilian and the hulk shields rhodey from the fire and captures the guy before rhodey even has time to call his suit. hulk growling about “hurt machine man” and not letting him anywhere near rhodey. rhodey realizing through all of this what good friends they’ve become.

rhodey joining tony in his attempts to fuck with ross because fuck that guy, what he did to bruce was way out of line and against everything rhodey serves and stands for, but also, fuck him, you don’t fuck with rhodey’s family.

rhodey and bruce constantly bitching about tony when he’s in the room and tony acting all betrayed but really he’s secretly happy his two best friends are getting along

Super Science Dads #2

Prompt: ‘I can’t believe you said that!’

‘Peter’ was so young that it almost hurt. As young as the ideals of friendship he’d thought would survive because they were forged in battle instead of realising they were little more than schoolyard ties and would melt given space or pressure. As young as he and Tony and Natasha had never been. As young as Client’s family. As young as Friday and Vision and the scars on Johannesburg and Sokovia and Lagos.

Bruce looked at him because it was easier than looking at Tony and seeing what had happened to him. Vision had been vague about the matter, vague and distant, distracted almost as though deeply wounded in a way they could not yet comprehend.

Peter looked back, squirmed, seemed to physically bite his tongue, squirmed again, and blurted, “I’m gonna get you some coffee, Mr Stark, okay? I’ll be right back I swear.”

He left with a certain inhuman speed and Bruce catalogued it at the back of his mind as a tick next to the series of questions surrounding his presence at Tony’s bedside.

“Hey, Big Green, aren’t you meant to be hiding out off planet? Haven’t we had this discussion seven times? Haven’t we agreed you aren’t safe here? We have. I’m sure we have. I know I didn’t imagine it. I know I didn’t make up the list of 239 reasons why you are safer NOT HERE.” Tony drew his gaze like the magnet he always was, tone pointed and sharp and a little relieved beyond that. “Why are you messing with the plan, Brucie-Bear?”

“Hi Tony,” he said, and sat on the chair beside the bed and looked. It was bad, then. Tony’s face was smashed, his eyes nearly shut, a tube down his nose and bandages around his torso. Even after New York and the wormhole, Tony hadn’t been like this. Not this cold. Not this pale. Not this - “Doesn’t sound like anyone is safe back here. Who is the child?”

“An intern,” Tony said too promptly. He was relieved not to be grilled on current affairs, that was obvious, and Bruce had time. Bruce would make sure they all had time. He could feel the dark primal rage of the Hulk growling approval - Hulk had always liked the Tin Man after all. “You’d like him. He’s clever and awkward and kind of like how I imagine a puppy would be if I’d ever had a puppy.”

“He’s the Spider boy, isn’t he?”

“SHHHT!” Tony grinned lopsidedly and made and show of glancing dramatically around the room. “Ix-nay on the Ider-spay! ”

Bruce grinned back and prodded a leg gently. “Pig Latin? Really? Why not just Latin?”

“I’ve had enough of people looking at me as though I’m speaking a foreign language, shall we say?”

There was a pause, long enough for Bruce to count the ways they had lost themselves.

“Did he get injured?”

“Of course he did, they weren’t pulling their punches.” But the answer hurt, and Bruce could see that and poked the leg again.

“He does the vigilante stuff himself, Tony. You didn’t exactly bring him into this out of obscurity.”

“That doesn’t -”

“Mr Stark! You told him??” It was the exclamation of a betrayed teenager, and Bruce watched with raised eyebrows as Spiderboy Peter stormed in with coffee cups galore and stood at the foot of the bed with arms akimbo - or at least as akimbo as they could be with all that coffee. “You promised!”

“Whoa, kid, he guessed! You can’t hold me responsible for the workings of Bruce’s lovely brain -” Tony blew him a kiss and Bruce nodded gracefully and accepted it as his dues. “He’s a genius. You’ll like him. Take a breath.”

