hula girl


 There are endless costume ideas to choose from, so why would you choose costumes that enforce racist stereotypes? (Part 1) 

 For example, instead of dressing up in costumes that enforce stereotypes, can be neo-colonialistic, and fetishize racial/ethnic groups, dress up as something not racist, like Yoshi, a lava lamp, the Black Angry Bird, or a steel blue crayon.

 Dressing up as other ethnicities enforces harmful stereotypes. More so, sexualized racial costumes result in racial fetishization, which helps lead to higher rates of rape and human trafficking. Dressing up as other ethnicities is racist. Using the culture of others as a costume is racist. Let’s #endracistcostumes

alissam14  asked:

OMG! I saw hula girl in the west end yesterday!!!Without your beautiful blog I would have never noticed. Plus I feels like winning the jackpot knowing she is realy rare. Also, I saw a male costume of a clown in bright vertical stripes that I don't think I've seen before, do you know if this is anything special? Or am I now looking for things that aren't there ;)

OooooooOOoOooooh!!! Hula Girl!!!

(and praised be the original Hamburg production for actually making the wig a loco crazy twin to the skirt, just like the design suggests)

As for the clown, he’s a part of a small group on stage standing behind the staircase, laughing and pointing at the other guests. He’s been there from the opening, though the exact execution of the costume can vary a lot from production to production. Here I bring you a very merry Masquerade gang from West End Live hahaha!

To the left, Tim Morgan, and to the right, Michael Matus. I actually don’t know who wore the clown costume for this event.