hula skirt siphonophore


Last year I gave my self a quest to try and reinvent the mermaid, but I had so much fun I kept going and now my goal is to try and make 100 different mermaid designs/concepts. I kept the style simple so I could focus on shape and concept. These are what I have so far on my deviant art, I figured I’d share this with you all and add more to the site later.

Once I made all 100, I’ll be taking my top favorites and making a cartoon with them. I know for the sure the manta ray mermaid, the seahorse, and the angler are going to be in it.

Here are the lists of the mermaids: Shrimp Mermaid, Squid Mermaid Jellyfish Mermaid, Koi Mermaid, Eel Mermaid, Flying Fish Mermaid, Normal Mermaid, Narwhale Mermaid, Fantail Goldfish Mermaid, Seahorse Mermaid, and Angler Fish Mermaid. Clownfish Mermaid, Manta Ray Mermaid, Seal Mermaid, Ghost Knife Mermaid, Octopus Mermaid, Pufferfish Mermaid, Lion Fish Mermaid, Manatee Mermaid, Axolotl Mermaid, Beta Fish Mermaid, Lobster Mermaid.Whale Mermaid, Ammonite Mermaid, Cuddlefish Mermaid, Another Cuddlefish Mermaid, Bubble Eye Goldfish Mermaid. Hammerhead Shark Mermaid, Hula Skirt Siphonophore Mermaid, Plesiosaurus Mermaid, Yellow Bellied Sea Snake Mermaid, Bothriolepis Mermaid, Sea Dragon Mermaid, Triop Mermaid.Turtle Mermaid, Sea Angel Mermaid, Glaucus Atlanticus Mermaid, Algae Mermaid, Coral Mermaid, Red Seaweed mermaid, Sponge Mermaid, Sea Snail Mermaid, and Green Seaweed Mermaid.Parrot Fish mermaid, Catfish merMAN, swordfish mermaid, clam mermaid, neon fish merMAN, barreleye fish merMAN, sea urchin mermaid/man I can’t decided honestly) Hydra Mermaid, Waterfall jumping mermaid, sea slug mermaid. Predatory Tunicate Mermaid, Glass Squid Merman, Blobfish Mermaid,: Mosaic Jellyfish, Sailfish Merman, Ocean Sunfish Mermaid, Viperfish Mermaid, Vampire Squid Mermaid, Gulper Eel Mermaid, Mantis Shrimp Merman