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Here Part 5

Sorry this has taken a little while to get up. I had a very bus Christmas and didn’t manage to get any writing done and found it a little hard to get back into it afterwards but think I’ve got it now. Also apologies, I had plans for this part to go up before Christmas so it is set before Christmas so use your imaginations please. It’s only this part and the next part (which will be a little shorter I think) and then we’ll be in the New Year in the story. Sorry again but hope you enjoy it nonetheless. I xx



‘Ok love?’ Harry asked after opening the car door for Rosa. She simply nodded, quiet from the nerves Harry could tell she was feeling. Harry outstretched is hand for Rosa as she turned in her seat, her feet hitting the pavement as she stepped out taking Harry’s offered hand as she did so. She pulled the fur coat over her shoulders a little more, the winter air icy and sharp on any exposed skin. From the pavement, she could hear the music from inside the small venue she had never even realised was there before now. Rosa heard Harry thank the driver and turned to him as he stepped back towards her, his trademark grin on his face, ‘You do look stunning in that dress, it was definitely a good choice.’ Harry winked as Rosa smiled bashfully.

Rosa’s day hadn’t exactly got off to the start she’d hoped. Alfie’s cold was coming to an end but he was still being slightly difficult. A dose of calpol had made it easier to get him into the car and to Josh’s but she was still running late and was pulling a high neck, woollen, grey jumper over her head when Harry rang her doorbell only twenty minutes after she’d arrived back home. She opened the door a little breathless and Harry stood looking as effortlessly, well put together as he always did.

‘Good morning.’ He said cheerfully stepping into the house ‘For you,’ He smiled handing Rosa a bunch of cream and blushed pink flowers that she’d only half noticed him holding. She recognised the roses and the green belle but the rest of the bouquet where unfamiliar to her, though admittedly beautiful. ‘Sorry I didn’t know what you liked so I kind of guessed and got the florist’s opinion.’ He admitted as he closed the door behind himself.

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Emma is so hell-bent on not falling for Killian that she doesn’t realize she already has. That is, until his New Year’s party when the heater is broken and she can see the sweat in the hollow of his throat and he smiles at her across the room and she is not handling this well – at all.

A very loose adaptation of the prompt: Our christmas New Year’s party turned into a tropical theme because the radiator is broken and it’s hotter than hell in here - damn you look good without a shirt i never noticed before asgdhfjgkhl. Heather posted hers when I was mid-way through this bad boy so I switched up the holiday. Basically fluff and smut.

What Are You Doing New Year’s (New Year’s Eve) 

He sort of worms his way into her life.

It starts at the little coffee shop right off Sycamore Avenue - the one with the pirates in the window and the hot chocolate made with honest-to-god chocolate shavings. The one that Henry always begs her to take him to but she resolutely saves for special occasions because there is something magical about the homemade whipped cream and sprinkle of cinnamon that demands reverence.

Or something.

It starts at the coffee shop where she intends to meet her mark. His idea, not hers. If it were her idea she’d meet him at the park and beat him over the head with a wayward log because he left his wife and two children with his garbage past and she has a bit of a complex when it comes to that. Henry gives her a high five on the way out the door and tells her to kick ass around a mouthful of cereal and she’s so hyped up on bringing this guy down a few pegs that she doesn’t even make him put a quarter in the swear jar.

So maybe it is a special occasion.

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