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Wait, she understands? (College! AU)

Jun x reader (ft. Minghao)

synopsis: Jun and Minghao were having a conversation in Chinese and indirectly told you that Jun has a crush on you -without knowing that you had Chinese lessons since the age of 6. “(Chinese to English translations are in the brackets)”

word count: 1329

genre: fluff fluffy fluff // College! AU

It was unusual for the library to be this packed during school hours: sounds of doorsteps shuffling across the floor, students whispering to each other, padded bangs of books closing, and the dull beeping sound of books being borrowed. Nobody ever care that this place existed before, why is there suddenly so many people today? You thought as your gaze wandered around the library hall, searching for your friend who asked you to join her in the library to finish some homework.

Grabbing your shoulder from behind, your friend had already spotted you, she called “Y/N! Hey, we’re sitting over there.” She greeted you while pointing towards the table around the corner, with only two empty seats. “Ugh, the library is so packed today. All because of that new foreign kid.”


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[ENG SUB] Happy Together

Title:  同樂會 (Tong Le Hui)

Synopsis: This is a story of 6 people living under the same roof. It involves friendship, love and kinship. It also brings the wonderful and crazy moments of their daily lives.

Special thanks to alvinboi from the Soompi forums for letting us use his translations!


Google Drive Folder (All episodes will be uploaded here)

Episode 1: Google Drive (720p)

Episode 2: Google Drive (720p)

Episode 3: Google Drive (720p)

Episode 4: Google Drive (720p)

Episode 5: Google Drive (720p)

Episode 6: Google Drive (720p)

Episode 7: Google Drive (720p)

Episode 8: Google Drive (720p)



Sino films on youtube

English name (Chinese name) year, director. Languages.

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Bold = very very recommended

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Last updated 23/02/2016

Titles that have been removed on Youtube since I first made this post and therefore have been removed from this list: Crazy New Year’s Eve, Detective Chinatown, Double Xposure, Mr. Six, Yi Yi


Young Hui woman in downtown Shanghai restaurant preparing traditional halal meal.   The Hui people, 回族, which are found throughout China, are ethnically and linguistically similar to Han Chinese with the exception that they practice Islam. Many are direct descendants of Silk Road travelers and their ancestors include Central Asians, Persians, Arabs, who married Han Chinese. Based on a recent census, China is home to approximately 11 million Hui people.

Underrated Male Kpop Groups You Should Stan This Instant. Edition 1: 24K

(From left-right) Changsun, Jinhong, Hui, Cory, Jeonguk, Kisu, Hongseob

  • 24K was formed by Choeun Entertainment.
  • They debuted on September 6th 2012
  • 24K currently has 8 members, though only 7 are currently active.
  • Members:

Cory (Leader, Main Vocalist), Kisu (Vocalist), Jeonguk (Main Rapper, Main Dancer), Hui (Chinese, Lead Rapper), Changsun (Vocalist, Lead Dancer), Jinhong (Lead Vocalist), Hongseob (Vocalist, Rapper, Lead Dancer, Maknae by literally 6 days behind Jinhong) and Sungoh (Vocalist, On Hiatus)

  • Past Members:

Daeil (Now promoting as a solo artist under the name ‘Big One’), Seokjun, Byungho

  • MV’s:

Hurry Up, Secret Love, U R So Cute, Hey You, Super Fly, Still 24K (Dance Ver.), Bingo (Dance Ver.)

  • Prior to debut, they formed an acoustic pop sub-unit, 4K, composing of members Cory, Seokjune, Kisu, and Sungoh. MV’s: Rocking Girl, Bye, Bye Bye and Moonlight Sonata
  • Their fanclub name is 24U
  • You should stan these boys because they are so talented. Their vocals are always on point and so is their dancing. They are also incredible live, you can trust me, I saw them live in London during their european tour. 
  • The members are also heavily involved with their albums and making their own choreos. 
  • You should totally follow each member on Instagram: Official, Changsun, Hongseob, Cory, Hui, Jeonguk, Kisu, Jinhong, Sungoh 
  • Please stan these boys, they are so talented and lovely and funny and are just super underappreciated and deserve all the love and support in the world. 
  • Not stanning them will make me sad.