hui min

Choker boy | 03

(art by Koogi, edit by ikkakujuu)

Aaah, regardez-moi cet adorable garçon ! J’adore les edits d’ikkakujuu, si elle pouvait en faire d’autres sur Choker boy, je serais aux anges. Sur ce, je vous souhaite une bonne lecture !

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um how do i put this??
@pastelbam hi fia, i’m your dream knight !! i’m glad to have been able to learn so much more about you in the past month, but i’m really sorry for not really keeping up with you for a bit ;; i hope us and the rest of the net get to become closer!! i really love your stuff, just know that all of us are always gonna be supporting you!! (p.s i’m sorry this is bad i can’t draw but i didn’t know what else would be a good gift)
love, hui min

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm trying to cast a set of siblings, and I really don't want to just wimp-out and make them white, but I also don't want to presume anyone's race inappropriately. Do you have any suggestions for good poc brother/sister faceclaims for teenagers, preferably with the brother the younger of the two? Personality-wise, I'm going for reserved and arrogant more than anything else, just fyi. Thanks so much for the help!

I know a lot of these are well over their teenage years, but they can still pass off as 17-19. I hope that helps~