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     Luke had gotten use to being on the road and away from family. It was apart of his job and he wouldn’t have it any other way. You had become accustomed to his lifestyle for a while now too. On occasion you were able to join on the tour, but this year was one where you couldn’t. Time became tough and even though the two of you made the effort to talk and Skype it wasn’t enough. You missed his presence and affection. Any other time you were fine with him being halfway across the world, but now it felt unsettling and you felt lonelier than ever. Luke was feeling the same way. He constantly called and wanted to face time before heading on stage. It was becoming somewhat unhealthy and the guys couldn’t sit through him not being happy much longer.

“I can’t just drop everything and come out there I have a job,” you sighed into the phone, glancing at your calendar for a quick second. Luke’s birthday was just in a few days and already you were feeling guilty for not being there.

“I know you get vacation days,” Ashton said, “Just use a few of those and plan a trip down here.” The guys had decided on making you Luke’s birthday gift. It was a way to make both of you happy and everyone could rest easy knowing Luke wasn’t walking around miserable. “The guys and I can chip in for the flight just please come see him…but it’s a surprise so don’t tell Luke.” You began to chew on your bottom lip in thought, wondering if you should take on the offer. Ashton was right you did have some vacation days saved up, so why not cash a few out now. 

“Alright I’ll come out there. I just need to know what days I have to call out for,” you mumbled. This had to be happening around Luke’s birthday so you thought on just calling out the day before and through to a day you could come back home. Some more words were exchanged and soon you were packing for your journey.

     Luke’s laughter was loud as the guys piled on top of him shouting out happy birthdays. He began to wiggle under them, Michael’s hand making it’s way into the young boy’s head and messing it up. “You guys are crazy!” Luke shouted, letting out a huff as they finally climbed off of him. Before he could even walk through the door they had him down on the ground, showering love everywhere. It was what he needed right now. Something to take his mind off of you not being here. It only worked for about five minutes. Usually you were the first to tell Luke happy birthday, but for some reason he hasn’t received a message back from last night. Even now as he texted you it kept telling him the message wasn’t being delivered. It was making him worried. Luke’s attention was taken off his phone at the sound of his name being called. 

“Are you excited for tonight?” Calum questioned, handing over a wrapped box to his friend. They were performing tonight, and because it was his birthday the event was going to be better than ever. Fans were already excited to see the concert, but the fact that it was Luke’s birthday made it even more special. 

“Yeah I am…hey have you heard from Y/N?” Luke asked, glancing down at his phone once more.

“No I haven’t, why?” Calum replied, putting on a poker face. He didn’t want to ruin the ultimate surprise for Luke. A sigh left Luke’s lips and he shrugged.

“Nothing, it’s just she hasn’t called. Which is weird because she always calls me during this time.” Calum frowned at his words. He knew you were currently on the plane. The arrival time being at least two hours before the concert time. 

“I’m sure she’ll call just don’t think too much on it,” Calum said, “It’s your big day man, have some fun!” 

If it hadn’t been for the guys preoccupying his mind, Luke would have thought you had forgotten his birthday. If you had messaged there was a slight chance you would have ruined the surprise. It was hard enough keeping a secret from him, so you never did unless it was really important. After some time your flight had landed and you were picked up. You were already buzzing with excitement and couldn’t wait to see Luke again. It had been five months since you last saw each other and you knew you couldn’t go another. From Ashton’s instructions, you were suppose to hide out on the tour bus while the guys did soundcheck and come out when they were ready to give Luke his birthday cake. 

The anticipation was killing you and finally once your wait was over you made your way inside the venue. Not wanting to ruin the surprise and have fans see you before Luke did, you sneaked into a side entrance with help. You had freshened up and by the time you made it towards stage the guys were finishing up a song. “So today’s Luke’s birthday!” Michael shouted into the microphone, making the crowd cheer loudly. “And the guys and I have one last present we want to give him.” Ashton ran off stage, coming to a halt in front of you. 

“Hey good to see you. Are you ready?” he asked, giving you a hug. You nodded, helping everyone place candles into Luke’s cake and lit them. “Okay I’ll walk out with the cake and just follow behind me,” he told you.

“Got it, man I’m so nervous…do I look okay?” you muttered, smoothing down your dress. 

“You look fine come on,” Ashton chuckled. The crowd was singing happy birthday as loud as they could when Ashton began to walk out. You waited a few minutes and watched with a smile on your face as Luke turned to blow out the candles. The minute you stepped out on stage the fans went wild, phones out as they recorded what was going to happen. “A cake! Thanks guys you made this the be-” Luke stopped mid-sentence when he spotted you walking out. The smile on his face turning into a grin. “What!” he exclaimed in awe, jumping around in his spot. 

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” you shouted, holding your arms out wide. It didn’t take long for Luke to rush over to you. Grabbing you in one quick motion and pulling you into a tight hug. “I missed you,” you said through laughter, letting him squeeze you as hard as he could. 

