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Tall Boy + Soft Boy

101% believe that Luke Hemmings is the type of guy that would let you steal his shirts, and then when he sees you in them, say “It looks better on me.”

stuhna  asked:

Luke with number 21, 44 and 45 please :) super fluffy!! love your work

okay this request was cute and I realised there were 2 ‘21’s on the list and I did the first one by accident, but I hope you like this :-) x

He sat on the floor cross legged while facing the giant windows that eased the evening rays of sun spilling through the glass. “Everyone’s around, no words are coming out.
And I can’t find my breath, can we just say the rest with no sound?” he sang softly, trying to warm up his voice. You stopped shuffling through the cabinets of the kitchen to listen to the melodies drifting through the empty house, filling every corner where the walls met the roof with a certain warmth that wasn’t there before. Your eyes adjusted on the silhouette of your favourite person, seated on the warm carpet, with a guitar loosely held at his stomach, and resting on his thigh. The rays of sunlight beaming down from in front of him made him glow in an almost godly way. You stared at how the muscles of his bare back would move with every separate chord, and how his small curls grazed against his shoulders with every bob of his head. Everything about the setting was comforting. You dragged over a lonely bean bag and sat beside him, leaning the giant blob against the wall as a seat, you settled down to listen to him. “And I’m not prepared, sorry is never there when you need it.” With one squeak of the fretboard you found yourself contributing, as if you had done this a million times in many different lives. “And I do want you know I hold you up above everyone.” Your voices weaved together into a series of harmonies and melodies as the chorus progressed. “And I do want you know I think you’d be good to me
And I’d be so good to you.” The acoustic sessions in the shower must’ve payed off, your voices complimented each other like it was nothing out of the ordinary.
“I would.” You both finished at the same time, holding the note for a little longer than you should have.

“You know, they went from punk to pop, have you heard their new music?” Luke spoke. “Of course I have Lu, your Spotify is always connected to the car speaker not mine.” You laughed throwing your hands up in surrender. He placed the guitar up against the wall and stretched his limbs out across the carpet. “Baaaabe…” He whined looking at you while his head was propped on his interlocked palms. “Whaaaaat?” You mocked his tone and smiled. “What’s for dinner? I’m starving.” He pouted taking out his hands from underneath his mop of curls to intertwine with yours which were dangling against the beanbag. He dragged you on top of him and rested his hands on your waist while you propped your chin on your hands to study his features.

His eyes were sparkling in the last rays of light, disappearing into the now darkening sky, and his golden curls were glowing against the light grey of the carpet. You absentmindedly planted a kiss on his cheek, and almost physically felt the butterflies erupt in his stomach. “I love you.” He suddenly blurted out, a tinge of pink rising to his cheeks. “What?” You giggled, somewhat high off his presence. “You heard me.” He laughed avoiding eye contact. “Aw I love you too Lu, I’d love you even more if you made dinner tonight.” You replied. He laughed and nudged his pixie nose against yours. You pulled back and used your finger to tap the tip of it. He scrunched up his nose at the contact, giggling like a little girl. “You’re the definition of a Disney princess Lucas, all you need is a pretty dress, Michael can be your Prince Charming.” You nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck, the words disappearing into his light stubble. “I’m not in love with Michael now shh.” He hushed pretending to be offended.

It only took a couple of minutes for Luke to be seated at one of the bar stools of the island kitchen with a bowl of Mac n Cheese and a glass of apple juice. “Y/n? Am I that heavy? I swear this stool went down as soon as I sat on it” He laughed taking a sip of his juice like a 7 year old. “You’re a six foot four man child what do you expect?” You ran your hands along his back, massaging his shoulders, until you eventually let them settle around his waist. The low height of the stool made him at least a head shorter than you, so you propped your chin up on his head and earned a hum of contentment. “You’re the perfect height for me to rest my chin on your head.” You said, the tingling in your stomach causing you to hug him tighter. “Are you just gonna stand there? I didn’t make this much Mac n Cheese for myself bub.” You pulled out a stool and sat beside him as he gestured the fork of pasta towards your mouth.

The dishes took longer than they should’ve, due to the All American Rejects playing, causing a slight scene of foam dishwashing liquid in your hair and a broken plate from Luke, but by the time the stars were out, you’d managed to steal one of his shirts, and get into bed. A disheveled looking boyfriend appeared from the bathroom door with nothing but his boxers, and his hair in a mess (which you thought was completely inappropriate in the middle of Autumn). “Heyyyy that’s my shirt.” He whined while closing the door. “I know Romeo, that’s why I’m wearing it.” You laughed at his pouting lips. He dove into bed and slid under the sheets, the temperature of his feet causing you to yelp. “Luke what the hell your feet are freezing?!” You squealed curling up into a ball. You heard a giggle and internally groaned. “Luke.”


He matched your tone, his arms now latched around you like a koala bear, he looked up at you innocently.
“We’ve talked about this. Luke go turn off the light.” Exaggerated snores came from his lips at the sound of those words. “Luuuke.” You whined, hating the fact that you had to get out of the warmth of your duvet.

“Turn off the light you fucktard!”

“Bit harsh bub.” He grinned. “Go turn off the light my dear significant other whom I love so dearly.”

“But then I’d have to put pants on.“

“No you wouldn’t, you were standing by the lightswitch literally two minutes ago!”

After no response, you reluctantly dragged yourself to the switch and flicked it off. “This house has five bedrooms, but not a single bedside lam- shit!” You grasped your toe in pain as you cursed at the bedpost for stubbing it. “Aw babe this happens every time, want me to kiss it better?” Even in the dark you could tell he was smiling. “No. I’ll kiss it myself.” You huffed and slid under the covers for the second time that night. You smirked and tapped Luke’s foot with your own causing him to squeal. “I really hate you, is this what I get?” He laughed moving his feet. “You moved closer to him and ‘accidentally’ grazed your icy legs against his own.

“Touch me with your cold feet one more time and I swear to God…”


“I’ll stop letting you wear my clothes.”

“Fine I’ll get myself a new boyfriend, maybe he’ll come with a free bedside lamp.”

You latched your arm around Luke and placed your head on his chest, finding his lanky figure more comfortable than any pillow. “Well your new boyfriend is going to be a very unlucky guy.” Luke frowned. “Well, you know what else my new boyfriend is?”


“Almost as existent as your band’s third album.”

as you can see I’m waiting for the third album, and I’m impatient asf, but I’m sorry my favourite breadstick stans, I’ve been so busy with exams n shit to write BUT it’s the holidays so I’ll try write frequently :-))