huh this was done on a whim

the back to school special

She comes back after that year away and things are… different.

She never should have left.

written for day two (f/f) of rarepair week

pike/keyleth college au. background percy/vax and very very background vex/zahra. 2.7K.


She sees Vax first, carting a box into the new apartment––they’d had to move, she remembers vaguely, something about an animal complaint, and now its the twins and Percy and Keyleth in some run-down complex on the edge of campus––and he only just manages to set the box down before she throws herself at him, grinning ear to ear.

“Pickle!” He lifts her off her feet and whirls her around in a circle, laughing. Vex appears in the doorway a moment later as if drawn by the noise, and her face lights up to see Pike.

“You’re back!” She barely waits for her brother to deposit her before wrapping Pike up in an enormous hug, and Pike gets a mouthful of her wild hair. She steps back when Vex lets her down to breathe, looking only a little chagrined at the hair-induced oxygen shortage.

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