“I missed you too,” Luke hummed, pulling back to hold you at arms length. He couldn’t believe his eyes. “Are you really here?” he asked, then looked back at the fans. “Is she really here?” They shouted in response and Luke pulled you into a kiss. This was the best present he’s ever received and he couldn’t thank his friends enough. Luke’s energy for the rest of the night was on high and he was once again happy to have you in his arms.

Loud-Luke Hemmings Smut

Summery: you get home early and you arrive at your apartment and hear moans coming from your roommate, Luke’s, room. You peak in to see him masterbating and suddenly he moans your name.

Warning: Smut (of course), swearing

Rating: R

Work had been a bitch. You boss was up your ass (not literally) all day handing you more papers to file each passing minute. Thankfully the office shut down early due to a sudden outbreak of the flu.

The door slammed behind you and you kicked off your shoes with a sigh. You knew Luke was home because today wasn’t his turn to write with his friends.

Luke was no where to be seen and you automatically assumed he was asleep. When you walked towards your room you saw his door was closed. Right when you were about to walk past his white wooden door, a loud moan came from the other side.

It was a usual thing to come home to the sounds of Luke fucking someone. You didn’t say anything because you knew he was fine if you brought home guys which you rarely did. “(Y/n)!” he moaned followed by the sound of the bed squeaking.

You gasped silently and covered your mouth. You never though Luke, your best friend since high school, would think of you like that. Cracking the door open slowly, you saw Luke pumping his length while his back was facing you.

When you cleared your throat, he froze and covered his dick with a pillow. He turned around hesitantly, “Hey, (Y/n). H-how’s it goi-” you pressed your lips harshly against his, making him groan into your mouth.

You had always thought Luke was attractive, but you never said anything in fear of ruining your friendship. But with your friendship not in mind, you removed Luke’s pillow and started stroking him. “Sh-shit,” he pulled away from you and screwed his eyes shut.

You circled your thumb around his tip, spreading his precum before leaning down to run your tongue up the underside of his dick. He threw his head back and gripped onto your hair, pulling you down further. You could tell he was close when he twitched in your mouth so you pulled away abruptly causing him to whine.

“I’ll be right back,” you kissed him briefly before scampering to your room and pulling out the handcuffs you hadn’t used in ages. You also stripped down to your black lace bra and matching thong.

When you returned you saw Luke on his bed shifting uncomfortably, his red swollen dick standing up. When you entered his room his eyes widened at your attire. You joined him back on his bed and wrapped your hands around his wrists, bringing them to his headboard and cuffing them together.

His eyes darkened at your dominance and you soon felt yourself getting wetter. You pulled away from him and slid off your underwear, a groan coming from his throat as you did.

Placing your hands on his chest you started grinding your pussy against his cock, spreading the wetness around your folds. “Luke,” you moaned, attempting to tease him.

His tugged at the restraints, “(Y/n), shit please let me fuck you. Please I need to touch you,” he begged. You never would have thought that Luke begging would be so hot and it only made you continue your actions of teasing him.

When you unclipped your bra, flinging it to the side, Luke only begged more, “Please, (Y/n). I need to touch you-fuck! Let me touch you,” he pleaded.

Ignoring his pleas you kissed down his jawline and made you way to his neck leaving huskies everywhere. When you tugged on earlobe he lost control. He tugged harder than before on the handcuffs and moaned your name. You had never been with a guy as loud as Luke before but god it was hot as hell.

Deciding he had had enough teasing, you slowly slid your hands up his chest and to his wrists, taking off the cuffs. He waisted no time in flipping you over and attaching his lips to your neck and sucking harshly, “Shit (Y/n), I’m so hard,” he breathed into your ear before lining himself up with you and pushing it.

You gripped his shoulder tightly, “Luke!” you yelled.

Another moan left his lips and he stilled inside of you letting you get used to his massive size. “Move, please,” you whimpered.

He pulled out completely before slamming back in causing you both to moan. You bit your lip to hold back your moans but he grunted, “Don’t hold back, let the whole apartment building know who’s fucking you this good.”

With that you released your lip and moaned his name repeatedly as his continued to thrust in to your pussy. “Shit your so tight,” he moaned.

He pulled out suddenly only to flip you around so you were on your hands and knees. He entered you again, picking up his pace. His new angle reached new depths making him moan at how tight you were. “Luke I’m so cl-close,” you panted, feeling Luke smack your ass.

“Me too,” he pulled you up to kiss your neck, sucking harshly before sliding his hand down to apply pressure to your clit.

With that you felt your whole body spasm as you came undone around Luke’s thick length. Pornographic moans left both of your mouths as Luke rode out your highs.

When Luke pulled out you both collapsed on the bed. You wrapped your arm around his sweaty waist, craving his touch. “I really like you,” he whispered, kissing the top of your head.

You smiled into his chest, “I really like you too.”