Zwing! (by michaelhuyouren)

Did this on: March 2010

For: School- Studio Project 2 with Michael and Brian

Medium: Paper, Toonz, Photoshop

Notes: I did the first part, from the eye from the drunkard. Michael the second from the eyes of the bear and Brian the third.


Did this on: 20 September 2012


Medium: Photoshop

Notes: Postcard designs for the mooncake festival for The Campus Hub this coming Saturday! I personally like the last one, they picked the first. hehe. The ‘mooncake’ design I erased on a basic solid colour circle, and the later designs I added random textures on top. (: All a little edgy.. but oh wells. 


Did this on: July-August'12 (Approx 1 month)

For: CRASH Japan

Medium: Photoshop, After Effects

Notes: Did the Illustrations/Animation (If you can really call it that) on this project in collaboration with CRASH Japan. My scope was to show the basic instructions for the project, and I chose to make them of slightly different nations as this project was aimed to a global, international scope. Basic ideas/transitions were also collaborated. I picked to give a more water colour texture effect and more pastel, gentle colours to add to the storybook effect we were going for. In terms of style of drawing, I went for a mixture of Toto-chan (From the illustrations in the book) and of English Children Storybooks, to create a more asian like face, yet a more westernised style of body type. Stocks of cranes were giving from CRASHJapan!