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The GoM reaction to their s/o telling them out of the blue they miss them, because the guys were busy lately and didn't realize they were kinda neglecting their s/o

Hi dear, here I’m with our lovely Gom! I hope you’re going to enjoy them, let me know it!

Have a nice day!

The GoM x Lonely Reader, Reactions


Aomine Daiki

Aomine blinked at you, confused.

That second of silence wiped off the confidence with which you had told him you missed being with him lately. You weren’t even used to be that vocal and now you were regretting it.

“D-Don’t worry, I-I know you’re busy…” you stuttered blushing hard and looking at your shoes, “Now I’ll let you go back to class, I-“

You tried to walk away, but Aomine grabbed your wrist.

“Wait SO!” he called you surprised; turning, you saw his cheeks were red too. He opened his mouth to speak, but then looked around and scowled at the crowd of the students in the corridor. Without saying a word, he dragged you with him.

You didn’t even try to stop him, but just followed under perplexed stares.

You finally halted in a hidden corner under a flight of stairs and Aomine leaned against the wall.

“Aomine wha-”

He pulled you in a rough hug, resting his chin on your head and pressing your face against his chest. You suspected he was too embarrassed to let you look at him.

“’m sorry,” he mumbled lulling you, “I’m a bit of a basketball idiot and didn’t realize you were lonely…”

You chuckled, wrapping your arms around his chest.

“You are a big basketball idiot!”

“Ehi! I was trying to be nice here!” he growled, but raising your head, you saw he was grinning.

“This Saturday,” he proposed, “Let’s go out, alright?”

“Didn’t you have plans with Kagami?” you inquired lifting an eyebrow, but he shrugged.

“We can go playing another time,” he reassured you nuzzling against your neck.

“Are you saying that now I’m on the same level of basketball in your priorities?” you asked faking a gasp.

He chuckled.

“It seems so,” he answered with a kiss on the forehead, making you happier than what you would have expected.

Kise Ryouta

As soon as you finished speaking, Kise furrowed and got silence. You could see he was thinking about something, and panic caught you.

You knew Kise didn’t like to be tied down, but you were feeling really lonely lately and in that moment you couldn’t have stopped yourself from telling him. And what if now he was mad? Or annoyed? Or-

“I’m the worst boyfriend ever!” Kise blurted out shocked, covering his face, “I’m so sorry SO! Please don’t be mad!” he whined taking both your hand in his.

“I-I’m not mad-” you tried to explain him, but he was already blabbering.

“I was so busy between basketball and modeling that I didn’t notice I was neglecting you! I can’t believe that it’s been three weeks since the last time we went on a date!” he apologized to you, golden eyes filled with regret. He was truly ashamed for his behavior.

“I-It’s okay, I know you’re busy. I just needed to tell you, I’m not mad,” you reassured him with a warm smile, patting his blond hair.

He groaned and hugged you on the spot.

“You’re too good for me,” he sighed relieved, “Let’s go on a date, right now!”

“Don’t you have a photoshoot? And we still have three hours of school left,” you chuckled, enjoying the hug.

“I can cancel it.”

“You can’t.”

“Then, come with me!” he proposed grabbing your shoulders and looking at you expectantly.

“Are you sure?” You’ve never been on a set, but you were curious. He nodded enthusiastically.

“I’d love it! Then it’s settled!” he shined bubbling and gave you a kiss on the nose.

Kuroko Tetsuya

“I’ve missed you…” you whispered

Kuroko stopped walking and turned to you, surprised.

He was walking you home and holding your hand.

“Ah sorry! I didn’t want to annoy you, but lately you’ve been busy and I just…”you tried to explain yourself blushing, “…really missed you?”

Kuroko realized what you were saying and grimaced.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized bowing to you, “I didn’t mean to neglect you, nor to let you feel lonely. Forgive me.”

“No, no please Kuroko! There’s no need to-”

But he straightened and you saw a soft smile on his lips. He knew what you meant.

You quieted down, as he squeezed your hand.

“Would you like to have dinner with me?” Kuroko invited you gently and you brightened up.

“Aren’t you tired?” you asked doubtful, but he shrugged.

“Not for you” he answered smoothly and you giggled giddy.

“Then, I’d love too,” you accepted softly and he resumed walking, rubbing small circles on the back of your hand.

Midorima Shintarou

“I’ve missed you!” you blurted out in the middle of the conversation, without realizing. Midorima had been talking to you about something,  but you were more focused on staring at him and it just happened. Some of the girls passing in the corridor snickered and you realized that you had yelled it instead of whispering it.

Midorima was looking at you shocked, totally caught off guard.

“Missed…me?” he repeated wide-eyed. He was talking about how he was going to murder Takao and suddenly you…

“I-I’m sorry,” you apologized covering your mouth,” You were talking and I was looking at you and I just realized I didn’t see you all week and then I just…said it.” You burst in a frantic explanation until it died in your throat, leaving you with your embarrassment.

Midorima blushed deeply and averted his eyes, casually covering his mouth with a hand.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized too,” I missed you too…” the boy added in a whisper so low that you barely heard it.

His words made you redden more, but a giggle escaped from your lips.

“If you have time,” Midorima took all his courage to ask you out, “We could go out for dinner after practice,” offered awkwardly.

And finally, he met your eyes and your smile widened, because you could read in him that he really wanted to.

“It’s perfect! I’ll wait for you!” you thrilled happily and that won a smile out of him.

Murasakibara Atsushi

Murasakibara looked down at you, who were shifting your feet uncomfortably and staring at the ground. With a sigh, he crouched and met your eyes.

“Were you lonely?” he asked blankly, tilting his head to the side.

You nodded, with a small pout.

A smirk flashed on his lips.

“That’s really cute, SO,” he commented patting your head, “You should have told me, though.”

“I didn’t want to trouble you…”

He shrugged and pulled a strawberry candy out of his pocket.

