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My one year anniversary on YouTube is coming up, and I wanted to paint something special. I’ve gotten many requests to draw my dog, so here’s a preview for the episode!

Thanks for all the lovin guys 🐺🐾


Huge thanks to Just McKinlay for uploading this video! (I hope it’s OK to embed it.)

Dating Choi Seungcheol Would Include-

- ok but he’ll call you sweetheart, honey, babe, etc

- he doesnt mind pda but he wont do it often 

- ok but he really likes to kiss you when you’re in private he just really likes to do it

- he loves how you’re so cuddly when he cuddles you

- ok but he’s a mix between the little spoon and the big spoon

- sometimes he wants to be held and sometimes he wants to hold

- ok but he’ll buy you whatever you want and you’re just like BBY NO

- it’s just because he wants you to stay ok 

- and he’ll explain this to you and you’re just like seungcheol ily bby i would never leave you

- ok then he gets really happy and a puppy smile comes onto his face 

- he likes to make you laugh a lot and says you look your best when you’re smiling

- he’ll compliment you 25/8




- ok but he loves when you compliment him it would mean so much to him

- he would do literal anything for you to keep you happy

- he would tell u he loves you everyday

- ok when you cuddle and he’s the big spoon he’ll kiss your forehead a lot and he just likes giving you forehead kisses

- he’ll call you whenever he has the chance when he has a schedule

- ok but you’ll be like movE OUT THE WAY JEONGHAN I’M THE NEW PARENT 

- and then jeonghan will be like what will i be then will dino still be my baby

- and seungcheol would just say jeonghan can be the aunt and it would make u laugh and he would get a big smile on his face

- honestly he’s the type to buy large sweater and force you to wear it with him at the same time to cuddle and you’re just like o shit this was actually a great idea gr8 thinking boyfriend

- ok but he just wants to make you happy a lot and likes a lot of cuddles and stuff ok just please date this puppy

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