huh the more you know

Fuck Steve Harrington, his and Nancy’s entire relationship was him suggesting they do some risqué behavior like him sneaking into her house or them going to a party, her saying no, and then him completely ignoring her and doing it anyway, or pressuring her into doing it. And it wasn’t just a few times, it was. Literally. Every. Scene. Like, ignoring people’s boundaries in a relationship is incredibly unhealthy, bordering on abusive. I’m not fucking around this is an incredibly serious and bad thing he’s doing here and we should not take it lightly


Vivienne: “It’s nice up here.”

Luca: “It really is. Especially this time of year.”

Vivienne: *grins* “So how are you feeling this morning? Doing alright, babe?”

Luca: “I assume you are referring to the state I was in last night. Very funny by the way. But yes, I feel fine. Food helped. And showering. And shaving.” *laughs*

Vivienne: “Sounds like you missed me, huh?”

Luca: “More than you know, sweetheart.”

turns out that apparently Himalayan cat breeds are prone to being cross eyed so Arty’s right eye jiggles a little if she’s staring at something

huh the more you know

also she hates stepping on things in general so she avoids everything except the floor and blankets so….I guess that’s good? at least I know she won’t break anything