“You never trouble me, except when you try to feed me carrots,” he grimaced, putting the candy in your mouth, “Sorry for that. From tomorrow I’ll be all yours again, alright?”

You grinned and nodded, satisfied with that little promise.

“Good girl,” he hummed satisfied standing up again and taking your hand.

“Don’t treat me like a child!”

“Not my fault you’re so cute and small.”

Akashi Seijuurou

“I missed you lately.”

Now, you usually were very careful about you said around your boyfriend, since he tended to be…extreme, but those words bubbled out of your lips before you realized it. Definitely a mistake.

Akashi, as you feared, froze while he was walking to you with a cup of tea from the vending machine in the school’s corridor.

He let the cup fall, under shock, and the tea spilled everywhere.

“Akashi!” you cried, reaching him and looking at the mess on the floor, “I’m not saying there’s something wrong, I know you’re busy! I just missed you a litt-”

He didn’t let you speak, he raised a hand putting a finger on your lips and took out his phone with the other. He quickly dialed a number.

“Hello, Akashi-sama?”

“Postpone all my appointments for the next three days to the next week,” he ordered firmly and you exhaled, covering your eyes. You should have known it.


“No but,” He shut the other off, hanging up and turning to you.

“Akashi, you didn’t need to do it,” you scolded him trying very hard to glare at him, but your devil was now smiling all sappy and alluring.

He took your hand and kissed your knuckles softly.

“Now, I’m all yours,” he whispered pulling you towards him with a mischievous smile, “I hope you’re ready.”

Yeah, you had made a mistake but you weren’t going to regret it one bit now.

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HII i adore your scenarios it's like my drug. I'm not sure if you're still open, pretty sure, but u can just delete it if you want. Can i request Aomine, Kagami, Akashi, and Kise reacting to their S/O's bikini and being hit on at the beach?

First of all,

Thank you, lovely anon! You are so sweet and deserve a lot of cuddles and chocolate chip cookies!

Second of all, of COURSE you can request that! I’m assuming you meant that people were hitting on the S/O and not the boys? :) I’ll write them in the order you requested.

Aomine Daiki: Aomine’s jaw drops ever so slightly when he sees you wearing your new bikini, and you grin in what you hope is a seductive manner. However, you lose yourself momentarily when you realise that this is the first time either of you have seen the other in swimwear; flustered, you try to avoid staring at Aomine’s perfectly tanned and sculpted body as you attempt to be the one who’s doing the enticing rather than be utterly captivated yourself, but no matter. A small blush appears on Aomine’s cheeks and that’s enough to give you a million butterflies in your stomach and somewhere in your nether regions.
“Damn, girl,” a crude, rough voice interrupts your precious moment, and you turn to see a man in his early twenties chuckling with his friends as they check you out. “Can you shake that -” the guy starts, but he can’t finish his sentence because Aomine steps up to him in a flash, staring him down with eyes so cold that time seems to stop momentarily.
“Say that again,” Aomine dares, gritting his teeth and sending death stares to all three men who are now positively cowering.
“N-nothing, man … we were just complimenting her. Chill out,” one of the guys mutter, and Aomine does all but that, and sends a quick sharp blow to the guy’s head, and he crumples onto the sand, motionless.
“Apologise,” Aomine glares at the two standing men, who mumble what seem like apologies before they run off, half-carrying their friend. Although slightly terrified, a warm glow spreads through your body, and you smile.
“Thanks,” you tell him, giving him a soft kiss on the lips. Aomine looks down at you, grinning back before returning the kiss.
“Any time. They deserved it for the way they were talking about you,” Aomine mutters, putting his arm around you.

Kagami Taiga: “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until I die; you look so good in a bikini, babe,” Kagami murmurs, kissing you on the neck as you lean against your car, holding him close.
“Mm, thanks,” you whisper back, tracing your fingers lovingly over his six-pack. Someone wolf-whistles as they drive past, and a few other cars honk. Kagami’s brows knit closer together, fury evident in his face, until finally, when one guy walking past actually has the audacity to say, “Hey, sexy. Wanna come join us after you do him?”, he snaps. Kagami leaps at the guy, shoving him against your car so that the guy’s feet are dangling as he kicks and attempts to fight. “What … what the fuck, bruh?!” The guy chokes out, trying to land a punch on Kagami and failing spectacularly. Kagami smirks, but his eyes have no humour in them. You grin to yourself, stepping forward.
“Don’t you fucking dare talk to me - or any other girl - like that again. If you do,” you say threateningly, knowing that your five-foot stature isn’t doing you any favours. Instead, you muster all the strength and hatred that you have boiling inside you and stare down at the creep. “If you so much as look at me in the wrong way, I will personally ensure that’s the last thing you ever end up doing with a girl,” you spit at him. The look on the idiot’s face makes your day, and Kagami thrusts the guy to the ground, disgust written all over his face.
“You’re pathetic,” Kagami snaps, before you guys grab your towels and head towards the water.

Akashi Seijuro: When Akashi sees you take off your beach shirt to reveal your stunning new two-piece, you manage to catch a rare smile from him and a look of pleasant surprise crosses his face. That smile spreads a warmth around your body, so you do a silly little twirl and the ruffles of your bikini flutter in the light wind. Akashi’s small smile widens slightly, and he gestures the spot next to him on the towel.
“You look as beautiful as ever, my dear ___-san,” Akashi says with all the honesty of a young child. His eyes are soft and warm, and something about the way he looks at you makes you feel as though everything will be okay.
“Th-thank you, Sei-kun,” you respond, blushing. You’re so caught up looking up at Akashi and his beauty that you don’t notice the man who is staring at you from behind, but Akashi certainly does. His eyes narrow in disgust, so you turn to see a man giving you a look that you wouldn’t wish on your greatest enemy. It sends shivers down your spine, and you jump when Akashi talks.
“Just a moment, ___-san,” Akashi mutters and he stands up, and walks over to the man. Scared, you hold onto your towel, watching Akashi say something to the predator. The man immediately backs away, his expression drastically changing from hungry to terrified, and he runs as fast as his chubby legs can carry him, across the sand and over to the park until you can no longer see him. Akashi sits back down next to you, exhaling. He takes your hand and gazes into your eyes.
“He won’t be bothering you any more, ___-san,” Akashi murmurs, planting a soft kiss on your forehead as he envelopes you in a warm hug.