Spiderboy Peter took a long shaky breath and then turned enormous sad - oh god they were like a puppy’s - eyes on Bruce himself. “Is it that obvious?”

“Not to a casual observer. You’re the same height, you move a fraction more quickly than expected and Tony would rather kiss Justin Hammer on the lips than have an intern in his hospital room no matter how fond of them he is.”

That got a quick smile and a disgusted ‘BRUCE! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU WOULD SAY THAT HOW COULD YOU!’ from Tony and a laugh out of the Spiderkid and Bruce felt a little loosening of the knot in his chest. Maybe there were some things that hadn’t been completely ruined yet.

I’m the fucking Hulk - Bruce Banner


You didn’t want to be there. You didn’t want to socialize with those people. But there were you, feigning a damn smile while drinking glass after glass of champagne. When you agreed to work with superheroes, you thought that everything would be easy because you were good at interacting with the public. But, well, you didn’t imagine that you would be forced to put up with all those awful people every party. You had been almost 20 minutes with a stupid rich bragging about his yacht and last trip to Ibiza. You weren’t even pretending to pay attention to him anymore, just standing there admiring the starry sky through the nearby window. But suddenly your eyes widened and your hand clenched tightly the glass of champagne, your attention being taken away from the window and back to the stupid rich that was smiling smugly at you now.

“Are you really touching my thigh?” you hissed, narrowing your eyes and digging your nails in his wrist.

“You don’t need to pretend that you want to have a conversation. I know that you just wanna fuck.” he stated like he was talking with a dumb chick from a bar. 

You blinked surprised with such audacity, but you didn’t need to do anything, soon the stupid rich was pulled away from you and you saw Bruce staring angrily at the other man.

“Don’t ever touch her again or talk to her. Or if you’re smart enough: don’t look or think about her ever again.” Bruce said quietly, holding the rich man by his collar and pushing him away.

“You can’t talk to me like that! Don’t you know who am I?” the man shouted, and some people around you stared curiously.

“Go to hell. I’m the fucking Hulk.” Bruce growled almost in a whisper, making the man’s eyes widen in fear and he practically ran away, pushing everybody of his way.

“Damn it, Dr. Banner.” you mumbled, watching him taking deep breaths to calm down and then turn to look at you. Concern all over his face.

“Are you alright? I’m so sorry.” Bruce smiled weak, scratching his neck as he took small steps toward you and you shook your head.

“I’m super alright now.” you giggled happily, raising one brow to him “So, you’re the fucking Hulk, huh?”

“Well, about that…” Bruce smile faded, a pinkish color taking over his cheeks as he looked at the ground.

“You really know how to impress me, honey.” you whispered before kissing his cheek and smirking “Wanna drink champagne and look at the stars?”

“You really know how to impress me.” he mimicked you, smiling confidently and offering you an arm.

Gladiatorial Romance

Hulk X Reader

So a beautiful Anon recently screamed at me:


And it gave me a brilliant idea so I decided to look at it as a request!

Please enjoy! <3

Hulk has recently landed on the planet Sakaar (RAGNAROK BABY!) and captured as a gladiator slave. Hulk isn’t use to not being the strongest there is so adjusting to this new life is difficult. As he fights his way through the ranks of the arena he finds someone who makes him feel he is not quite alone. 

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Time To Heal by jblue_leviathan177

Peter is going to school for biochemistry. It doesn’t matter that he is blind. He is surrounded by good people and has a nice apartment in a safe part of town. He can’t complain. Except for when old memories surface he’d rather sooner forget and that old familiar ache tightens in his chest. Now he can’t understand why Hulk is growling at his best friend, Harry.

Wade is a Navy SEAL. He’s off duty, visiting New York for a few months. He crashes at a friend’s apartment and his new neighbor is a blind boy with big brown eyes and has the biggest dog he had ever seen. Wade doesn’t like Peter’s friend and he’s willing to do anything to keep the boy safe.

