Pentagon Reaction | You Fainting On Stage Pt 1

Request: Can I request a Pentagon reaction to you fainting on stage? 💓

A/n: I apologise for the delay on this but hopefully you like it. Part 2 will be up on the 18th. 

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He would be watching from the waiting room, watching closely to your performance with his fellow members as they waited for their turn to perform. He would notice right away when you started to wobble on the choreography, seeing you lose focus, something you never normally did. Then suddenly you feel and he gasped and tried to run out of the dressing room to you. The other members had to hold him back since your relationship was not public. 

Once you had been taken off of the stage he would try to find you as quick as possible and kiss you sweetly and look at his eyes would well up with tears as he said how worried he was about you. 

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Being the leader of his group he always stressed the importance of properly hydrating before performing on stage to you and his own members.

You were performing at an outside venue on a really hot day, and due to the hectic schedule, the last thing on your mind was staying hydrated. As you performed your group numbers you started to feel very light headed and fell backwards and onto the stage. 

Hui was watching in the wings and gasped when he saw you fall, only when you go back up knees wobbly did he react. Not caring about what people thought with him coming onto the stage. 

It’s a good thing he did because he caught your right as you fainted, grabbing you and lifting you bridal style off the stage before fans, and other members could react. 

He took you to the side of the stage, sitting down and keeping you in his lap as he asked the staff to grab some water and a fan for you.

Once you came to you opened your eyes to see him scowling at you.

“what did I tell you about staying hydrated! You could have really hurt yourself!”

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You hadn’t been feeling %100 all day and it only made him worry. 

He texted you and told you not to push yourself too hard and that he wished he could be there to see you, but due to a photoshoot he wasn’t able to make it, but he would watch your performance live.

As your group begins to perform you felt ok, but after the second song, the hot lights started to make you feel dizzy, causing you to collapse and faint. Your members freaked out and gathered around you to see if you were ok.

He would panic and ask with his managers to let him rush to your side, to which after much begging they allowed once he told them you collapsed. 

You would be asleep in the dressing room when he arrived, he would put his hands on top of yours and kiss your head sweetly. Happy that you had been taken care of and that you were getting your well-needed rest. He wouldn’t want to wake you because he wanted you to feel better. 

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He and you were doing a collab and the end of the year concert when you started to get dizzy right before going on stage. Thinking it was just nerves you shook it off and took a few sips of water before going on stage.

As you both started to perform your vision started to blur and you grabbed onto his arm out of worry. He looked over at your, a scared look crossed his face as he saw you start to fall. Grabbing onto you and holding you up, blocking you from the view of the camera’s as the staff members rushed onto the stage. 

He would feel very guilty for not seeing the signs before it was too late. Only later when you told him you felt like that before even going on stage did he get angry at you. “Yah! If you feel dizzy you need to tell someone. I don’t want you to get hurt!”

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He knew about your fainting problem, it is just something that happened from time to time and he had accepted it. 

In the back of his mind, he worried that it would happen while you were on stage one day, but he didn’t expect it to really happen. 

He and his fellow members were backstage warming up while you were performing when it happened. A loud gasp from the audience made him turn around, shortly followed by Kino running over and telling him that you had fainted while performing your new song. 

He would panic, even though he knew it was a common thing he was worried you had been hurt. 

The staff brought you to the side of the stage as you came back out or you’re blacked out state. Only to see Shinwon pushing past the other idols so he could get to you, a smile tugged at your lips as you saw how worried he looked. 

“Please tell me you didn’t get hurt. I am so sorry I wasn’t there to catch you this time love”

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MH17 crash: Tears, shock as Netherlands mourns plane crash victims

Red, white and blue Dutch flags were lowered to half-mast inside the country and at embassies around the world. 

“I am deeply saddened by this horrible news,” King Willem-Alexander said in a statement.

“Our thoughts go to the families, friends and colleagues of the victims, and to those who do not know yet if one of their loved ones was on board the plane." 

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said he was "deeply shocked” by the catastrophe while Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten added that “the images I saw were terrible”. 

Malaysia Airlines vice-president Huib Gorter told a press briefing at Schiphol that a plane would take victims’ relatives to Ukraine to visit the crash site if they wished to make the trip. 

According to US Vice President Joe Biden, the Boeing 777 was “blown out of the sky” by what US defence officials strongly believed was a ground-air missile.