Kise Ryouta: Kise’s eyes nearly pop out of his head when he sees you walking towards him, wearing nothing but a highly flattering bikini. It’s black, strappy, and fits in all the right places. You feel so good wearing it, and you can’t help but bite your lip and smile when you see Kise’s reaction. You notice there are stares around you, but you choose to ignore them.
“___-cchi! My god! Where did you get that … I mean … wow!” Kise splutters, eyes wide and face flushed. “You look amazing, ___-cchi!”
“You’re looking alright yourself, Ryouta-kun,” you wink at Kise, and he is positively glowing with happiness. However, that ecstasy turns into immediate darkness when a bunch of teenage boys wolf-whistle at you, and one of them calls out to you, walking right up to you with his posse giggling madly behind him.
“Hey, lady,” the boy says, and even dares to put his arm around you, even though you’re a little taller than he is and you slowly step out from under him and take his arm off your shoulder. The boy smirks, and winks, flashing a what would otherwise be a charming smile, if not for what he said next: “If you do my homework for me, I’ll pay you back with the best night you’ll ever -”
“Back off, kid!” Kise’s usually happy-go-lucky demeanour is positively on the brink of explosion with anger, and it actually surprises you a little.
“Aw, come on, man! I was just … kidding …” the boy’s voice shrinks to a whisper by the end as he steps away from you, all the kids’ eyes on Kise’s, which are currently flashing with something you’ve never quite seen before, but it’s enough to frighten the gaggle of adolescent boys away. Kise looks at you, eyes reverting back to their usual puppy-like state. 。◕ ‿ ◕。

  • [at the amusement park]
  • Furihata: Sei, are you okay?
  • Akashi: [about to puke] I'm fine, just.. no more roller coaster please
  • Furihata: [chuckles] You should have told me you are afraid of-
  • Akashi: I'm not afraid! I'm just..
  • Furihata: [amused] Yes? What is it Se- [bumps into someone] ouch!
  • Kise: Oh, I'm sor- Furihatacchi!
  • Furihata: [frowns] Kise-san?
  • Kise: [panics] Furihatacchi, you gotta help me!
  • Furihata: Wha-
  • Kise: Some fangirls are going after me and I can't- I need to hide! Please help me!
  • Furihata: Kise-san, please calm down first.. [opens his backpack] here, wear this beanie, and this sunglasses, and cover your mouth with this scarf..
  • Kise: O-okay, [wears all the stuff Furihata just gave him quickly] how- how do I look?
  • Furihata: [gasps] Are you by any chance.. not Kise Ryouta?
  • Kise: ...
  • Kise: [chuckles]
  • Furihata: [gives Kise a thumb up] It's a good disguise
  • Kise: The fact that I meet you and you have exactly what I need.. this must be destiny, Furihatacchi [grins]
  • Furihata: More like, I'm just lazy tidying up.. those stuff are always in my bag since God knows when, I hope they don't smell or anything [laughs awkwardly]
  • Kise: [beams] Thank you Furihatacchi!!! [about to hug Furihata]
  • Akashi: [suddenly stands in front of Furihata] And what do you think you are doing?
  • Kise: [surprised] Ah Akashicchi! You're here too
  • Akashi: [rolls his eyes]
  • Kise: Um.. can you move a bit? I want to-
  • Akashi: No
  • Kise: Aww come on Akashicchi, it's just a hug
  • Akashi: [glares]
  • Kise: Ugh, fine!
  • Akashi: ...
  • Kise: [blows a kiss to Furihata]
  • Akashi: [catches the imaginary heart and stomps it to the ground]
  • Kise: [in disbelief] Not even that?!
  • Akashi: No. Now, off you go
  • ---
  • Furihata: So.. you are jealous?
  • Akashi: Yes
  • Furihata: [raises his eyebrows] You actually admit it?
  • Akashi: Why shouldn't I?
  • Furihata: ...
  • Furihata: [chuckles]
  • Akashi: .. What is it?
  • Furihata: And yet, you can't admit you are afraid of roller coaster
  • Akashi: [scoffs] It's because I'm not
  • Furihata: We can ride it again then?
  • Akashi: No!
  • Furihata: [laughs]
  • ---
  • PS. This is for dear anon who requested jealous Akashi, hope you like it!

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I know what to request finally! So how about kise wanting to marry his s/o and proposing to her extravagantly, with all the sparkly lights and fireworks and in front of all their close family and friends? I hope it's ok this time (≧◡≦)

Gender neutral instead of the requested Fem!Reader. I hope you enjoy nevertheless (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

It was a delightful dinner you had with him, and at a fancy place too, where you had to dress up and do your hair differently. Kise was absolutely charming, though that was not a surprise for you, having dated him for a number of years now. The night isn’t over yet, according to Kise, so here you are with a hand in his as you sit on the porch in front of his house, as if you were still high school students.

He is being very sweet, telling you stories of the early stages of your relationship. How it felt pining for each other for a long time before finally confessing, that time when you went for a trip together. You watch him as he talk, beautiful like when you first met, and the nostalgic memories you both talk about certainly sends warmth to your heart.

“I can’t believe it’s almost been five years with you, Ryouta,” you murmur, smiling a little, “time flies by so fast.”

“Mmm,” he hums back, looking at his own thumb drawing circles on the back of your hand. “That’s a long time, huh.”


“But it doesn’t feel like it for me,” he adds softly, “because I have so much fun whenever I’m with you.”

“Me too, Ryouta.”

That’s when the porch ceiling suddenly lights up, making you gasp out in surprise. The two of you are now bathed in yellow light from the string lights hidden meticulously in between wooden bars up above, twinkling in a way that reminds you of Christmas. Your eyes wide, you look up to the porch ceiling and back at Kise—

—only to see him on one knee in front of you.

