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i need jason to meet sally 

My one year anniversary on YouTube is coming up, and I wanted to paint something special. I’ve gotten many requests to draw my dog, so here’s a preview for the episode!

Thanks for all the lovin guys 🐺🐾

Sabriel Headcanons Part 7


- Gabe marathoning through kids’ cartoons (with adult jokes) when he can’t sleep, like Timmy Turner, Kikoriki, Spongebob, etc.

- Sam crossing out every day in his calendar before going to bed and Gabe kinda finding it cute because Sam just CAN’T sleep without having done that

- Gabe’s British accent being Sam’s weak spot

- Sam spending countless amounts of time in the “belles lettres” and historical part of their book store/library, looking for new novels to read, especially those that aren’t easy to find amongst all the other books
- Gabe giving a copy of “Monsieur Optimist” or anything similar to him, and going away saying, “Dig deeper, kiddo”

- Gabe learing Spanish by reading Harry Potter in Spanish
- Also, hitting another of Sam’s weak spots because HARRY POTTER AND SPANISH OKAY

- Sam having to hold back tears when Gabe shows up in high heels and still is shorter than him

- “IwillnotshipmybrothersIwillnotshipmybrothersIwillnotshipmybrothers” when Gabe finds out there’s Michifer fanfiction
- Sam showing him some other fics as well and Gabe going, “Argh fuck it new OTP y’all”

- The two of them going on vacay and Gabe having forgotten to buy a French dictionary, so they have to deal with either totally overpriced abroad internet or an English-Russian, a Russian-Polish, a Polish-Italian and an Italian-French dictionary

- Gabe polishing Sam’s nails when he falls asleep because “You look good, though.”

- Hugs. Hugs. Hugshugshugs. So many hugs. Back hugs, front hugs, standing-on-a-chair-hugs, sleepy hugs, telly hugs, belly hugs, morning hugs, cinema hugs, hugs everywhere.