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*sees another controversial post with several reblogs of responses after*

Hi guys! Just a reminder that the Internet is a very public place, so whatever you post that isn’t set to private (or in some private chat) will be seen by other people.

Consequences may follow. Decide whether or not you’re willing to deal with them before you publish that post.

The public (Internet or otherwise) will never be an inherently safe or peaceful space (u w u🌸)

I can’t believe thisssssssss! I hit another milestone! 2.5k of you?! WOW. 

To the OG ones as always thank you for being part of this. And for always being sweet to me. To my new babes, welcome to the dark side! Thank you for giving my blog a chance and I hope I don’t let you down. And let’s be friends! Talk to me, I’m always available to talk or go into a Dean or Sam crisis. I love meeting new people <3333

For celebration I’m gonna be doing ‘Watch A SPN Ep With Me’ Soon. I wanna do it a day where a lot of my friends and new friends can be so… Maybe an Saturday or Sunday next week? Can y’all give me hour suggestions? I’ve never done something like this (except the movie thing) but yeah, please let me know if u like the idea. 

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I was going to post this tomorrow but the lighting now made it seem a bit more romantic??
Besides that, I always like to listen to music when drawing and the song ‘Lovers On The Sun’ by David Guetta always makes me think of Forte and Bansuri being all cuddly and shit

Someone being angry and bitter at Tony starts noticing Tony getting kisses and hugs from three different guys and pieces together Tony is dating the three guys in secret and surely they don’t know about each other because the person never sees them together in the same room so they plan to sabotage it all and reveal the three-timing snake that Tony is and ruin his happiness. They get their chance at some event where Tony and the three guys are all present and rounds them up together, itching to reveal everything and ready to see he fallout and Tony’s pain and the three guys getting angry at him. They call Tony unfavorable words and express how the three guys deserve to know the truth and someone better than “this pathetic playboy who’s cheating on all of you and none of you know it,” but instead of getting the rage and the break up the person was hoping for, Steve, Bucky and T’Challa simply level them a very unimpressed look, saunter over to Tony together and simultaneously say “we know” before T’Challa kisses his right cheek and Bucky kisses his left and Steve kisses the top of his head while they look at the person dead in the eyes, daring them to say something now.

Hey kiddos, I'm going to be fairly inactive for a few days but if you really need to talk to me just pm me and I'll check it out. I love you guys, please remember to care for yourselves while I'm gone.

Hug your friends. Take photos of and with your friends. Don’t be afraid to talk to them first. Make plans with your friends. Invite them over. Go on adventures. Let them know you appreciate them. Tell your friends you love them. And please, hug your friends.

They can be ripped away from your life at any moment because of some stupid accident, so please let them know how much they mean to you while they can still hear it.

I didn’t follow my TC’s Instagram cause I am that kind of awkward introvert kid and he turned his IG to private recently so I didn’t get to stal-I mean sees picture of him…
BUT, my friend created an IG account for the Class AND she uses my phone to do so, and The class’s IG acc follows him so I got the notification of him posting new stuff!!


lol remember when i said i’d be casually into rosentrooper if it was something someone was writing? well now i need it asap, just LOOK at that hug (and cooper beaming in the corner) and then truman’s grin in the second pic (with his hand on albert’s back)


Robin: “Th- The only reason I am ‘small’ is because my bones, with me being of the avian kingdom, and because of this my bones are light to enable me to fly, but since I cannot fly they’re useless, and, if I might add, THE ONLY REASON I AM WHAT YOU CONSIDER TO BE ‘SHORT’!-”

Manny: “Yeah, like a little baby pigeon!”

Harry: “I’m taller than both of you. Now stop.”