You have a hand cupping your mouth in shock—is this really happening?—as the night makes an unexpected turn. Kise looks at you, nothing but earnestness, love, and a bit of nervousness in his eyes. The normally playful boyfriend is suddenly solemn, dare you say, as he holds one of your hands in his.



“I can’t be more grateful to have you in my life, but after having you by my side for so long, I realize that I can’t continue without you in it. I promise that I’ll always treat you right, and that I’ll love you.”

Kise pauses, sighs, and shakes his head, while you wait with emotions a mix of confusion, anticipation, and unshed tears.

“I really can’t,” he finally says, looking down at his feet. Before you can ask what’s wrong (is he having second thoughts? Does he not want to marry ou?), he takes out a velvet box from inside his suit jacket, opening it in front of you. A brilliant ring sits inside, shining under the twinkling lights, and it looks as if it’s calling you to wear it. 

“I can’t love again if it’s not with you, _________-cchi. You’re the only one for me—and I really hope that I am the one for you, too—so will you… will you please be mine forever?”

He looks at you, a tear falling down your cheek as you try to hold back a sob. The sound of blood rushing and the rapid beat of his heart almost deafens his ears, but despite this he stills hear the choked ‘yes’ you whisper to him.

“Yes,” you repeat again, louder. If only your eyes weren’t so blurry from the tears, you would notice how Kise visibly relaxes at your answer, a smile on his face as he wipes your wet cheek. You blink a few times until you see the ring slipping on your finger—cold and heavy, but strangely makes you feel warmer and lighter at heart. In fact, you feel faint, so you place a hand on Kise’s shoulder for support.

Instead, he pulls you up by the waist, the two of you now standing, before he proceeds to kiss you. He cups your face, and at that moment everything in the world seems right and you feel as if you could hear metaphorical fireworks in your ears in celebration of the moment.

When you pull away, slowly opening your eyes, the sound of fireworks sound too real and something flashily colorful catches your attention.


Jaw slack, you look at the sky from the front porch as a firework shoots up into the dark, only to burst its redness into a heart shape. You are, once again, flabbergasted, but this time Kise has a smug look on his face when he sees your reaction. You are enthralled and hypnotized, and the moment seems too perfect to be true—maybe you passed out and this is just a dream, but when you feel Kise hugging your waist from behind, planting a kiss against your neck, it feels so real.

A loud slam of the door makes you jump even in Kise’s embrace, and the next thing you know is a chorus of “Surprise!!” and shiny colors blinding your vision. You feel the confetti on your nose and hair, and the vibrations in Kise’s chest as he laughs. When your eyes open, it’s everyone: your family, your friends, his friends from basketball with peculiar hair colors, his sisters, crowding the small porch of the house. 

The tears that you thought were dry immediately resurface and you have to bury your face in your hands to hide them, triggering a series of ‘aww’s from your friends. Kise lovingly strokes your hair, slowly prying your hands away to reveal your reddened face.

“Congratulations on your engagement, _________!”  

“You guys, thank you so much!” You say before rushing over to hug everybody. Kise’s friends are patting him on the back, congratulating him for a job well done and of course your newfound relationship. Kise looks over to you, making eye contact as he asks you to come over.

“Show them the ring,” he says, loud enough to catch everyone’s attention. You shyly hold up your left hand, half-hiding behind Kise as praises are given. 

“Looks really good on you.”

“Thank you,” you say, offering a shy smile. “Still, everyone… I can’t believe you all took part in this.” That earns an honest chuckle from the crowd, especially from Kise’s sisters, who steals you from their sibling’s grasp to lead you to the backyard.

“We prepared dinner!”

“That’s very kind of you, but we just ate—”

“Oh, sorry about that, _________—the dinner is for us, your job is just to drink, dance, and be cute with Ryouta, okay?”

So that’s exactly what you do. The backyard is lit with lights similar to that on the porch ceiling, illuminating the modest area. Kise arranged several nice tables and food for the partaking crowd while he sits next to you for the whole affair, whispering sweet nothings in your ear as he pours wine for you while drinking plenty himself, until some of your friends teasingly suggest that you dance. 

“This is sort of embarrassing,” you chuckle, hiding your face in the crook of his neck. Maybe you drank too much.

“Come on, _________-cchi,” he replies, hands enveloping yours. Just feeling the bump of the diamond ring on your finger makes his heart skip a beat or two. “Look at me.” His lithe fingers lightly bring your chin up, urging eye contact. Kise seems pleased at the extremity of your blush and presses a kiss against your pink ear. 

“If you’re already so shy here, how are you going to survive the wedding ceremony, darling?”

“Oh, Ryouta…”         

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Merry Christmas sweetie!!! Can I please request a Christmas where the GOM (except Atsushi) + Kagami + Himuro coming over to their gf's house to surprise them for christmas? Like they told them something came up so they couldnt see them but their actually shopping for them like romantic?? Sorry if this is confusing ;-; Thank you! And Merry Christmas!! Your the best :)

ok idk when this was submitted but it was probably last year HAHAH it’s been vegetating within my inbox but better late than never am i right. I ALWAYS MAKE THESE SO LONG SO IT TAKES ME LIKE AN HOUR TO WRITE SMH. 

Akashi: You frowned at your phone, disappointed at how suddenly your usually chivalrous boyfriend canceled on your date. Even if it was just a casual walk through the city, you were looking forward to seeing the Christmas lights with him. Sighing, you tugged on your boots and decided to go on a walk by yourself. You made it past your driveway, about to turn left towards the street when you saw a familiar black Range Rover with a very familiar figure at its steering wheel. Akashi got out, his black winter coat flowing behind him, and he was holding what appeared to be a very expensive red scarf. He wrapped it around your neck, and you sniffed the soft fabric in delight. “It’s so soft!” you exclaimed, and he took your hand, motioning you to the back of the car. “Look inside,” he said, and you gasped. The entire interior of the car was filled to the brim with Christmas lights and blankets. “It’s for us,” Akashi said, motioning for you to come inside the car. 

