hugs work too


“I should have known it was all a set-up. A second later it all went to hell. He tried. Heart and soul. God knows I didn’t make it easy for him. I remember being sad. That I didn’t get to say “Goodbye.” Or “Thank you.” Or…“I’m sorry.”

I wanted to make myself sad and I really wanted a hug at the end of “Under the Red Hood”

I’m still not over the fact that Lena Luthor said to her assistant that this random reporter girl could come and go when she pleased, that she went on person at CatCo just to invite Kara to her party, that then she went to Kara’s house (aka: she made a research in order to get the address) to ask her to get her in touch with Supergirl, that she didn’t even need Supergirl’s help, than she told Kara about her crappy relationship with her mother - even though she was talking to a reporter -, that she said to her mother that Kara is smart even though it wasn’t an essential information, that she was petrified while seeing Cyborg Superman fighting Supergirl, that she became all nervous yet excited when Supergirl came to her office after saving her life, that she basically said she had expectations towards Supergirl, that she has finally found the courage to see her mother for the person she really is and she took stand against her thanks to Supergirl’s words - saving all alien’s lifes and bringing Lillian Luthor to justice, no matter people doubting of her intentions - and that after all of this no body told her “thanks”, or “sorry for not trusting you”, or went to comfort her.

Shisui angst prompt Pt 1

here’s the first prompt for the 500 follower special! part 2 should be out soon

Prompt: Okay for the special thing… Shisui is a very busy ninja, we all know that, and I just imagined a scenario where he is about to go for like 2-3 months on a risky mission, so he goes to tell his (female) S/O that he won’t be there but he sees her hugging other guy, and for some reason he gets really mad and leaves without saying goodbye, then months later he comes back and his SO confronts him, they fight, but like a real fight, screaming and shit, and it all ends with rough kisses and nswf

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forgive me. 


And then he realized; Ronan wouldn’t make the first move, because Ronan Lynch would never do anything unless he was five hundred percent certain that Adam wanted it.  And the truth was, he would never be certain. (x)


Happy 60th Birthday Brendan Gleeson! [b March 29th, 1955]