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Being a superhero means routinely saving the world from villains that would plunder, conquer, or destroy it — but is preservation of the world a superhero’s only obligation? Shouldn’t they also work to improve it? Thanks to their experiences in the Avengers and “Civil War II,” three young heroes — Ms Marvel, Nova and Spider-Man (A.

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* There is a lot of friction between Kamala, Miles and Sam, as the result of Civil War II.

* Amadeus acts like he’s the team leader, even though he probably wouldn’t be, if they put it to vote. Makes sense to me, since by current canonical ages he is the oldest and quite frankly acting as everyone’s guardian (he is 19 and everyone else is around 16). He is also sponsoring their adventures.

* Viv and Amadeus are fun to write together for Waid, because “she’s all id and he’s all superego”.

* Everyone is aware that Cyclops can grow up into his controversial adult version. But since most of them were against predictive justice in Civil War II, they’d feel like hypocrites for holding his future self’s actions against him.

* Champions will be hopping more across the globe and dealing with all kinds of injustice. Not just supervillains, but people who try to make the world worse or stop change for the better in any way. The stories will be less about punching and more character-based.

* They don’t care what other superhero teams think about them. But that doesn’t mean those supers won’t come after them.


  • Clint was having a mental breakdown.
  • It was like his entire world had ended.
  • “I can’t function.” 
  • “I’m tired.”
  • He had interrogated every Avenger in the tower to find out who the culprit was.


  • She wasn’t bothered about the lack of coffee.
  • Until she woke up the next morning and there still wasn’t any.
  • She had to deal with Clint’s complaining.
  • “Go back to your farm.”
  • “Shut up Clint.”
  • “I’m going to taze you.”


  • He had no idea what it was.
  • “What is this drink you speak of?”
  • Clint being disgusted that Thor has never had coffee.
  • Thor being really confused why Clint was sat on a beam clutching his bow.


  • The lack of coffee was giving him a migraine.
  • He was scared he was going to Hulk out.
  • Especially because he had to deal with Tony in the lab.
  • “Tony could you please go buy coffee?”
  • Him sighing when Tony’s response was “Busy.”  


  • Everyone pestering him to go buy more.
  • Him being to busy in the lab to do it.
  • “It’s the Avengers tower now not Stark so you do it.”
  • “Steve! Tell them!”
  • Him absentmindedly reaching for his coffee mug.


  • “I just bought some.”
  • Everyone expecting him to buy more.
  • “Clint did you drink it all?”
  • Being fed up of all the complaining so going buying more.


  • Being the one that threw it all out.
  • Glad he found their weakness.
  • Loki’d.”
Death and Peace.

Pairings: Avengers x reader
Reader gender: female.
Warnings: Phil’s death. Sadness.
Word Count: 917

Walking onto the helicarrier behind the unknown agent was odd. The only time you had been on the helicarrier was with your dad, Phil. You couldn’t understand why Nick had asked for you to go on board. It gave you an odd feeling, like something was wrong.
As soon as you saw Nick, your feelings were confirmed. Just the look on his face confirmed the slight edgy feeling that was leaking in the pit of your stomach. Nick didn’t say anything, neither did you. The longer the silence lasted the longer you could ignore the sickening taste in your mouth. He led you away from the other agents, away from the onlookers. Into a conference room. The room wasn’t empty, two men occupied the room already. Both of them you knew. Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.

You didn’t know either of them personally, but your dad had spoken about them a lot, more than he had spoken about his work with SHIELD. You remembered the dedication that your dad had harboured when he was looking for Steve. How determined he was to finding him. And how ecstatic he was when he had finally been found. Both the men turned to face you as you entered, they both had an odd glint in their eyes. You didn’t like it.
“Who’s this?” Tony asked immediately, his eyes moving to Nick who gestured for you to take a seat. Nick’s eyes saddened as he looked back at the pair.
“This is Phil’s daughter, (y/n).” Their eyes widened in shock. Phil had never spoken about you to anyone at SHIELD, only Nick. Nick was the only one he could trust. Tony didn’t sit for long, as soon as Nick finished his sentence he disappeared out of the door. Your knee was now bobbing subconsciously, as you waited for someone to speak.
“Nick, where’s my dad?” Steve’s eyes diverted away from you and stared down at the table in front of him.

“(Y/n), what I’m about to tell you may come as a shock.” you shook your head, silently praying that your fears wouldn’t be confirmed. “(Y/n), your father was an extraordinary man, he believed in everyone equally. Your father was also strong and courageous.” your eyes had already filled with tears as you shook your head at Nick, not wanting the words to continue. Knowing they would only bring you more grief.
“Please, Nick. Don’t. He isn’t-” Nick’s eyes were only filled with grief as he watched the unshed tears begin to leak from your eyes.
“He was killed, (y/n). By Loki. I’m sorry.” Your throat closed up. It was like your mother’s death all over again, and it hurt. More than anything. Only this time it was worse. You hadn’t known your mother very well, she had died whilst you were still young, but it still hurt. The shock seemed to over ride your brain, as you struggled to comprehend the facts. Why? What had your father done to deserve anything like this? What had you done to deserve pain like this?
You choked back a sob as your eyes diverted to stare out of the window.
“I can’t breath.” Steve immediately stood from his seat at the table. Nick moved closer trying to sooth your sudden panic.
“Rogers, get Banner.” Steve nodded and disappeared from the room as Nick handed you a glass of water from the dispenser in the far corner. You tried to calm your breathing as you awaited the return of Steve, which his arrival was only moments later, and Tony had decided to join the party. After seeing your slightly hunched and pale frame, Bruce Banner turned to Nick.
“She’s having a panic attack.” he confirmed. You kind of already knew what was happening, you had, had panic attacks before, but not as extreme as this. “Can you try and calm your breathing for us?” Bruce asked, offering a questionable smile, as if trying to comfort you in some way.

After a few minutes, you began to take small sips from the glass of water. A few brief coughing fits, and you were sat glaring at the air, silent tear tracks down your face.
“Now, (y/n), we discussed the problems you now face, with being only seventeen. I know you have no other family. So, Stark has offered you a place to stay at the tower with Pepper and himself.” Nick explained quietly, not wanting to bring on any more attacks. Even though your lips were pressed firmly into a frown, you managed to give Tony a weak smile and a nod.
“I’d like that. It’s been ages since I last saw Pepper.” Tony’s eyebrows furrowed slightly.
“You’ve met Pepper?” you nodded gently.
“I met her ages ago. Dad introduced us. He wanted to keep me safe, so only Pepper and Nick knew about me. He trusted them both with my life and his.” not wanting to speak any more on the issue, you looked down at the table. Your father’s trading cards were laid in front of you, Nick had decided you should keep them. You turned partially to face Steve, who looked back at you.
“Mr Rogers. I was wondering if you’d sign my dad’s cards. I know it would make him happy.” Steve nodded sadly.
“It would be my pleasure, ma'am.” taking a pen from the table, he signed his name on the back of them. It seemed to put you at rest slightly, knowing your father would now be at peace.

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