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Fall Out Boy have revealed that they wrote songs for One Direction that were “too odd” for them to use.

The band told the Daily Star that they wrote with the ‘Steal My Girl’ singers, adding that the songs never made it to the group’s album.

“Last time we were in London we wrote with the guys in One Direction,” chief lyricist Pete Wentz said.

“It was a great session but I don’t know if Fall Out Boy writes what One Direction wants to sing.

"There’s a certain area of odd that we can stake a place in, but it’s like we have the language of twins. Maybe it’s too odd for One Direction because they didn’t end up using the songs this time.”

One Direction co-wrote their recent number one album

Four along with songwriters including Ed Sheeran, Ed Drewett, Julian Bunetta and Wayne Hector.

Meanwhile, Fall Out Boy’s recent album American Beauty/American Psycho charted at number two in the UK on Sunday, missing out on the top spot to Mark Ronson’s Uptown Special. article source

I just found this great explanation of the 'daddy kink' and I think I finally get it.

I just had to finally look this up after I kept hearing about the daddy kink and Professor Willow, lol.

“It’s a power exchange, a very specific kind. It’s not about pretending to be actual biological relatives, nor about the girl being an actual underage child. It is about the power differential between a daddy and a little girl.

"So… a lot of Dom/sub relationships have the Dom dictating what is happening, how it is happening, and punishing the sub. The framework of it is usually along the lines of Master/slave though, or Powerful/weak.

"The appeal to some for the DD/LG though is that the Dom has the power, but they are intensely concerned about the well-being and care of their sub. I mean, all Doms care about their subs well-being, obviously, but not in the same protective, nurturing way. A DD/LG drifts more into mentorship, emotional help, providing a safe and understanding place where a woman can let herself feel small and vulnerable in a safe environment. Because the real world is dangerous, and they can’t afford to be vulnerable. The sub in these relationships have a lot of control because it is their ‘acting out’ that triggers the 'punishment’. They get hurt only if they misbehave. And it is in their power when they choose to misbehave.

"It is BDSM with a… softer edge? More… protective, more safe. In a way.

"Not for everyone, clearly, but it has appeal to those that like to be sub in a way that is not so intense, and not so much pain focused. It is almost more mental submission than physical submission. Less pain focused.

"Dominance and physical play with a protective, safe and nurturing vibe. Kind of gets the best of both worlds for some people.”

—BearsAnswers (x)

This dynamic sounds appealing to me, but I’m still not sure if I could call a sexual partner “daddy” without thinking of my own dad and getting weirded out. I’d have to somehow separate the word “daddy” from biological fatherhood and create a new mental sub-folder with the different meaning, distinct from the more commonplace use of the term. From what I understand, calling an older, male partner 'daddy’ is like calling him 'sir,’ but with a softer, more nurturing edge. Anyone with more experience than me, feel free to correct me if my understanding here is incorrect, although I’ve seen the daddy kink interpreted in a few different ways and I say, whatever floats your boat.

I sketched my son all over my sketchbook. Send help. I miss him so much already. Prayer circle for season 2. Please join me. I’m the sucker crying on the ground -̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩___-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩


from my au in which victorian era!allen meets ancient china!lenalee 

i already wrote some ideas on it on my twitter but i’ve been thinking abt it during the summer, so if you wanna know more abt it, click the read more!

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imagine all the other gifs are captioned something like “BLRP BLRP BLRP BLRP” because that's  what’s going on.


*starts crying* THIS TOOK ME SO LONG i’m so sorry

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Hilarity in the original eraser stamp making session: 

Jun’s: “This Year’s Me” makes me happy with the purple and pink (which I’m blatantly interpreting as subtle RED okay?)

Sho’s: “I’m back” elicits screams of terror? laughter? intense reaction from the audience.  Really, Sho?

Masaki’s: his two-pronged approach creates “Please take good care of me Nittere-san” Nandarou-kun (Jun clarifies that “It IS a bird right?”) and “Riddled-with-Injuries Masaki” stamps. Aiba-chan~ gambare~

Kazu’s: His initial confidence in presenting his own creation… only leads to his own embarrassed laugh?

