My mother surprises me sometimes. She started talking about same sex marriage being finally legal in the whole of the United States and I started to tense up expecting that she’d say how wrong it was. I immediately tried to steer the conversation away by making a dismissive statement, “Well, they need this so that their partnership is finally recognised by the law and they can get the same benefits like straight couples do.” I was expecting her to disagree, but she just went, “That’s right.” And then I started talking about how long-time couples can now marry and she added, “Oh, yeah, I read about that couple who were together for 50 years or so! They could technically have a golden wedding anniversary now.”

I just sat there thinking, “Huh. Wow. Huhhhhhh.”

Of course, I can never expect the same thing from my father. I honestly want to ask my mother how she feels about my father being a big homophobe, but it’s hard to form the words sometimes.

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Either you live in Gainesville or you have a twin who is every bit as gorgeous as you are.


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If you don’t mind me asking is there a reason your feeling sad?? Also if this is serious please don’t keep this to yourself talk to someone anyone cuz talking about how you feel is better than bottling up your emotions :)

Just everything in my life. I’m just sad about everything. There’s nothing in my life that makes me happy (except my cat, but she’s gone now) I’ve always been the little “shy” girl, and I just heard on the radio today, if you call your kids shy and other stuff, they think that’s all they’ll ever be. They said talked more about it and that was true because it applied to me. I couldn’t even start to explain. It’s just everything. I don’t like myself, my personality or appearance, and just everythinggggg~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

So I came back from the BC Lions game awhile ago, and it was really fun cause we won!!!!! Yeah!!!  And during the game, these people would come by and throw mini soft footballs to the stands, and there was a lady sitting beside my dad, and one of the guys hit the lady in the chest. Everybody was like wtf, but then everybody around started to laugh, and so did the lady. It was a good day.