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Damien's a classy stripper. Robert treats you right as a stripper. Joseph only want your money. Mat works at the bar. Huho and Criag are the strong ones. Brain is the pimp

hugo and craig are the fuckin bouncers i

brian is

i forgot all of this j esus

Jackson Wang //On Set

Prompt: You’re a Western singer who’s currently living in Seoul, trying to garner more press in Asia. You go on a talk show, struggling with your Korean, and a very…outgoing idol helps you out. 
Scenario: fluff, comedy
Word Count: 2260

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Let Go - Juice Ortiz

Requested by @homicidalteenagedream. I hope you like it Sweetie.

Song - Let Go By Sickick

I can tell you want me, like on another level
You say I am a God but my mind is no temple
(Oh, huho, huho)
You’ve put me in your plans but I don’t plan to settle
I’m destined to be great and momma told me you’re the Devil (giggle)
I prefer to spend my nights all alone, loosing my mind on my own
It’s not fair to you I’m not more
You need to let go… of me
You need to let go… of me
You need to let go… (o-o-o-o-o) of me

I can tell you want me, like on another level

“Hey Y/N can I come over tonight”.
“Umm, not to night”. “I had a bad day and I just want to be alone”. “I’ll call you tomorrow Juice”. You said as you questioned your answer.
“OK I’ll see you tomorrow”. “I love you Y/N”. He said as you hung up
You had been dating Juice for 8 months. He had treated you like a queen but you felt he was just being nice. You knew you needed to end things but it was hard.

But baby if I stay, I’ll get you into trouble
I’m playing with your heart like I’m playing with pedals
You’re hoping that I’d change but I was born a rebel
I prefer to spend my nights all alone, loosing my mind on my own
It’s not fair to you I’m not more
Ooo I think you need to let go… of me
You need to let go…
You need to let (go…) of me
You need to let (go…) of me
You need to let go… of me

The next day

Juice came over and brought pizza. He was so happy to see you, you felt the opposite.
“So what did you do today”? Juice asked taking a bite of pizza.
“Juice I thought about something”. You sat down your plate and looked at him
“Y/N whats going on”?
“Juice I think we should break up”. He was shooked.
“But..I thought we had something”.
“We did at first, but I’m not good for you”. “I have my own issues and I dont want to put that on you”.
“I’m here for that”. “You should know that you can talk to me”.
“Juice I want to break up”. “I cant do this to you”. “I’ll break your heart even more than I’m doing now”.
He got up and walked to the door. “To late on that”. “I hope you have a good life Y/N”. He slammed the  door on his way out

So are we done? You had your fun and why the the … you tell me that I’m the one?
Your heart so cold, you must come home

Why was it so easy to let me go?
Look at the times, oh baby all those times that you gone throw away.
All of the days I spent by your side, I never thought I’d hear you say.
“Let go of me”
“You need to let go of me”
… (go) of me…
How could you let go of me

Juice tossed and turned all night thinking how you had pushed him away. When he really care for you. He wanted to know why.

Texting Y/N
“I want to know why you pushed me away”? “Why you couldnt love me like I love you”? “WHY”?
“Juice leave me alone, stop texting me please”. “I just cant”.
“Why is it that you can just forget everything we have done together and I’m laying here thinking about you and how our life was suppose to be happy”.
“Y/N answer me”.
“You need to let me go Juice”. “Good bye”.

That was the last thing he heard from you. He still thinks about your life together. He will always have a place for you in his heart. Even if you dont want it. Its just the way he was made.

What’s something that makes you happy if it’s there at the new drama filming set?
O: I would be a bit happy if there’s something sweet like when I’m tired
N: What kind do you like?
O: Like chocolate bread. I like croissants with chocolate in it
N: Ah~, those kind of refreshments are being favored (lol) Ohno-san does like those ne
O: I do like them~! If I were to bring some refreshments to the set, it would probably be those kinds? There are preferences too, so I would prepare other flavors besides chocolate as well. Eating sweets when everyone is working hard until late at night is goodd
N: For me, it would be ramen
O: Can you have a ramen shop come to the set?
N: Yeah, I think you can. If I remember correctly, during “Freeter, Ie wo Kau” (‘10 Fuji), the “Freeter team” won a prize money from a show or something. We used that prize money to call a tonkotsu ramen shop to the set
O: Eeh~! That’s awesome!! Lately, I haven’t been able to eat tonkotsu ramen. I want to call them!
N: You seem excited (lol). The Ohno-san who talks about chocolate bread and tonkotsu ramen seems happy (lol) 
O: Because, I can’t help but to be happy when I think about chocolate bread and tonkotsu ramen being at the set

If you were to give each other a present?
N: For Ohno-san, I would choose a fishing rod. But I would give him the money and tell him to buy whichever one he likes (lol). I would have him go buy it himself. I’m busier than you think (lol)
O: No, that’s fine (lol).
 N: I’m sure Leader would want to use the new rod he wanted as soon as possible too
O: In the end, I think that’s the best present
N: Because I’m not confident in surprising with gifts. I don’t want to give something they don’t want either
O: That’s right! I can’t use 'that’s wrong~’ kind of rod (lol). Even if I buy something with Nino’s money, I would use it carefully thinking, “This is the rod that Nino bought for me”
N: That’s right!
O: Yeah. To think about it, if I were to give a present to Nino, it would be a game console
N: Eh? What happened to “you can buy whatever you like”? (lol). As for game-related things, I already have most of the necessary things at my house so it’s okay
O: Even the newest ones!?
N: I would probably get it before anyone else, so it’s okay (lol)
O: I won’t lose!
N: No no (lol). Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have multiple game consoles
O: Right~! I would give it to you with a small TV too
N: A small TV, huh
O: The TV at Nino’s house is big, right. Put my small TV in front of the main TV, and you can play 2 games on the small and big ones at the same time! I’m sure it’ll be fun
N: To tell you the truth, that arrangement has been the lifestyle for over half a year now. At my house, you can play games in three different directions while sitting down: big, small, and portable. 
O: Eh~!! That’s amazing. It’s just like you that you were already doing it
N: If Ohno-station were to be added, I would be able to proceed to playing games in 4 different directions~
O: Then what about bath version?
N: Ah~, that place hasn’t been established (lol). Can I ask for the game console to be small-sized console too?
O: I’ll add a plastic bag so it won’t get wet!
N: Would I be able to see the screen? (lol) No, I’m grateful. For thinking so hard (lol)

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