Aomine: “Whatever,” you commented, after seeing Aomine’s half-hearted text saying ‘I might be really late because something came up.’ After dating him for almost a year, you didn’t really set your expectations high, except for sex of course. You decided to go take a shower, and thirty minutes later — after your warm bubble bath just when you were putting on your bathrobe, the doorbell rung. Your hair still dripping, you opened the door a small crack, and Aomine’s familiar figure pushed itself inside. “Hey, I got you something for being late,” he said, eyeing your wet figure in amusement. “What?” you retorted, clearly annoyed at the state he found you in. “Well, I was late because I was getting it,” he mused. You turned your back to him to put on your underwear, but he threw something black and lacey towards you. “I got you some lingerie. Nice stuff that Momoi helped me pick out,” he said. Your eyes swept over the price tag still hanging on it, and you hitched a breath. “Wow,” you said under your breath. “I think it’s more wow if you put it on,” he said back, smirking. 

Kagami: Kagami called you about an hour before you were getting ready for your date, sounding unusually nervous and stuttering on his words. “Hey, I, uh, don’t think I can come today. Can we reschedule? I’m so sorry, I’ll call you later. Uh, something came up! Just…just I’m sorry, right now. I’m sorry!” The line hung up on itself and you shrugged, knowing that Kagami will tell you later if something very serious did happen. About an hour later, after you went to make yourself some comfort mac and cheese, the door to your apartment opened and Kagami was there, his face red as a tomato. “I got you something,” he said, stomping to the kitchen and putting it in front of your plate of mac and cheese. “Stop eating that, it was a joke. I’m sorry. I just wanted to do something romantic.” He turned away as you took out two matching Christmas sweaters. The labeled brand suggested that it was very expensive, and Kagami once insisted he hated wearing matching items. “Kagami!” you shrieked, attacking the red-headed giant and hugging him. 

Kise: “Hey, _____-cchi. I’m going to be late to our date. I hope you understand! It will be worth it!” That was Kise’s text to you five minutes before your dinner reservation. You smoothed out your blouse and sighed, picking up your phone to check the time. It’s been 20 minutes, and even your patient self was getting restless. Suddenly, you hear a familiar holiday tune, although on violin being played. You were in a private dining reservation area, so you thought it was just a romantic gesture being made by a couple. You sighed, but suddenly, Kise strode into your private room, with the violinist behind him. He was holding a large bouquet of flowers and he kneeled in front of you. You nearly yelped, and Kise laughed. “I’m not proposing to you, ____-cchi. I was late to our date because I was getting you a present. I hope you can forgive me!” he said, opening a small box in his hand. Inside was a beautiful Tiffany’s bracelet. “Kise! You know I don’t mind! You didn’t have to!” You were brightly blushing, as people from other dining rooms noticed the scene. You pulled Kise into a tight hug, and he gently kissed your forehead before taking your wrist and putting the bracelet on it.  

Kuroko: You were on the next chapter of your manga, and your boyfriend STILL wasn’t here yet. You sighed, placing your head on the pillow, deciding whether to text him again. Suddenly, you hear the doorbell and you jumped up to get it. Which was strange, because Kuroko usually calls you to meet him outside at his car. Yet, there he was, in front of your house in his huge parka. You couldn’t bring yourself to be mad at him. “What took you so long?” you asked, and Kuroko chuckled a bit, uncharacteristically. “I have something for you, ____-chan.” He took out of his pocket a vintage polaroid camera and handed it to you. “I was looking for this, but I ended up forgetting the time. I know you’ve always wanted something like this.” Your heart swelled in joy, and you turned on the camera, surprising Kuroko with a flash of light. “Got my first picture, and it’s of you,” you giggled. 

Midorima: Midorima called you in the middle of the day, saying he couldn’t make it to your weekly hangout. “I’m sorry, nanodayo,” he said before abruptly hanging up. You thought that was very uncharacteristic of him and you were about to take a walk outside for fresh air when you saw a familiar flash of green bike past your house. Midorima parked his bike a street corner away, and was pacing oddly around the area. You couldn’t help yourself, so you opened your window and screamed, “Shintarou!” which shook him out of his train of thought. Midorima looked quite disheveled when he came up to you. “What’s wrong Shin?” you asked him. “I…I got us something, nanodayo. But I’m not sure how to give it to you as a present.” You raised an eyebrow, as he took out from his coat two amusement park tickets. “You said you liked amusement parks. And…well I don’t, but I thought, it would be nice for the holidays. Since there’s lights. I like the lights, nanodayo.” He raised his hand to scratch the back of his head. “Shin, thank you,” you said, pulling him into a gentle hug. 

Himuro: Himuro was the utmost gentleman, so it confused you when it canceled your plans so abruptly. Minutes later, you received a text telling you to meet him at a store with a designated address. Confused, you ordered a taxi and found yourself in front of a snowboarding store, and your boyfriend waiting for you. “I didn’t know how to surprise you,” he said, chuckling and scratching the back of his neck in embarrassment. “I got us a cabin to go on a snowboarding trip, and I want to buy you some gear!” You gasped, stating that that was way too much money. “No, it’s no big deal,” he responded. “I have a lot of leftover equipment from America, and it’s really fun. I want to be able to share the experience with you.” You nodded, thanking him. “When do we go, Tatsuya?” you asked. Himuro laughed, “Tonight. I already asked your parents if it was fine, and you said you didn’t have any plans this week. Come on, let’s find you some good snowboarding gear.” 

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Yay!!! Okay so how about a scenario with Kasamatsu and Reader; funny but also really fluffy. Please include Kise and the other Kaijo starters. Thanks Tia!

AH. You know my weakness all too well!! ; A ; . I’m just glad he’s a few of your guys’ weaknesses too ;D.

