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HOGYU. Basically I think Gyu has a particular soft spot for Howon. If not why isnt Howon dead yet with all the things he does to Gyu lol.

Truly my favourite Hogyu stan ever! You summarised it so well! The rest of the Infinite members are unfortunately not so lucky, especially Dongwoo and Sungjong. Haha, Leadergyu even admitted that he won’t do anything to our Hobaby, but his vengeance will be ignited for other members. 

A huge thanks goes to Mao ( snguyeol)  for answering my KKT chat last week and making this adorable graphic for me!


Last week celebrated not only 1 year on Tumblr, but I also creeped above 100 followers. I don’t know how and why all you amazing people follow me, but THANK YOU! <3

*Who would have thought a bunch of reblogs and shameless fanfic self-promotion would gain this kind of attention…*

A special shoutout is also necessary for those who have become my best Tumblr friends:

penginina (cheating since you were the one who got me here :P), damn-it-sungyeol (Roselle, I always love seeing your messages), itsmichiru (I MISS YOU MICHI), yoongiinscarf (Caroline, my beloved Valentine <3), bangsdae (KIMM MY OTHER VALENTINE <3), passmethesuga-and-vplease (Veronica, you’re the sweetest), yeolstruck (MONICA, I MISS YOU TOO), sockjin (Lucy, I need to synch back up to your times on Tumblr XD).

Also, the inspiritsnet family I found; because of you guys, I’m back to writing fanfics for my favorite boys!

ahjuicy, arigyutou myungsoopermans  myungology nwoos gyusnamu chincha-infinite greeenyeooowl poopqyu star-hoya sooxyeol wouldyoustayfortea callmechodingboy gyuseu, kimvampgyu leehoowon strawburri jangdogwoof feelsogyu snguyeol ffuckgyu whiteconfession myungq day41 huizz lov-lymj oksunggyu dinoyeols

And for an idea of even more amazing blogs I follow, here they are.

Bold are mutual, Italics are senpais either for their amazing art or their amazing writing.


827min a-dork-inspirit bangblockbaptan bangtan-juseyo bangtannoonas bapsprincess bigbanggifs breakiturself btsarmy808 bwiyomi byn-there-done-that callmechodingboy chandoo chodalicious chodingdino chodyeol cornerofthevip cozygyu daikoni dailybtsfanart danvelion dino-yeol dinosoor dongwtf endlesstabi eteru go2bedjungkook gyuzizis


hanseochan haveayeolliday hiddu himdaes ho-gyu hogays hoseokjung howono hoya-yaho-hoya hoyaegi hoyas-big-head hoyeu ilyeol infiniteloveforinfinite infinite7colours infinitechinggyu infiniteful infinitesstuff inpinitaize inspiritkevin itsmyungyeolli jae-honey jimiin jiminsgotjams jureumi katingatrouble kiillopop kimsoowon kpop-riinnie kriemhild17 kuroidaiyamondo l0velyz last-romyeol leeseongyeollie leesungyeolah lina-starlight love-the-kpop lovethewonder lovelyzandinfinite lstarkiss lsyrunningintothehorizon lucky7infinite 


mamamoos, mingthoo-s mybkim myeong-su myung-mochi myungelle, myungfinite myungmilks myungsues-u myungsussi myungyeolatte myungyeolbaby myungyeoll myungyeolsex naeums nam-zi namhearts namstar namusoos namuyeols namwhos namwooo ninichu notyoongi officialsunggyu pokersoo purpleboyhowonee roxasloo royeolee


seoullama seunggrii seungripls sexkyu shininginfinity snugyeol sooyeolnet strictlyinfiniteonly sugagifs sugatv sungdeul sungjong-in-wonderland sungyeollee sungyeollina taenggyu taehyungifs the-lovelyz thebapfeels thechrissyeollie tienyeol topismyseoulmate topistopineverything visuyeol vitamin-yeol wild-blockb wonderlandofseoul woogyufic woohyunbiased woollim-fan woomeh y-jaesus y3ol yeol-not-a-choding-anymore yeol-seoul yeoli yeolidiot yeolliato yeolliefairy yeollitude yeolmemory19910827 yeolmonster yeolsama yeoltotheinfinite yoonkooks youaremychoding youre-my-cover-boy yours-inspirit

