Had a little discussion with my friends about who would we be if we were D’n’D characters. Naturally, because of my half-dead look I took a roll of a necromancer, though with my other characteristics I’d be pretty hard to spot as such (I’d pass on more as a traveling hobo. Well, until you look at my staff and my books on necromancy, that is) so here’s a little doodle of that.

In which Luffy asks Sabo to join his crew

I drabbled.

The fighting had left most everyone exhausted. Beaten and battered and hardly in any shape to be wandering about, they were splayed out across the ground as whatever able-bodied men remaining tended to their many stresses. Sabo was one of them. He was one of the very few who made it out of that horrible ordeal almost completely unscathed–mind you, his fight got… postponed, so he hadn’t really had to do much of the heavy lifting in this one. Even that Koala wasn’t too happy about, and he was certain he’d hear all about it on their voyage back to the base.

Luffy had, though, as had that companion of his, Trafalgar Law.

To say he was a bit of a wreck was an understatement, and even with most everyone there assuring him that Luffy was fine and well and happy and good, he just couldn’t pull himself from the nagging thought: “But what if he’s not?”

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