Satoshi’s: His “Stylishly Suspicious Person” serves to tickle everyone, and especially Jun who asks if it’s actually Johnny-san.  After trying to hide his creation, he fails to convince that it’s “just a suspicious character” when Kazu outs him for calling his own company president “a suspicious character”.

Arashi ni Shiyagare 90-min SP 10.10.2015

okay I know I have told this story before but my body has switched over to Pain  O’Clock so it’s rambling time and this blog gets to come along for the riiiiide:

When I was in high school choir we did Les Mis, as you do. And our choir teacher, who had many other failings, told us– I do not forgive him this TO THIS DAY– that it was set in the French Revolution. 

“The one with the guillotines?” we asked, with all the awareness of American students who hadn’t had World History yet.  

Indeed, we were told. The one with the guillotines. 

In fact (we were told) the WHOLE THING happened during the time of Robespierre! Red and  Black was about…the storming of the Bastille? ANYWAY IT ALL HAPPENED BEFORE THE KING WAS EXECUTED. 

“…huh”  we said. 

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  • mordecai:RIGBY! rigby! oh my god i finally did it. i got it.
  • rigby:shut UP.
  • mordecai:i'm serious, man! i got...
  • mordecai:...the WEED.
  • rigby:oh my god. oh my god let's go smoke it right now.
  • mordecai:do you still have that skull shaped bong you bought from a head shop 3 years ago and never used?
  • rigby:yes, of course, shut up, let's go inside and finally get high!
  • mordecai:huh.
  • mordecai:you know, i thought this'd be a lot more exciting.
  • rigby:me too.
  • rigby:hey, wanna make a lemon poppyseed bread and look up robert loggia's IMDB page?
  • mordecai:oh my GOD, yes.

L A L N A / D U N C AN - J O N E S - W E E K
( O C T. 2 5 - O C T. 3 1 )

And heeeere comes the third week of Yogweeks! This time, for our own adorable scientist and dork, LividCoffee, aka Lalna/Duncan.

Duncan has been with the classical pair of Lewis and Simon since the beginning of what we know today as the Yogscast, and he really does deserve all the love and smiles he gets from all his hardwork and creativity. So it’s about time since we give him some more love, huh?

By now, most of you should know what’s up with Yogweeks and how it goes, but I’ll do a quick little rerun of it:

Each day of the week has a specific prompt that you have to connect to somehow.  This prompt will be two simple and single words (you can either do both at the same time, or only do one), and it’s entirely up to your imagination on how you can make it.

Since we understand that not all of us have a lot of time in their hands on participate on all of this, anyone is free to do only one day/prompt and use a few other days to rest and/or do whatever they want. This is supposed to be for fun, after all, so don’t pressure yourself into doing this!

The following prompts of each day of the week are the following:

  • October 25 – beginning//alone
  • October 26 – enemies//goggles
  • October 27 – science//experiment
  • October 28 – marks//paint
  • October 29 – purple//rivalry
  • October 30 – clone//magic
  • October 31 – home//morning

If you do post your works, please either tag this blog, or put them in the “#yogweeks” tag, so we’d be able to see it and reblog it for others to see.

Good luck with this one as well, and we hope that you’ll all have fun with this!

Bundles Of Joy

Imagine having twins with Dean.

I was going to make this angst but omg the fluffiness of this so here’s a fluffy Dean

Don’t forget to send questions or talk to Dean for this Thursday and Friday! (3000?!?!??!!)

(gif not mine, credits to the owner)

“What should we name our babies?” Dean asked, caressing the swell in your stomach. You leaned back into his chest and stared into the ocean. “Huh, I don’t know…” You mumbled. You felt him chuckle more than you heard him. “How about we break it down and choose two girls if they’re both girls and two for boys.” Dean said. “Okay…”

“For a girl, how about Mary and Jo?” You offered, looking back at him. He smiled wide. “So Mary or Joanna Winchester?” Dean asked. You smiled and nodded. “How about for boys? Kevin?” He asked. You grinned. “Kevin and Charlie, definitely.” You said. He chuckled and nodded. “I like those.” He murmured against your ear. He then placed a tender kiss on your neck, making you nuzzle into him.