[chaptered, complete, 64k+]

Challenging The Brave

Title: Challenging The Brave
Character(s) Featured: Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, Pietro Maximoff, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff
Words: 1,570
Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader
Genre: Humor
Rating: G (General)
Author’s Note: Hello my kitties and gentle-cats! I’m back, hooray! Did you guys miss me? So my semester is finally done and now I’m free to work on my stories. Another hooray! I actually got a request after sometime. Technically speaking, requests are close, but I will on occasionally answer some because I’m random that way. So here is the request of 2017! I think. I don’t really remember if I’ve done one for this year. Anonymous asked: Can I Ask for A Bruce Banner x Reader where the reader is extremely calm, like nothing can startle, scare, or make her mad. And because of this Tony and everyone else on the team try to get a reaction, aside from Steve and Bruce, of course. And something goes wrong when Tony tried to scare her and Bruce hulk’s out and Hulk gets protective of the reader who has a secretive smile on her face cause they learn she and Bruce have been secretly dating for a while now??? Plz and thank you!!
Summary: You’ve always been a calm person. Since a young age, you’ve been taught that things lose their power if you don’t let them take over your emotions. You don’t get scared, or get mad so quickly. The team, however, don’t believe that someone could be that reserved. They take it upon themselves to see if they can find a weakness. They just didn’t expect someone big and green to protect you from their idiocy. 

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I don’t know why I never uploaded this. It’s only as I’ve scrolled back through my blog recently that I realised I’d never posted this request - which is mad because I’ve had it written for ages and I actually really liked it. Stupid ol’ me! Apologies to @fangirl1029 for the delay. 

Prompt[s]: Can u do a part 3 to drs orders and tag me

Doctor’s Orders (Part 3)

Part 2

“That was… new,” you said, smiling and biting your lip as you leant away from Bruce. Tony had left the two of you alone to talk, at which point, Bruce had described his feelings for you which had blossomed over the past few days. Shortly after, you’d admitted the same. It had led to you asking his permission for a kiss, which he’d quietly given. Now that you’d kissed him, it was time to gauge the situation.

Bruce’s hands were still on your hips, and your hair dusted his face as you leant over him. You couldn’t tell what he was thinking; his face was neutral and he said nothing. In an attempt to try and calm him, you placed a hand on his collarbone. He flinched and your breath caught in your throat, but you didn’t pull away. Slowly, you slid your fingers further upwards, touching the side of his neck and letting his skin warm your fingertips.

That’s when you felt it.

His pulse.

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How Can That Be (7/?) [Ft. Reader x Hulk]

Summary: Bruce finds himself drawn to the new avenger by an unknown force. What happens when this force causes Bruce to become the Hulk?

(Side Note: I’m aware that the GIF is of Edward Norton as the Hulk and not Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk BUT I liked the GIF for this part of the story)

Originally posted by do-androidsdreamof-electricsheep

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12

Recon mission, a simple in and out. However during the mission you became separated from your team. One minute you were walking beside Bruce and then next the floor you were walking on broke off and shifted upwards. You screamed as you were catapulted into the air away from your friends.

Bruce watched helplessly as you ascended into the air. It happened so fast, in a blink of an eye you were gone. Bruce and the Hulk went into a frenzy and the Avengers didn’t know what to do as they watched Bruce transform. The Hulk’s eyes dashed around and upwards as he searched for you, when he didn’t see you he roared. It was a painful roar that shook everyone to their core, it was almost like he was howling in agony.

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Only You - Bruce Banner x Reader

Originally posted by jaeger-kisaragi

Words: 1347
Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader
Featuring: Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers
Warnings: hulking out.
Requested by @captainamericasinnocence
Hiiiiiiii could i request a bruce banner x reader where bruce kinda hulks out and only the reader can calm him down and just flufffffff (sorry to add more to your requests hehe) ALSO I LOVE YOUR BLOG SOOOO MUCH X
Authors Note: so this one was kinda longer and I hope this is what you were thinking cause I kinda forgot the prompt halfway through XDD (IM SO GLAD YOU LIKE MY BLOG IT MEANS A LOT!)