A soft ‘ding’ vibrated through the room as you groaned tiredly. You lazily felt around for your phone, head still tucked under blankets as you hide from the sun. Your vision blurred from having just risen from slumber, but also from the cold that attacked during the night..


It was supposed to be your first date after school with Kasamatsu, but now that wasn’t happening as your mom ordered you to stay in bed.

Why did this happen now of all times?

You felt like crying, feeling so useless and pathetic for not taking better care of yourself.. You could hear his voice, reprimanding you for being careless and not listening to his advice beforehand.

Make sure you dry yourself off ___! You’ll catch a cold!’

Instead of listening to him, however, you felt exhausted from homework, and fell asleep at your desk, in your very damp clothes.. You vaguely realized, as you tried to sit up, that your mother moved you to your bed, and helped you into pajamas. 

You tried to shake the blurriness from your eyes, wincing at the throb in your head, and stared down at the phone. Your fingers hovered over the keys, mind wracking some form of response to the message blaring at you.

Instead, you let out a sigh, placing it down and crawled back under the blankets. 

You’d reply when you woke up from your nap.. Sleep sounds better than school anyway.


A grunt leaves his lips as he stares down at his phone, frowning at the blank response on his phone.. It’s the end of school, and not once had you responded to his text.. 

Did you not want to see that movie? Is that why you weren’t answering? 

You sounded fine the night before, when he’d talked to you about making sure to dry off after they got caught in that storm.. 

Why weren’t you at school anyway? Normally you’re at the meeting place before him.. 

Kasamatsu was starting to worry, and the frown continued to deepen.


He groaned loudly, not wanting to deal with his kouhai right now… Not when you..


“What is it?!” he barked, turning to look at him, only to watch as Kise holds his hands up, as if prepared for a kick. 

“Don’t hit me! I only came to tell you I was going to visit ____-cchi!”

Kasamatsu turns his head, trying to bite back the jealousy bubbling in his gut.. He wouldn’t admit to feeling jealous because Kise was going to your house…


“Did you forget?! We have practice!”

Kise frowns, arms crossed at the tone he was receiving.. Oh no.. Is he really that oblivious…??


Kise’s tone made Kasamatsu blink, as if wondering why he’s giving him such a disappointed stare. He was about to open his mouth, but Moriyama’s arm wrapped around his neck, pulling him into a half hug.

“We can’t let Kise go to ___-chan’s house all by himself!~” he coos, thrusting an arm in the air, as if cheering. “Come on, Kobori, Hayakawa! We need to join in and make sure nothing happens!”

“W….Wait… M…Moriyama you idiot-”

“But isn’t _____-chan…?”


“Wait! What about ____?! Moriyama s-stop right now!”

“We’re off to visit the beautiful _____-chan!”

God he really wants to kill them…


You let out a groan when the door opens, and you barely open your eyes, making out the silhouette of your mother, who sits on the bed beside you.. Her hand runs through your hair, and it feels so good.. Her fingers are cold, and it cools your heated skin.

Without realizing, tears began to slip down your heated cheeks.

“W…What’s wrong ____-chan?”

You gasp, hiccuping as you try to breathe through your nose, only to feel lightheaded from the lack of fluids.

“I… It was supposed to be my first date with K…Kasamatsu today…” you stumble, opening your eyes just a little more, “B-But.. I.. I’m sick.. A..And I didn’t even reply to him.. And now he probably thinks I’m ignoring him and it’s… Everything’s ruined!”

Your mother hums, as if she knows something you don’t.. Which is technically true, but of course you can’t see the smile through your blurred vision, only feeling pathetic you couldn’t enjoy yourself tonight..

“Why don’t you relax? Have a nice bath and come downstairs.. Soup will be ready for you…”

With a dulled nod, you managed to get out of bed, and slowly make your way to the bathroom, completely unaware of everything happening downstairs.


When you get downstairs, with lots of help from the wall and rails, the first thing you notice is there’s an extra pair of shoes you don’t recognize.. It doesn’t register that you’ve seen those shoes before, so you carefully make your way to the couch, where you want to cuddle under a blanket and watch cartoons in your silly girl pajamas..

But it seems someone else is currently occupying your spot.

Kasamatsu turns his head, watching as your expression constantly changes, and had he not been nervous, he would’ve found himself chuckling. Instead, he shifts over, gently patting the spot beside him.

“I… uh… Y….Your mom… S…She… A…And then.. K…Kise said… A..And…” he stutters over everything, and you can’t help it.. Even though you KNOW he’s nervous, anxious, and somewhat terrified, you throw yourself at him, curling in his warmth as you grab his shirt, biting your bottom lip.

“….I.. I’m sorry!” you cry, and although you feel his body freeze, you don’t stop, everything tumbling from your lips before you can stop yourself..

“I fell asleep last night while wearing my wet clothes and woke up sick.. Mom made me stay home and I was going to reply to your text but I slept the whole day… And all I could think of the entire time is disappointing you because we couldn’t have our date and how I didn’t listen to you and I.. I really… I really wanted to see you!”

The confession surprises Kasamatsu, and he only finds his arms wrapping around you, burying his face in your hair. He doesn’t mind the idea of being left alone with you, especially because your mother had to return to work.. And his entire team bailed last minute with chicken noodle soup made..


He smiles, after slowly calming down, and shifts to move you into a more comfortable position. He releases a soft sigh, and coos at you to look at him, which you do with reluctance. He reaches over, grabbing tissue and helps you blow your nose, biting back the urge to grin at your dark blush..

“You know…” he starts, watching as you turn to look at him, and he takes this time to look around your living room, scratching his head. “W..We have a t.v… We have dinner…”

He feels his cheeks heat up, and clears his throat, meeting your confused expression with a hint of determination.

“Why don’t we have our date here?”

You swallow the lump in your throat, trying not to blush, and as much as you want to retort, say you look disgusting and aren’t dressed properly, the sincerity in his eyes makes you stop, and a sheepish smile creeps on your lips.

