fic: untitled, rehabilitation faberry au

this is dedicated to patronustrip (who asked to see this fic) and hugssy (who created the photoset) - the start of a fic based off of this photoset. merry christmas to both of you! hope you like what i’ve got so far. :)

From the first day Quinn set foot – or, more appropriately, set wheel – in the rehabilitation home located over the road from Lima General Hospital, Artie had been her guide. Despite being more than able to live on his own with his condition, the man stayed in the ward, simply so that he could help others only just starting to cope with a life spent confined to a chair - or whatever other disability they bought with them.

They went through the basics on the first day – the layout of the home, which included a large, communal dining area, lounge area, craft and creativity zone, and all the individual bedrooms. Quinn was set up in her own room, which toed the line between bedroom and hospital room. Against the wall behind her bed were a variety of slots and plugs, ready for machines to be wired in as necessary. Her bed came fitted with a remote that allowed her to adjust the height and angle of the bed, as well as call a nurse if she needed to.

The bathroom was much the same – the handrails placed in convenient positions made the idea of going to the toilet without a nurse hovering around seem like a possibility, and Quinn was immensely relieved for that. Again, there were the assistance buttons kept around the place, but having this little bit of freedom offered to her… it was a comfort.

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