You knew Tony had made a bad decision when he let some SHIELD interns visit him in his lab for a day. These said interns were getting a hands on experience to see who was the most fit for the job at SHIELD- and Tony volunteered that he would test them out.

You knew it felt weird. That off feeling was in your stomach when you saw them walk around the Avengers base. And Natasha could tell that you were put off by it, so she started talking to you as you headed to the lab Tony and Bruce shared, just to check up.

“Since when does SHIELD like, actually have interns that get to do this stuff? Doesn’t it seem weird?” You asked in a hushed tone.

She shrugged. “I think they’re trying something new to make sure that we don’t have something like we did a few years back. You know, at Washington.”

“But letting them in the facility just seems, really weird.” You sighed.

“It’s Tony, he can take them down if he has to.”

You shrugged as you and Natasha approached the lab. You saw the few interns sitting down, looking at a notebook. No sight of Tony, but Bruce was standing at his desk.

“Hey, Bruce.” You smiled as you walked in. Natasha was about to come with you, but she got a call from Steve and had to go.

“Oh, h-hey, (Y/N).” Bruce smiled, caught off guard by you coming in without him knowing. “What’s up?”

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Like Father, Like Son Part 1

Pairing: dad!Banner x Reader’s Son, background Bruce Banner x Reader

Prompt: Continuation of Not Even Flowers?

Warnings: Maybe language, I don’t remember lol

Words: 1.2k+

It was Bruce’s turn to watch your son, Robert. You were going to the gym for a while to burn off the weight you gained during the pregnancy, and Natasha was determined to help you. So you trusted Bruce to watch the baby for a few hours.

Bruce knew that you would be pissed at him if he brought Robert to the lab, so he decided to take him for a walk around the nature trail surrounding the Avengers Headquarters. It was cloudy outside, so the trail didn’t have the same excitement that it would if the sun was illuminating the bright flowers and streams. But it was still a sight to see.

Robert was cradled in his father’s arms, gazing around at the unknown scenery. Bruce looked down to him, and their eyes met, the same chocolate brown eyes.

“One day, I’m gonna take you out here and show you how to test the pH levels of the streams. Those are like tiny rivers.” Bruce said to the baby. “And one day, if you’re up to it, I can help you classify the algae that grow on the rocks.”

Robert stared at his father, not comprehending the words he said, but still paying attention to his voice. The voice that comforted him so many times at night when you told Bruce that is was his turn to check on Robert.

Bruce finally reached a small area of the trail, where Tony had put a bench (for the old people, namely Clint). He sat down, holding Robert a little closer to his chest.

“Your mother is insisting that I play classical music for you while you sleep so that your brain’s plasticity will increase. But I think if I just read out of a chemistry textbook, we can get the same results. Plus you’ll actually learn something.” Bruce explained, brushing his fingers against Robert’s face gently.

Robert reached his arms out to his father and giggled, trying to grab the material of his shirt. Bruce chuckled softly. “I bet you wouldn’t be able to sleep if I was talking to you, huh? You like to stay awake and keep me company.” He teased before bringing him closer to kiss his tiny nose.

Then raindrops began to sprinkle from the sky. Bruce looked up before exhaling and standing up. “Looks like our outdoors time is being cut short, buddy.” He said.

The rain didn’t bother Robert since Bruce was shielding his head with his hand. Just as the end of the trial was nearing, lightning struck a tree in front of the two, the power sending Bruce flying backward and hitting his head on a rock. He managed to shield and secure Robert in his arms, so the baby remained unharmed.

Bruce felt the Hulk’s rage heat up in his chest. “No, no, no…” Bruce mumbled. The Hulk sent a torturous migraine to Bruce’s head, adding on to the pain already existing from the collision with the rock. “NO! ROBERT IS WITH ME!” Bruce yelled, breathing becoming rushed.

