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Pentagon as Dogs


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Yeo One:

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Yan An:

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jilldrawblog  asked:

15. What is something about your OC can make you laugh? (thank u for sharing your awesome art with us!)

Thank you for your kind messages!

Uh. Well. I accidentally gave him a twin brother. That’s really funny.

This is for a pokemon oc project thing and 2 months later I created Elijah who looked exactly the same(beside the eyes but you guys don’t need to care about that) So I thought, hey that’s funny let me just make him Elijah’s twins!

Also Lucius is caring, committed, serious, loving, very stable and mature when I created him so this opposite thing also made the whole thing SO MUCH funnier

canonly lucy is a farmer with a lil dog named hui ;)

pentagon associations

[some things i associate with pentagon]

jinho: pianos, winter coats, smiling when you’re angry, painting, relaxing to soft r&b music, chihuahuas, camoflage

hui: pink hoodies, small dogs, blowing on hot foods before eating them, lip bites, acting nonchalant after tripping/falling, onesies, sunflowers

hongseok: orange (color), glasses, working out early in the morning, cleaning dishes, muscle shirts, confused smiles, nice hands

e'dawn: tattoos, sunsets, eye smiles, old sports cars, smiley faces, being tired, soundcloud

shinwon: baristas, long cardigans, piano covers, spending 30 minutes trying to figure out what to wear, mall dates, sharing food, falling asleep reading a book

yeo one: yellow roses, temple kisses, sweater paws, suit and ties, “you know i love you, right?”, romance novels, acoustic guitars

yanan: cotton candy, skin care, purple, stickers, playing with bubble wrap, red roses, valentine’s day

yuto: the one kid that sits in the back of class and draws, shy smiles, shiba inus, covering up swear words with appropriate words, black earrings, site seeing, manga

kino: hair stuck to a forehead with sweat, lollipops, white t-shirts, pinching someone’s cheeks, disneyland, street dancers, producing songs

wooseok: dark colors (black, blue, red), hoodies, goofy laughs, pranks, doodling on the corners of papers when you’re bored, hoop earrings, long legs