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In this scene in Lilo and Stitch where Nani is desperate for work and tries her luck at the local coffee shop, I always loved how nicely the owner is animated…she’s a minor character but her design is so lovely and idk I think she’s great :3

i need jason to meet sally 

So we get teary-eyed Eren hugging Armin, who blushes in response…

And then the very next chapter we get this flashback showing Dina falling for Eren’s father…

…featuring her hugging him as she’s crying, and he blushes when she does so hmm.

And the same thing happens years later when Carla falls for him as well…

2 out of 3 of these scenes were canonically romantic and led to the two characters in question becoming a couple. Soooooo….

So what is Isayama trying to say with Eren hugging Armin like that?

Well who knows, right? 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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The gangs reaction of having a taller s/o?

Demencia will very regularly use their partner to climb to new heights without using the wall. She sits on their shoulders or hangs from their neck all the time. She always cracks tall person jokes and they joke back. She loves it.

Black Hat’s a bit frustrated. He’s pretty tall in his normal form already, but his prospective business partner’s nose reaches the brim of his hat. It’s not a game breaker, but you’ll occasionally find him shape shifted to be his partners height or taller, just so they can see eye to eye.

Dr. Flug has his much taller partner get things from higher places for him, and if he’s working too much sometimes he’ll be lifted from his seat in a big tall hug. It’s a great arrangement, so the frustration of having to make an extra tall size of everything wearable for them is very worth it.

Even though 5.0.5. isn’t available for dating, he will hug his friend at all opportunities. Double bear hugs are the best kinds, he thinks.

2Ciel Theory

Ok, ok.. SOOOO we did find out that “our Ciel ” does have a twin, BUT! BUT! What if it’s not really the twin anymore? But instead it’s Vincent’s soul inside the twin? Undertaker did say that the Earl was still with us, and since Vincent’s body was to destroyed when the fire took place so he used the body of the dead twin as a replacement for Vincent’s soul? I mean, it would explain why Undertaker was experimenting on the dead to see if he can bring them back.. in which he did succeed in that, but as a result the dead did come back with no soul and were eating the living to gain a soul again? I think? I don’t really remember. Don’t attack if I get that part wrong.


Basically what I am saying is that we all know that Undertaker is experimenting on the dead, the dead comes back, but with no soul. And since they have no soul the dead will eat the living to gain a soul in hopes to “ live” again? So maybe Undertaker took the other body which is the real Ciel that was already passed away and was trying to figure out how to bring a dead body back to life and then put Vincent’s soul inside that body. BUT I DON’T KNOW BECAUSE I’M NOT GOOD AT EXPLAINING SHIT SO YEAH. I think it might be Vincent but might just be the REAL CIEL and it’s all Undertakers doing because THEY EVIL SHITS.

I’m pretty sure it’s the Queens fault to why the Phantomhives are always getting killed. I’m sure she’s the main villain in the series. *UPDATE* Just thinking here, but if Undertaker already collected Vincent’s soul then he would just need a body that would be compatible for Vincent’s soul, in which HEY why not use Vincent’s own son for a new vessel? It would work out because people would just think that it’s “ Ciel ” without his eyepatch on now and plus Vincent would have some of his looks back lol. BUT don’t you get in trouble or some shit if you don’t turn in a soul? Or keep a soul? Like Undertaker aren’t you going against the big man upstairs? How is he getting away with this shit? I’m just really confused because if Undertaker kept Vincent’s soul then I get it, but if he kept the real Ciel soul then why? But if this is the real Ciel then so be it but why him? WHAT IN DAMNATION IS GOING ON HERE? LIKE WHAT IF ITS NOT EVEN VINCENT OR THE REAL CIEL? Like what if it’s the person who tried to kill the Phantomhive family all together that’s inside the twins body? What if it is Undertaker himself inside the twins body?? What if it’s the Queens husband? What if it’s Abigail from across the street? We just don’t know… I’m more shook then Sebastian right now because it’s just getting more and more intense by the minute. Well whatever is gonna happen…

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My one year anniversary on YouTube is coming up, and I wanted to paint something special. I’ve gotten many requests to draw my dog, so here’s a preview for the episode!

Thanks for all the lovin guys 🐺🐾

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could i have headcanons of small things that todoroki, bakugou, kirishima, uraraka would do to show affection?(like picking up ice cream if they get some, etc.) thanks! i love your blog!!

((oooo yeah baby gimme that flufff oohhooooo))

Todoroki Shouto

  • He helps you with little tasks that you need done. Stuff like laundry, dusting, etc.
  • He’ll do stuff that you enjoy with you, even if he doesn’t particularly like it.
  • Cheek smooches!!! Only in private tho he gets embarrassed about PDA

Katsuki Bakugou

  • He helps you study, whether it’s academically or physically
  • He’s a lot easier on you and will give you compliments. Except they don’t sound like compliments because he still says them in the Bakugou-esque voice we all know and love
  • *picks up a smooth rock off the ground* here it looks like you

Kirishima Eijirou

  • He’s the most open about affection out of all the boys in class A aside from Kaminari and Sero. He’ll just straight up tell you he loves you and that he wants to make you happy
  • He’s a hugger. He wants you to know he loves you? Hugs. Are you sad? Hugs. Happy? Hugs. Hugs everywhere motherfucker.
  • Also, he WILL cuddle with you at night whenever he can. There’s really no avoiding Kirishima’s big strong arms getting wrapped around your waist it’s cuddle time bitches. You fell asleep and you’re moving around too much? Good thing he’s a goddamn rock and can keep you there forever. Friggin.,. lovebug

Uraraka Ochako

  • She gets you gifts when she can!! Never anything super expensive, but she’s the one to bring home ice cream or get you something you were looking at in a store
  • She, like Kirishima, is a cuddler. Unlike him, however, she’ll only cuddle if the AC is on. It gets too hot otherwise
  • She likes to pick you up and spin you around (think ruby and sapphire from SU) but sometimes she makes you float. It takes her a minute to stop laughing at your expression, so you’ve already hit the rafters by the time she’s trying to get you down