While Bruce was dealing with the mental fight against the Hulk, he didn’t notice Robert’s cries. The cries that were becoming more and more strained. And Bruce only noticed when he saw a flash of green. The Hulk saw it, too, and they both stopped fighting for power for a moment. Robert’s eyes were a piercing green, and his veins were bulging, tinted with more green.

Bruce’s heart nearly stopped. “Robert, no.” He breathed. “Please, no, darling. Don’t do this, you’re not like this. This isn’t what you need to do.” He begged, tears welling up in his eyes. “Don’t turn green, don’t turn green, don’t turn green…”

Those pleads he always made to himself, but now he was making them to his newborn son. Soon Robert had fully transformed, still tiny, but green and angry, his strength amplified. He grabbed at Bruce’s shirt, still wanting the security of his father’s embrace. But he ripped the fabric, leaving a hole in the shirt.

Bruce nearly had to put Robert down because he thought that he might pass out from his emotions. Guilt, panic, agony, the list goes on. But then he felt the familiar strain against his head.

Bruce shook his head. “Not now, Robert is turning into YOU. He’s got your disease. He’s green and destructive!” He hissed. But then he felt another rush of a migraine coming on. “Okay, okay, fine! It’s MY disease. But now is not the time, he needs help.” Bruce added.

But he knew he wasn’t going to win this conversation. Bruce placed Robert on the ground carefully before running back a few steps, eventually tripping as he lost his senses. The Hulk regained his balance and immediately began to search for the source of the cries. He saw Robert, screaming on the ground. He rushed over, hoisting the child into his arms.

Robert continued to scream, but the Hulk brushed his large finger against the infant’s chest, rubbing small circles. Slowly but surely, Robert’s cries began to cease. The Hulk smiled slightly at the green infant.

“Little Hulk.” He growled proudly.

Robert curiously reached his hands up to the Hulk’s face, his fingers latching to one of his ears. And then he pulled. Harder than the Hulk expected. In his mind, he could hear Banner scolding him for not even thinking about the infant’s amplified strength. The Hulk growled softly at his conscious but returned his attention to Robert.

The baby nuzzled his nose against the Hulk’s chest, finally calmed down, despite the rain. The Hulk smiled proudly at the tiny, green creature. Something that was his. It was his child. Of course, Robert’s human state was also his child. But nobody was like the Hulk. Nobody had ever just cuddled against him the way that Robert did.

The Hulk carefully dropped to his knees, still holding Robert carefully. “Hulk loves Little Hulk.” He growled before placing a rough but gentle kiss on the top of Robert’s head. “Little Hulk maybe loves Hulk.” He grunted, considering the possibility.

He’s your son. He could hear Bruce saying in the back of his mind. Of course, he loves you.

The Hulk chuckled and pressed his forehead against Robert’s. “Puny Banner is right for once.” He said. And he could feel the sting that Bruce sent through the back of his mind. The Hulk growled a little, but still remained forehead to forehead with his son.

As the rain seemed to intensify, the Hulk shrunk down and lost his green tint, forming back into Bruce. When Bruce opened his eyes, he was met with chocolate orbs staring back at his own. Bruce’s forehead was still pressed to Robert’s. And Robert’s skin had also drained of the green skin color.

Fortunately for Robert, he still had his yellow onesie clinging to his small body. Bruce, however, was bare-bodied other than his tattered pants holding on loosely to his waist. The rain sent shivers through Bruce’s body. Then he remembered. The radiation sickness. If he had it, then Robert might have it, too.

“Okay, we need to get inside.” He mumbled, weakly rising to his feet and heading back to the headquarters entrance.

To Be Continued…

Freezing Body, Burning Hearts

@voltronwhumpweek2017 here’s Writer Nonnie’s fic for Day 2: Hypothermia

((I uh… I tried okay. I don’t have much experience writing Pidge. Or female characters in general. I blame this site for making me pessimistic about any attempts at writing female characters. Anyways, enjoy the suffering!))


It was just supposed to be a training exercise.

