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Soulmate AU! Wonwoo

A/N: I couldn’t find this gif and i gave up trying to find one if there is one. so have a pic friends. also based off of going seventeen ep 2 but i switched some events.
GOD im so lazy writing this w/e sorry for bad quality my dudes

The first time you see your soulmate a red string appears faintly, every time you see them it gets more visible till it reaches a bright glowing red.

  • So you know svt was in LA for filming
  • and how they have free time
  • also how they were recording??
  • so basically who wouldn’t notice a bunch of tall handsome foreigners holding up cameras filming themselves speaking in a foreign language
  • or cameramen?? idk man

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TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording

DESCRIPTION: Conversation




[1.1] Do you trust her? We have heard whispers. Of-

[2.1] Osiris, sure.  


[1.2] The Speaker will not be pleased. 

[2.2] Didn’t take the job to make the Speaker happy, did I? ‘Sides, why do you care?

[1.3] It would be wisest to act in accordance with the current structure of Law, at least until -

[2.3] Yeah, yeah. Spare me. Look, one of these days you people are gonna have to stop worrying about the rules and start thinking about the long game. 

[1.4] We shall give it due consideration. And the answer to my question?

[2.4] Here’s a better one: you trust Ikora?

[1.5] Mistress Rey has always…danced to her own tune. We recognize that she is an admirable Vanguard. But we must draw the line. It is unwise to place our faith in a creature so obviously broken by the Darkness as the Hooded One. She is…unstable. Dangerous. Surely you must recognize this. In the name of unification, we must have transparency. And we must have agents we can trust.


[2.5] Creature, huh?

[1.6] We cannot deny that she has Ikora’s ear. However, you are ideally placed to undo this relationship. We have selected -

[2.6] Funny thing; almost sounds like you think I work for you. Funnier thing: I don’t. So until you get your King, let me make this clear: you make no choices. You get no say.

[1.7] We - 

[2.7]  You know what I’ve always hated? Folks who aren’t straight with me - feels disrespectful, you know? Almost as disrespectful as when folks try to tell me what to do. But I’m a respectable sort, so I’ll be straight with you: I already don’t like you. And if you have a problem with Eris, you have a problem with me. And I am very good at causing problems.

anonymous asked:

Hi this is an ask for the mun um I'm a beginner at art and wanted to know if you had any tips on coloring in people? (Their skin and stuff) everytime i try it comes out looking bad )'; So i wanted to know if you had some tips for me?

Hello, bananon! Alright, eventhough I said I’d be on hiatus with art and stuff, I simply couldn’t ignore this. I apologize for the delay, as I tried to work on materials to show you how I do my stuff. I’ve never seen your artwork, so I can’t tell you exactly where you need to work on, so I didn’t knew what exactly you were looking for, so I’ll give you and everyone a walkthrough on how I color in general. English is not my first language so expect mistakes, if you don’t understand something, feel free to ask!. It’s gonna be long so sit tight.

Ok, first things first I get my sketch

I prefer to do my sketch traditionally because I have a better control over it and has a natural feel to it. Also, no face, because the size of the sketch was too small to draw it in, I normally draw faces and expressions beside the sketch or digitally do them before stepping into the lineart My prefered program is Paint Tool SAI


After I defined my sketch I dive in into lineart on a new layer above, here are my prefered brush settings with stability set at S-5 because my hands are a shaky mess. I Named this brush John Cena. I’ll explain how I do lineart some other time, but in general, I make sure the outer lines are closed and without gaps.


Choose the magic wand tool and slect the outer area of the character or whatever you’re coloring. 

Before I go in and expand my selection, I go ahead and fix imperfections and major lumps the magic wand failed to reach. Like the ones I circled above, let’s get rid of em lil shits! :U For the lumps circled in red, I used the selection tool that has it’s brush settings similar to my John Cena brush. For the one circled in orange I use the magic wand.

Now it’s all clean and sparkly!

Now go up and choose selection and then increment ( or expand, whatever program you use todo digital art )

And it should look like this!

Go to selection again and choose invert.

Tadah! We managed to select the entire object without much headache! Now we can finally move to coloring.


Make a new layer below your linart layer, name it however you want, and then choose a color you like. I normally like to choose a darkish gray color, but today I’m gonna choose hot pink because I felt like annoying the heck outta Eirik. Use the bucket tool to fill in the selection. This layer will allow you to see paler color ( like skin, eyes, deails ) easily and prevent you of havin gaps within the coloration.

Now before I color, I like to determine the light source and how my shading will look like. I make a new layer above the carbon copy layer.

And determine my light source and shadows. I used very simple shapes with the yellow color, I like to use complementary colors for this. Breaking down an object into simple and geometric pieces will help you understand how an object interacts with the light source and its environtment in the picture, Cubists and Impressionists ( eg. Cezanne, Picasso, Matisse, Derain, Braque, Lhote  ) used this technique into their arts for the same reason. Save a copy of this so you can use it later.

Example 1 - example 2

Up there are practice examples to show case what i mean You can try practice this on your own, take a Hellanistic sculture portrait and trace over them the guides ( I encourage tracing only in practice use and/or if credits and permisssion are asked, don’t do it anyhwere else ). Colore the the lighter side with the warmer complementary color, and the shades with the colder.

Ok back to the tutorial.

Create a folder above the carbon copy layer, and clip it.

