hugs from behing

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What headcanons do you have for the detective agency for when they sleep with their s/o? Like do they drape an arm or hold them close or r they the complete opposite?

Headcanons,my favorite! ^w^ -Blue


Atsushi Nakajima: I feel like this pure soul would just love to sleep close,he would not need to hug you,but holding a hand with him is must.He would probably not fall asleep without feeling the warm from your hand.

Dazai Osamu: He gets pretty clingy and he gets that way very easily.He would hug you from behing or just push you flush against his,almost suffocating you.He especially loves to kiss you on the head before falling asleep so having you close to himself is the best way for him to fall asleep.

Kunikida Doppo: He definitely reads before he goes to sleep and he enjoys to have one arm around your shoulders why your head is leaning on his biceps or chest from the side.He likes to steal glances at your sleeping face if you fall asleep before him.

Tanizaki Junichirou: He enjoys hugging you from behind and snuggling your back.He would just feel your scent before closing his eyes and it would calm his senses and he would be really relaxed,forgoting about all the work he has to do tomorrow.

Edogawa Ranpo: He doesn’t need so much physical contact,so he is okay even when you are both facing opposite sides of the room but you have to be touching at least with your back,that gives him the feeling of happiness and knowing you are beside him would make him fall asleep much easier.

Kenji Miyazawa: He is all about the contact.He likes to nuzzle to your chest or stomach,so he just lies on top of you with his head on your stomach and his hands firmly hugging around your torso.

Fukuzawa Yukichi: He likes hugging you from behind and letting your head rest on his arm.Even when he sometimes can’t feel his arm when he wakes up,it’s filling him with joy seeing your calm and sweet expression when you fall asleep and nuzzle to his arm.It’s definitely worth it.

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i am watching the princess bride, and i am just imagining felicity interrupting oliver in the middle of a heated argument/rant, going "life is pain your highness." or something like "nonsense, you're only saying that coz nobody ever has." I am imagining Abby hugging the grouch monster from behing and saying "my name is inigo montoya and you killed my father. prepare to die." SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE. THE PRINCESS BRIDE REMINDS ME OF LEGACY NOW.


I am literally watching that movie RIGHT NOW, and Billy Crystal is being bestest, and this makes me beyond happy

thank you thank you

I want to bite you neck, leave red marks on your body as I dig my fingers deep in your ass cheeks while grabbing it. I want to hug you from behing, having the smell of your hair as I lay a firm and viscious grip on your inner thighs. I want you to know how much I desire you, how much I crave you. I want you to choose me to please you. Nothing is more sexy than to make you purr and wet as I breath my grunts in you ears and I press against you my hard cock.

My KCON experience:
  • bangtan sang the intro song and they were adorbs
  • block b set the mood with toy
  • zikyung action
  • ukwon was dancing alone in a corner and enjoyed himself
  • nalina started out with zico making us say nalina over and over again and it was lit
  • po let us sing his parts in her
  • ioi are fucking cute
  • one of the girls was so happy she kept on throwing hearts and waving
  • all of them were smiling because of the cheers
  • f(x) are goddesses (but we already knew that)
  • amber was so happy during the talk because of the cheers and she was so excited and went like ‘i saw y’all doing the 4walls thing in the chorus it’s was amazing’ and she was laughing
  • krystal is still awkward and shy
  • krystal called amber’s shake that brass her new single but it isn’t so she got all embarassed
  • she hugged amber from behing and yelled ‘now give it up for my member’s solo’s!!’ (she sounded like sica omf)
  • amber set the mood ofc and she was hella enjoying our chants (u should’ve seen that smile during the hey hooooo hey hoooo parts)
  • luna slayed my ass
  • talking about butts, krystal’s is amazing (i already concluded this from the london korean festival but this timE IT WAS LIKE UPCLOSE)
  • during the clapping hands (choreo) part in hot summer amber was facing us and she was all shy and embarassed
  • taeming then slayed our ass with a ballad (he’s beautiful)
  • bts set the roof on fire (FIREEEEEEEEe)
  • jimin was rude af and constantly kneeling down and doing his hair thingy (his hair was soaked from sweat help)
  • yoongi looked sleepy lol
  • jin was amazing istg he’s so beautiful
  • jimin smiled sexily at a fan (my ovaries went boom)
  • kookie’s whole appearance seems unreal
  • namjoon made the funniest face during dope (smiley face :] literally)
  • jimin was a body rolling ass during fun boys and he threw his towel at someone
  • tae threw his water like usually during fun boys and i died
  • hobi’s moves while holding the french flag daaaaaaaamn
  • honestly don’t know much about what happened with ft island bc i was sitting on the floor exhausted OTL
  • luna+taeil was beautiful, luna seemed to have tears in her eyes (she puts in so much emotion and tAEIL’S HIGH NOTE)
  • shinee rocked the place
  • key walks like a diva 
  • minho spitting fire man
  • onew hitting those notes
  • taemin slipped slightly twice (confetti :/) bUT it made him laugh (i got a picture of it)
  • i don’t understand how taemin’s body can move like that??? that boy is such a good dancer it’s unreal
  • why so serious was a screaming party
  • btw i heard everything in high pitched voices (very good was hilarious)
  • at the end everyone came on stage again
  • all of them were being cuties
  • when most of the artists started leaving the stage, bts stayed behind a bit bc hobi was entertaining us with some weird ass moves
  • jimin joined in with him
  • and then came jungkook with his infamous dance move (the one he did in the baepsae dance practice) he kept on going in circles
  • so all the members stayed and laughed with them
  • when they almost were all gone yoongi quickly waved at us again ;;