Yet somehow, he and Pidge were stuck on some icy planet mostly consisting of equally icy cold water with a broken Lion. Repairing the Green Lion would mean leaving a shivering, blue lipped, barely conscious Pidge to defend for herself. If he stayed by Pidge’s side, he would have to trust that the Green Lion had enough energy to send a distress signal.

If he could get inside the Lion’s cockpit, that would open up some new solutions. He could fix up Green and keep an eye of Pidge at the same time. Walking would prove a problem with the stinging pain in his leg.

The presence was stronger than ever, gripping his stomach and throat.

“W-w-w-w-w-We n-n-n-ne-n-ne-nee-ed t-t-t-” Pidge pawed at Ryou’s chest. Both were still soaking wet, and the Green Lion laid on the shore unmoving.

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what needs, part iii

warnings: for unethical medical practices, mention of torture

part ii | part i

“That’s Uncle Bruce!” Peter yells, darting to his feet and Clint steps between him and the elevator, holding his hand out, Dad shouting, “Peter, don’t you dare! Sit your ass back down, now. Barton! I swear to God, if he gets out of that apartment—”

“JARVIS will shut down the elevator,” Clint replies. “Relax.”

Peter can barely hear them, his heart’s pounding so hard in his ears. Dad sent Bruce to go take care of Dad and now Bruce is the Hulk and he’d never hurt Steve, but if he’s angry enough to have changed in the Tower…

“Peter,” Clint says, wary, like he’s talking to a rabid animal, “buddy, I’m gonna go down there and take care of this, and I’m sure everything is fine, but I need you to promise me you’re gonna stay here. Can you do that?”

“I will lock that floor down, Peter, don’t think I won’t! You stay away from your uncle when he’s angry! Especially this time! Do you understand me? Peter!

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How Can That Be (8/?) [ Ft. Reader x Hulk]

Summary: Bruce finds himself drawn to the new avenger by an unknown force. What happens when this force causes Bruce to become the Hulk?

Originally posted by whadewilson

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12

It was your worst nightmare, everywhere you looked Tanis was there. It started after you were given the okay from Bruce to return to your room. You had just finished showering and were getting dressed, standing in front of the fogged mirror you swiped your hand across it.

The moment you did Tanis appeared behind you, you screamed and whirled around but he was gone. Panting and terrified, you looked around and slowly sank to the floor shaking. Sitting on the floor you closed your eyes and hugged your legs to your chest breathing deeply and slowly.

Over the next few weeks you continued to see Tanis and what bothered your more than anything is that you KNEW that he wasn’t there, not yet at least. It was driving you mad and the only way you could feel like you weren’t going crazy was to stay in your room.

Once you locked yourself away from the rest of world suddenly it seemed like the world wanted you back. No matter who came knocking you always turned them away but the hardest one to turn away was Bruce.

“(Y/N) please let me in,” Bruce pleaded.

“Please, go away,” you replied.

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Why Do You Care? (dad!Tony Stark x reader)

#12 (I’m never good enough) with Tony as the reader’s dad

#2 (Why do you care?),11 (So you hate me now too?), 17 (I’m not alright) TonyXadopted daughter reader where the reader kind of hates themselves/has low self worth.

Warning: Mild swearing

Clint squeezed his eyes shut and jolted slightly at the crashing and yelling sounds coming from the lab as he sat in the lounge with the rest of the team.  You had been fighting with your dad for the better part of an hour now, and not one of them was brave enough to break it up.  “Oh, man.  That one sounded expensive.”

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This is the scene in my head when I think about all the various fandoms I enjoy crossing over

Steve paced nervously back and forth in the clock tower.  He didn’t like being useless, and right now there was nothing to punch or throw his shield at.  All he could do was wait while the rest of the team took care of things on their end.

Well, another status update couldn’t hurt.

He double-tapped the communications unit in his helmet.  “Hey, checking in.”

On the other end, Tasha gave him a long, weary sigh.  “Again?”

