Imagine The Avengers

Imagine strolling into the common area in the Avengers facility, and throwing yourself one of the cozy crimson sofas that dotted the room; Tony’s stylish input to the base’s decor. 

You huff out a sigh of boredom and begin to kick your legs in the air, catching Steve’s attention. “What’s wrong, (y/n)?” He asked in his soft, compassionate tone that he dresses his words in whenever he is concerned- your heart flutters a little at his worrisome state, and you hum in delight. 

But something in this facility was missing, and it took you a while before you could put your finger on it. But low and behold it came to you one night, and you couldn’t help but be disappointed in yourself for being so slow, and not already getting the job done. It was a necessity, an absolute must. How could you people keep on living without it? 

Your silence began to bother Steve, and he moved closer, a frown weighing his lips down. “(Y/n)?”

                                            “We should get a cat.”

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“Come again?” The blonde mumbled, slightly dumbfounded by this…randomness. Nevertheless he gave a smile, shaking his head as he tucked his hands in his pockets and walked away. 

The doors slid open, the ruckus causing your head to slowly peep over the sofa to see Wanda Maximoff, awkwardly making her way into the room slowly, and lingering as she saw the majority of the seats were occupied. 

“Wanda, honey, the room is called ‘the common’ room for a reason.” Nat cooed, throwing her legs onto Clint as she stretched out on the sofa. Maximoff seemed to shrink further into her turtle neck, before she met your eyes peaking over the red. 

“Maximoff, come over her babe.” You call, flailing about as you tried to get up and off to fix the pillows you buried yourself in. The girl smiled sweetly, before pulling her sleeves over her hands and situating herself next to you. 

You rested your face on your hands and blew raspberries for the next three minutes before Wanda chirped up. “Anything the matter, (y/n)?”

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“Yeah, this one wants a cat.” Clint answered, wriggling out from beneath Natasha and making his way over to you and scuffling your hair. The younger woman’s eyes beamed, and excitement coursed through her. 

“I’ve always wanted a cat! …can we please?” She squealed; she was almost childlike.        There was a sudden change in the air, and a blue haze appeared for a mere second before Pietro was face-to-face with you. You grinned widely as you appreciated the silver-haired man’s presence.

“Our parents were going to buy us a cat when we were little.” Piet reminisced, looking between you and his sister with a tug of the lips.

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 ‘Before the bomb-’ 

“So long as I get to name it!” Barton jumped up from behind the sofa with a beer in hand. “Not going to give the poor sod a stupid name like ‘snuggles’ or something else that’ll make me hurl.” 

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“Oh my god,” Tony mumbled, throwing himself up from the bar stool. You could almost see the light bulb above his head,

“Stark?” Steve asked expectedly. The millionaire’s wide eyes stared deep into your’s, the tension killing almost everyone in the room.

“We should call it ‘language’.” 

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“Y’know, out of every idea you’ve ever had, this is probably the greatest one.” Natasha snorted, raising her mug at Tony. You cackled, throwing your head back and hitting Wanda’s shoulder. 

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“Lay off, kids.” The Captain chuckled, scratching the back of his head. 

“It better not be lazy, though!” Pietro called, crossing his arms. The man just couldn’t deal with still or slow things; he despised the car-traffic being his worst enemy-and couldn’t grasp his head around the concept on cuing

Bruce took off his glasses and placed them on the table, gently rubbing his temples. “Guys, don’t you think an animal is the last thing we need? Who is it gonna stay with? And guaranteed it’ll get lost. C’mon, we’re crime fighters, not…this.” He sigh, highlighting many key issues, and probably being the most sensible person in this gathering. 

Surprisingly, the room fell silent; how could you reply to common sense? Clint coughed, Wanda lowered her head, Pietro puffed his cheeks and you sighed in defeat.

                                             “It’s got to be ginger.” 


                                                        “On it.” 

                         “Wait, aren’t dogs so much better than cats?”

                                                  “Let’s get both.”

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I watched Avengers Assemble 3x14 finally, and the rumours are true, there were some cute little Stony moments in it even though the episode was not focused on either. 

They flew holding hands, there was a “Cap!”-running-into-danger-heedlessly-to-save-my-husband moment and a small moment of Cap shielding IM with his body (like, if anything says “madly in love” it’s shielding the dude in a metal armor with one’s own body, thanx Marvel).

But Seeing Double was actually about Black Widow(s) and it had some great BW moments! It added some backstory and growth to her character, so if you’re a fan of Natasha I recommend it highly!


Captain America: Civil War: Team Thor by Taika Waititi

See what Thor was up to during Captain America Civil War. 

Reblog if you think that Mark Ruffalo is underappreciated.

Mark Ruffalo, you are kind-hearted, humorous, selfless, and unique. You devote your life to others. You make us laugh, smile, and simply be happy. You help those less fortunate in whatever ways you can. You aren’t just an on screen superhero, you’re a real life superhero. Thank you so much for being you. - Your Fan Cassie :)

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What Thor Was Doing During Captain America: Civil War