Then make another group in it with an actual layer in it ( think of babushka dolls lol ), the entire folder will make eveything inside of it a clipping mask, previnting my coloring to go anywhere outside the carbon copy. Fore each character’s part, I make a different group so I’m organized.I always begin with the skin because it’s beneathe everything. ( clothes, hair, etc. )

See what I mean? If I didn’t clip the group, my colors woul run over like in the picture below.


Make a layer above your base color, I set the layer in multiply, adjust the opacity how I want and added the fringe effect with a 50-60 ish strenght with the width as thin as possible, this will give my shading a crisp and anime-like look. I’m using the John Cena brush for shading too. Oh and remember the copy of your light and shading guide? Open it up and now we can use it as our shading reference!

I used a dark grayish purple color for the shading. I always prefer to use gray or purple or a combination of both for everything I shade, as they’re the most neutral ( purple being both warm and cold color ) to work with. Avoid using warm colors ( like red, deep pink and orange ) for shading as warm colors don’t enchance the depth of the shadows.

Sometimes, I like to smooth out some parts of the shaddow, to give it a fading and natural look to the character. Like Eirik’s triceps and under his cheekbones. I make a new Air Brush, let’s call this one CroCop!

First I delete some of the shading where the lines don’t meet, using the John Cena brush, then more so with CroCop, and finally, use the bluur tool with a very low opacity and size to smooth it out.Make sure you checked this tiny lil box, this will turn you color into transparency and work as a eraser but with the brush setting you’re working with, neat stuff, huh?

I make a new folder and a new layer in it for clothes. Unlike on my skin layer where I colored in carefreely, I went ahead with John Cena andprecisel outlined the hae of Eirik’s shirt, making sure it had no gaps.

And then filled in the outline with bucket tool, made a new clipped layer above to draw the shirt’s design, then merged the two. 

Now I simply shade it the same settings and options I did with the skin, however, this time, the shading layer is clipped so it doesn’t go over the skin layer. I used the shading guide and references online to get an idea how to shade folds. You should NEVER be ashamed for using references, you have absolutely no reason to be stubborn about it, references are there to help you improve your art.

How I shade pants, depends on what material they’re made of. In this case, i have black leather pants. Because they’re black, the way i shaded them are opposite than what i normally shade. I first color in th dark part, then with the John Cena brush draw in the midtone according to the light souce, and finally, a dark purplish tone as a highlight. Depending on the material, I also like to add a color with CroCop brush. In real life we see this a lot, when the coloration of the background or the surface beneathe us are bounced off and reflects on our skin and other smooth materials.

Now onto the fabulous hair! The same way like the shirt, I first do an outline for the hair following it’s respective shape then fill it in. ( all in a different group and layer that’s above the clothing group ) Because Eirik has a very dark hair, I doodled a purple colored strand of hair to show you how I shade hair easily.

I used a midtoned gray color on a new layer above hair base colorm set the same shading settings ( multiple, fringe, etc ) and shaded the ends of the hair, the red doodle above shows you how the strokes go, like a water sprinkler, it goes from narrow to wide as it follows the hair tip.

I make a new layer between the shading and base layer ( both shading and highlight be set at clipping mode ) I used te base color and set the highlight layer in screen mode to add te highlights. Onwither hair strands I used H shaped strokes, for smaller strands I used a Wi-fi shaped strokes.

Now the final steps, I go over to the lineart layer, make a new layer on top of it and set it as a clipping layer. Then I use a purplish flesh color to color in his scar ( people with very pale complection have purplish scars ) The two colors next to Eirik are what I use to torture him color/draw scars on him.

Finally on the same layer, i take a dark salmon and color the outlines of the skin ( with exception of eyes and tattoos ). This gives a really nice and smooth and natural look to a character.

I colored in the rest and the details the same way like the rest and this is our final product! This is how I typically do my cellshaded works, I hope this can somehow help you!


Because Eirik in this picture has rather small eyes, I did a seperate walkthrough on how I do eyes here. ( Sorry about the typos >3>;; )

Your mind is weird. ENFJ & INTP
  • *walking through a railway station*
  • INTP: *looks up, notices glass floor above*
  • INTP: *transfixed, observes black half-people shadows as they walk and stand*
  • ENFJ: *notices, waits at the escalator*
  • INTP: *catches up, huge smile* Cool, huh!?
  • ENFJ: ...
  • INTP: ...I mean, imagine, if we could walk on water without disturbing it, that's what we'd look like to fish and other beings in the water! I mean, if the water is clear, of course! Or, or, if there were aliens who could only live in the ground and the ground of the earth would be transparent to them, that's what they'd see first of us. We would be ominous dark shadows to them. Or maybe they live in another plane of existence, like Flatland and we'd just be footprints and they'd probably think that we live for a really short time and ... well, that sure helps visualising it, huh?
  • ENFJ: ...
  • ENFJ: ...
  • ENFJ: ...I'm not sure if it'd be cool or annoying to have your brain.
  • ENFJ: ...
  • ENFJ: ...
  • ENFJ: ...probably annoying.
“IN RETROSPECT---” Hannibal 3x07 Again

**Warning: rewatch live-blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

Season 3, Episode 7: “Digestivo”

Full disclosz: I haven’t even started the episode yet and I’m already giggling gently to myself. God, I love this one.

Oh frickin hell, am reminded why IMMEDIATELY when the oily Italian detective steps into the fancy foyer with like a riff on the Pink Panther theme or something, idk if that’s even it, all I know is that i’m already McLOSIN IT. I love the way this show always embraced #genre. I love the sense you get that everyone knew they had something good when Bryan Fuller started laughing.

Oh gee, SnapChat filter gone so wrong.


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