Thank you to everyone for making this a great year for me here! <3


Hey guys, so I recently hit 2,200 followers! Woohoo! *Celebrates, throws confetti and dances to Man In Love.* (just kidding, I can’t dance)

When I first started Tumblr, it was purely because of my love for Hoya. Hoya as Kang Joon Hee really left a huge impression on me, and as a first time actor he really shined throughout the drama. He was that shy boy with immense talents who only wanted to be loved, and Hoya played that role so well he made my heart ache for him and my soul rooting for his happiness.

That’s why he wowed me again when I discovered he is nothing like that in real life. He is confident and sassy; he’s a ‘bully’ to Sunggyu, a nanny to Dongwoo during H’s promotions, a heart machine with Woohyun, a playmate to Sungyeol, a member Myungsoo feels proud of, and of course he’s the best hyung to Sungjong. Although we can agree that like Joon Hee, he is handsome and very talented in singing, dancing, rapping, acting and not to forget, as a gagman.

Through him, I got to know about Infinite and came to love everything about the 6 other boys. Guardian of the universe dependable Sunggyu; Heart of an angel Dongwoo; Voice of the heavens Woohyun; Brains of a prodigy Sungyeol (he’s actually really smart and knowledgeable despite having the personality of a choding); Face of the gods Myungsoo; and the perfect package maknae Sungjong. I enjoy their music, their variety shows, their easy banter, their chemistry and most definitely their brotherhood. And while they bond together as a group, I’ve managed to find myself a group of people here on Tumblr that share my love for Infinite. Many of the people I follow are so good at everything they do, from gif making, fan edits, fan drawings, fanfic writing, translating etc. And they’re all such nice individuals who are friendly and eager to share the Infinite love around. So without further ado, I want to thank them for making my time here on Tumblr so enjoyable and for allowing me to know more about the boys:

*Those in bold are mutuals* 

*Those in italics are Tumblr friends -> I love you guys so much*

 ♡ babomyungs ♡ bleuefleur ♡ egu-mo-ni-na eteru ♡ gyuseu ♡  

 ♡ gyusnamu ♡ gyuzizis ♡ hidduho-tlinefor-ya hoaegi ♡ 

 ♡ hoaegibaby ♡ hogrease  ♡ hoya-yaho-hoya​ ♡ hoyeu ♡ huizz 

 ♡ infinipie ♡ inpinitaize ♡ jamesgilliesisalive jangdogwoof ♡

 ♡ jdw-juseyo ♡ kang-junhee ♡ katingatrouble ♡ kimsoowon ♡ 

 ♡ kimvampgyu ♡ leehoowon ♡ musingtragedy ♡ myungsoopermans ♡ 

 ♡ myungsues-u ♡ namgyusoo ♡ namwhos pitdae ♡ 

 ♡ purpleboyhowonee ♡ sungjong-in-wonderland 

 ♡ sungjongsexylips ♡ woomeh ♡ youaremychoding ♡ yuu-n ♡

Thank you fuckyeahhoya, dancemachinehoya, ifnthoya, onlyhoya for uploading the wonderful Hoya previews and shots from fansites that I’ve been religiously reblogging. 

Thank you fyinfinite for always updating us with Infinite related news. 

I also wanna thank togetherinspirit7 for the awesome translation work they do for i-inspirits.

And not to forget each and every one of my followers that liked the things I reblogged or posted. Thanks for staying with me and reading my tags and rants (I know some of you do). I don’t follow a lot of blogs so please do chat me up (my askbox is open)! :)