A week later, you were going into labor, a hard long one at that. In that long hours, Dean had stayed by your side, holding your hand, kissing your forehead, brushing the hair off of your face. “Baby, you gotta stay strong…” He kept whispering. “I know we’ve been through so much…” He added. You nodded, tears slipping on your face.

Fear slowly rose up to Dean but he kept strong for you, for yours and his babies.

Finally, after countless amount of time, you had given birth to a beautiful baby boy and a baby girl. Dean did the honor of cutting the umbilical cord for the first one then the second. He held one baby in his arms and smiled so wide it hurt his cheeks. The tears were continually pouring down his face and he couldn’t stop it at all. He went to you and placed the tiny child on your arms and then the doctor gave the second one to him and then to your children. You laughed breathlessly, looking at your babies with awe.

He pecked your forehead and looked at the little bundle of joy in your arms. You looked up at him as if you two were having a silent conversation. “Kevin Charlie Winchester and Mary Joanna Winchester…” You both said towards the nurse. She smiled and nodded, writing the names for you. You cried happy tears and kissed the heads of your twins.

“Our little trouble makers, sweetheart.” Dean said, chuckling a bit, still crying though. “I agree.” You replied, smiling up at him. He pecked your lips and you two basked in the moment.

“Daddy!” You heard Mary Jo call out as she heard the bunker door open and close. “Charlie! Charlie! Daddy and uncle Sammy’s here!” Your daughter called out to Kevin Charlie who was still in his room. “Daddy!” You heard his excited voice ring out. You smiled at them and looked up just in time to see Dean walk in.

He smiled when he saw you and went to you first. “Hey, baby…” He cooed, giving you a light kiss on the lips. “Ew, daddy!” The twins whined and you and Dean laughed. Dean went to both of them and hugged them tight, kissing the tops of their heads. After greeting their dad, they went to Sam, doing the same to the tall man.

You and Dean sat together and watched Sam carry both children on each shoulder. “Better hold on to the moose, kids.” Dean joked and Sam playfully scowled but then smiled wide at his nephew and niece.

Dean kissed your temple and sighed. “Thank you, baby.” He whispered. “No need to thank me, Dean. We deserve this.” You said, looking at him. He warmly smiled and kissed you again, only to be broken by fits of giggles from the twins.

Hey guys, me again.

So I saw this post on facebook from a friend and I was reading through the comments and was absolutely disgusted. I saw comments like “How many sculptures are of skinny girls? More beauty in curves.” and “this couldn’t be more true” I also saw comments like mine which were very uplifting. 

“More beauty in curves huh? You know, I’m a size zero. So according to you, I am less of a woman and not as beautiful. That’s really messed up. That’s very anti-feminist of you. If women are supposed to support each other and uplift one another then we shouldn’t demean a different body type. That’s 100% counter productive. Stand together? Support all women? Yeah okay. Sure. Alexandra Dale Taylor couldn’t have said it any better. Women who bash other body types and agree with this make me sick. You are no friend to the movement and no friend of mine.”

I am absolutely sick and tired of people defending these memes. People AGREE with them. How in the world can you agree with them and claim you support women BY INSULTING A BODY TYPE. 

Let me make this clear. 


I am so tired of seeing things like “Why would you order a steak with no meat?”

That’s fucking offensive to me.It just reinforces the idea that I am a stick…no shape. no body fat. no muscle. Something “real men” wouldn’t ever look at or want…

But you know what. “real men” acknowledge the fact that there are different body types and one should not be shamed to suite the other. Real mean will note it simply as a preference, as should us fellow females. My boyfriend LIKES skinny and petite women. Otherwise, why would he date me?

You do not fight the cause by fighting another body type. When will we learn.