hugs make the world go round!

what your monsta x bias says about you

Shownu - you were born to be a leader and you are very talented. People are naturally drawn to you and look up to you. You’re very calm and you think before you speak. You find that people tell you that you give great hugs. 

Wonho - you have a very pleasing personality. You shine at everything you do, making you quite popular. You love to wear over-sized hoodies. You strongly believe that love makes the world go round. 

Minhyuk - you are bright and you literally bring sunshine anywhere you go. Your smile is infectious and you find that people feed off from your positivity. You are the life and soul of a party, and you love it.

Kihyun - you’re sassy, strong-willed and fancy. You may be physically small but you have a big heart. You care about everyone. You tend to nag at times but its just you being overly caring and perfectionist.

Hyungwon - you are funny, great company but a bad cook. If anyone’s looking for a nap buddy, then it would be you! You may come across as cold at first but really you are a warm, interesting person. 

Jooheon - you have natural charisma which makes a lot of people admire you, but some are jealous of you. You look tough but you are actually an adorable cinnamon roll. You are easily scared but you don’t back out at the first sign of trouble. 

I.M. - you have a wild imagination. You’re a dreamer and have a very unique personality. You may come across as weird sometimes but its your uniqueness that gets you the many friends and admirers you have.

I am most concerned

You guys - we’ve had two events now and not ONE of Tony’s random body parts has been anywhere to be seen. No ears or fingers or toes not even the back of his head. I’m worried. Can someone pop round, make sure the world’s most understanding boyfriend/husband/boyfriend (delete as applicable) is alright? I mean - Cait had to hug Sam. Sam! Imagine how awful that was (imagine…). I’m just scared that there’s a little ear somewhere that’s wandered off by itself and fallen down a well or got eaten by wolves or some shit idk.

(cue sudden and inexplicable sighting of the tip of his nose in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….GO!)