“….I… I’d really like that… Oh… A..And.. .K..Kasamatsu-kun?”

He hums, never taking his eyes off you as you try to collect your thoughts.

“…C…Can we cuddle?”

Although his cheeks burn at the thought of being close, he finds himself sighing, lightly flicking your forehead.

“Only if you promise not to sneeze on me…”

The two of you laugh and you hold him close, resting your cheek against his shoulder.

“..I’ll only promise that if you promise not to make fun of my appearance..”

He rolls his eyes, lightly massaging your arm as he tenderly pecks your temple,

“As if I’d do that… idiot..”

moments in knb where i DIED

-Kurokocchi yelling out that he believes in Kise

-Kuroko smiling when Kise hugged him after they won a game in Teikou

-the Aokuro reunion fist bump (took u 2 goddamn years to do it u weenies)

-that pan up to the sky with Kagakuro at the end of season 1

-Murasakibara going back on the court because of Muro-chin’s tears



-tbh just any of them crying

-Akashi making Kuroko cry

-Aomine making Kuroko cry

-really all the crying I just can’t stress that enough

-this one I don’t actually feel that strongly about but it was pretty interesting; Haizaki keeping his shoes instead of throwing them out after losing to Kise

-Aomine and Kise being the only boy/boy pair in a school event (the rumours being that if you won you and your partner would end up together)

-Aomine telling Hanamiya he’ll lose because he pissed Kuroko off

-tbh anything with Reo being really gay (ESPECIALLY asking Akashi if he’ll accept his Valentine’s chocolates - and Akashi saying he will)

-Riko crying as she benches Kiyoshi, saying she’d rather him be physically okay even if he hates her for it

-Kiyoshi being #1 team dad and vowing to protect the members of Seirin WITH BLOOD DRIPPING DOWN HIS FACE HOW METAL

-Kagami going into the Zone pretty much because he saw Kuroko crying (also the senpais but shhh)

-Hanamiya being scared of Imayoshi

-Haizaki being scared of Nijimura

-that whole Nijihimu fanfic official light novel (ESPECIALLY Niji spending a whole paragraph talking about how hot Himuro is)

-also Nijimura comparing Himuro’s beauty to Kise’s

-Akashi laughing at Nijimura’s anger towards Haizaki

-Akashi and Kuroko eating lunch together

-this wasn’t ever shown but I need it in my life: blonde Nijimura

-Kagami’s soft little voice when facing a dog

-just all of Saikou no Present Desu

-anytime we see Murasakibara and Himuro hanging out outside of school hours

-Midorima’s family

-tbh any time Riko smacks the shit out of the guys for being pervy

-Momoi calling Aomine a ganguro pmsl straight to the kokoro

-Kasamatsu crying alone in the locker room (I should have mentioned this earlier)

-Kise learning to depend on his teammates

-when Kasamatsu helped Kise stand after he was injured

-Midorima defending his teammates

-Mayuzumi and Akashi parting on good terms

-Reo being the only one who didn’t get mad at Akashi when he was sucking balls during the RakuSei game

-Aomine putting his own place on the team on the line by defending Kuroko in Teikou

-anytime I see Kuroko standing next to Murasakibara tbqh so smol

-the wild animals analogy

-Furihata faceplanting and Akashi not knowing how to react and Reo actually needing to remind him of what he needs to do

-the stageplay and my obsession with stalking the actors on Twitter I love them so much

-I spent like an hour writing this and I cant think of any more but feel free to add your own fav moments

Movie Night w/ Dick Grayson Would Include...


- Netflix
- Watching all kinds of movies
- You crying on romantic movies
- Dick hugging you while you cry
- He crying on drama movies
- You hugging him while he cries
- He being more scared than you on horror movies
- You live for horror movies
- He kissing you every time he gets the chance
- Eating a lot of snacks
- At least you two can get fat together
- You’ll still love each other anyway
- Cuddling on the couch
- Seeing movies that you already saw
- Making out during these movies
- Sneaky hands on each other
- More hugging
- More kising
- Just enjoying the presence of each other
- Eating more snacks
- More cuddling
- More making out
- After a lot of movies you two go to bed
- Sex

imagine-with-gods  asked:

can i request akashi being extremely jealous bc kise was flirting with his best friend fo he is madly in love with

“Sorry, Sei-kun! I have to cancel again tonight. Ryou-Chan is taking me to one of his shoots. I really want to see what goes on behind the scenes!”

If murderous intent could kill them Kise would be a very dead blonde. Again, you canceled on him just to have said blonde steal your time. Akashi sighed tiredly and answered you with a fake smile on the other end of the phone.

“Of course. You know the key to a healthy friendship is time apart it not too much time.”

“Oh yea! I promise you the weekend no matter how much Ryou-Chan begs me!”

“Fine, have a nice time with him, Darling.”

“You know I will!”

Just like that you were off the phone and running to Kise. At least, that’s what was running through Akashi’s mind. He put off his jealousy to an aching to be with you…like a normal friendship.

The next time the two of you were in school you were staring at a picture of you and Kise hugged up. Akashi merely glanced at the photo and his face boiled with anger. He smiled at you then pointed to your picture.

“You two look…jovial.”

“Huh? Oh yea! I got to meet some of the models and everything. He’s very popular.”

“So I’ve heard. It makes no difference–”

“The weekend…I’m sorry, Sei-kun. My dad flies back in and we have to cancel.”

Your dear friend Akashi only gave a soft wet smile. He nodded in understanding.

“I understand. Please give him my regards.”

“I will! You’re the best, Sei-kun!”

You leaned over and kissed his cheek. More students rushed in as did the teacher. Later, you separated from him and went home to help your mother welcome your father home. Akashi made plans with Kise so they could ‘talk’ it out. Of course, Kise was quick to take up Akashi’s offer.

“I would love to play basketball, Akacchi!”

“We will meet at the on the courts since I am in the city.”

“Yay! We can go to dinner afterwards.”