“Yes, again.  There’s a lot of balls in the air and I want to make sure we don’t drop any.”  He looked down at the Gargoyle in front of him.  “Lex?  On the comm, please.”

“I’m having trouble getting Coldstone’s OS rebooted,” Lexington reported, obligingly turning on his own comm unit so the rest of the team could hear.  “Ultron did a real number on his software.”

“We are still attempting to salvage Legion’s servers from the blast zone,” Goliath’s voice crackled into Steve’s ear.  “I cannot estimate how long it will take.”

“Alright.  Batman?”

“Still synthesizing enough antitoxin to counteract the effects of Joker venom on the Hulk,” Batman growled.  “Superman and Wonder Woman are managing to keep him pinned.  One for each arm.”

“Terrific.  Commander Shepard?”

“We’re on our way with Citadel reinforcements.  Had a hell of a time convincing the Turians to saddle up, but we managed it.  Hold on.”  Steve heard something on Shepard’s end he couldn’t quite make out.  “Sorry, but I should go.”

“Understood.  Captain Picard?”

“The Enterprise should be able to provide aerial support in another two to three hours,” Picard’s crisp voice reported promptly.  “We are still repairing some of the damage we took in the fight against Harbinger.”

“Alright.  Master Skywalker?”

Luke’s reply came prefaced with a sigh.  “Han is currently up to his ears in the hyperdrive.  Chewie’s trying to help him out, but – well, we may be a little while. Liara’s taking the opportunity get a good amount of data from the Prothean ruins here, though.”

“Okay.  Hawke?”

“We’re keeping the demons out of Stark’s lab, but we need the Inquisitor to get here to actually seal the breach,” Hawke yelled over the sound of explosions and magic.  “How much longer do we need to hold?”

“The Inquisitor and I are on our way,” the Warden spoke up.  “Doesn’t this thing go any faster?”

“If you want Oogi to go faster,” Steve heard Korra reply, “then maybe we should have left the giant rock golem behind!”

“I refuse to miss the opportunity to go to a city with so many pigeons to crush,” Shale snapped.  “If we are late, then we are late.”

“Okay, simmer down,” Steve soothed.  “We still need to get you through the Chitauri blockade when you get there.   Furiosa, how’re the repairs on the War Rig?”

“Nux says in another hour we’ll be shiny and chrome.  He also asks if we have any silver spraypaint.”

“He’ll have to do without.” Steve grimaced.  “Okay.  We’ll hold here for now.”  He moved to cut the channel, then remembered.  “Oh, sorry.  Master Chief, have you, Geralt, and Dante found Auron yet?  We need him to tell us where Yuna is.”

“Asking every twenty minutes isn’t fucking helpful,” Dante cut in before Chief could speak up.  “We’ll tell you when we do.  Now shut up, we’ve got a bunch of demons to fight.”

“Alright.  Steve out.”  He switched off his comm unit.  “They all sound like they’ve got things in hand.”

Lexington nodded, tapping away at the laptop hooked up to Coldstone.  “They do.”

There was a pause.

“So you going to check in again in another twenty minutes?” the Gargoyle asked.

“Yeah, probably.”

(Obviously I would prefer to give every single character in each of their respective fandoms their due, but then this would be twenty thousand words instead of six hundred.)

Time to Heal

By  jblue_leviathan177   - Read Here

Peter is going to school for biochemistry. It doesn’t matter that he is blind. He is surrounded by good people and has a nice apartment in a safe part of town. He can’t complain. Except for when old memories surface he’d rather sooner forget and that old familiar ache tightens in his chest. Now he can’t understand why Hulk is growling at his best friend, Harry.

Wade is a Navy SEAL. He’s off duty, visiting New York for a few months. He crashes at a friend’s apartment and his new neighbor is a blind boy with big brown eyes and has the biggest dog he had ever seen. Wade doesn’t like Peter’s friend and he’s willing to do anything to keep the boy safe.

A very well written no powers AU where Peter is blind and Wade is his new neighbor. This story is sure to captivate you!