hula hoop clothing

Things you can give me for my birthday

-string lights
-long strands of fabric flags
-cool art
-a hula hoop
-a ton of little dream catchers
-pretty postcards
-gift cards to legit anywhere, I will always find something I want
-stuffed animals
-pretty notebooks
-hats, any hats, I look good in all hats
-fandom merch
-bed drapes
-tarot cards
-Greek/roman/Egyptian mythology books

A doodle dump of Reina Towa, my human version of Ring.exe =w=

I loooove drawing her hair so muchhhhh <3 i also added a lil sketch on how her braids work (kiNDA—) In the end she ended up looking a lot like Mary (with loose hair), so i made Reina her sister because why n o t

love this pretty princess ;v; i wish Ring appeared in the anime or in more games sobs she and Mary (along with Tai and Turboman) deserved more character development