“I look forward to it.”

With their conversation ended they met on the courts but played on opposite teams. Akashi demanded Aomine be on his team. A 3 on 3 with Akashi, Aomine and Midorima vs Kagami, Kise and Kuroko. The game ensued and Akashi had his sights set on the one that stole his lovely company. How dare he….

During a particularly intimidating play by Aomine and Midorima, Akashi played against Kise. His emperor eye activated and made Kise fall on his butt. Kise looked up at him and yelled.

“…murderous intent…!”

“Anything but, Kise-kun. You may stay away from our mutual female friend if you would like to keep both of your knee caps intact. I wonder how many photo shoots would be sexy from a wheel chair.”

All of the players on the court took a step back. Midorima was the only one brave enough to put a hand on Akashi’s shoulder.


He quickly took his hand back. He walked over to his team mates and cleared his throat.

“He will need a moment. Break time for everyone.”


I’m so sorry for the lateness, PLEASE DO ENJOY THIS (and I would love to know what’s your thoughts about this  >w<)

(don’t) take it back…

From: Akashi-kun

Tetsuya, something comes up and I’m sorry but I’m afraid I have to cancel again our plan this weekend.

Kuroko read the text in blank face as he stopped slurping on his milkshake. Putting down both the phone and drinks, he grabbed the nearest pillow on his couch and buried his face in it. It’s hard not to feel disappointed when your friend and ex-captain who you grew close to recently canceled the plan for the fourth times this month.

Yes, shortly after Winter Cup with Seirin triumphing over Rakuzan, Akashi had reached him personally and they had a heart-to-heart talk that cost almost a whole day sitting in MajiBa with more than five orders of milkshake in Kuroko’s part. By the end of the day, their friendship was rekindled and perhaps grew even closer. For Kuroko, he might had developed a ‘special’ fondness towards his captain over the times.

Since then, both of them will always take time to spend with each other. They didn’t always play basketball. They will stroll down the parks, hanging out in local cafes, playing at the arcades and sometimes, they’re quite fond of just being silenced around each other. Occasionally, Akashi will call him at night and they will talk; any topic that they want to without even a single ounce of awkwardness. Kuroko really treasure those times and actually look forward of it that he’ll make sure to keep his cellphone nearby most of the times.

His action was probably misinterpreted because his friends kept asking if he had a girlfriend that lived somewhere far because he had been away for almost every weekend and when he was texting, he will frequently smile and sometimes giggle unexpectedly. Kuroko frowned as he realized he did look like a sick-love puppy but he tried not to pay attention too much.

 Then again why would he cares when it was through their late night calls and almost frequent hangouts that Kuroko started to know Akashi deeper, he learned how pressuring Akashi’s life could be, how he learned to cope up with Rakuzan’s loss in Winter Cup, how much he actually missed his mom, it was heartbreaking to hear them sometimes that Kuroko, in rare occasions will hug Akashi quietly. He didn’t offer any reassurance nor comforting words; he knew Akashi appreciated his silence much better than any words.

Their relationship had been growing steady like that nearly four months already and Kuroko would like to keep it that way very much.

Thing is…

It took more than one person to maintain it.

Akashi definitely didn’t help this case.

Kuroko sighed again when he reread the text in case he misinterpreted Akashi’s text which was actually he actually knew just a denial in his part.

He missed his ex-captain. He sighed sadly.

Despite having the tittle of ‘satan unborn fetus’, Akashi, deep inside was a loving person.  He never expressed it, in words at least but his actions spoke otherwise. Kuroko can never forget how concern he could be when Kuroko suddenly cancelled their plan the other day. He had fallen sick and too weak to move that he had to text Akashi to postpone their plan. When Akashi inquired the reason, Kuroko reluctantly admitted that he had spent at least 20 minutes under the rain the day before because he forgot to bring his umbrella to school. Kuroko was still talking to him when the call was suddenly disconnected. Afraid that something might happen to Akashi, Kuroko abruptly stood up and ran to the door that was when his sickness decided to kick in. He fainted on the floor.  The next thing when he opened his eyes was Akashi’s concerned -and dare he said, slightly scared and lost- face greeted him.

“Thank god. For a second I thought- never mind, are you okay, Tetsuya?”  

That was the last stroke because after that, Kuroko vowed not to make Akashi endured such feelings again. He hugged Akashi’s tense body tightly and released a relieved sigh when the latter’s body gradually relaxing.

Kuroko was snapped from his train of thoughts when his phone buzzed. He quickly reached it and unlocked the screen eagerly in case it was Akashi but it was not. He sighed as he threw it onto the couch but took it again a few seconds after. His fingers started typing.

To: Akashi-kun

It’s okay, Akashi-kun. I understand. But are you sure you’re okay there?

The reply came instantly.

From: Akashi-kun

Yes, I am. Why were you asking? Are you sick or something?

Kuroko frowned at that but not wanting to worry Akashi by responding late that may cause him taking a bullet train all the way from Kyoto to Tokyo again, Kuroko immediately typed his reply.

To: Akashi-kun

I’m totally fine, Akashi-kun. There’s no need to start worrying about having to find a still operating train just to get here.

Again, Akashi’s reply came instantly.

From: Akashi-kun

You know I have a helicopter for that. But seriously, are you sure you are okay? Why do I feel like something’s not right?

This time, Kuroko quirked a small smile at the texts. He was still Akashi-kun that he grew close too; full of concern.

To: Akashi-kun

Yes. I just missed you. We haven’t met at all after our reunion with the others last month.

From: Akashi-kun

I know, Tetsuya.I miss you too.

‘Then come…’ Kuroko wanted to whine but decided not to express it in his next reply. Somehow, he suddenly felt like he’s a clingy girlfriend of Akashi and that was the last thing he wanted because Akashi hated clingy girl.

What if it’s a boy?

His eyes bulged at that thought. Surely he couldn’t-

Another buzzed came from his phone and he happily ignored everything he just thought before. He focused on the screen before him. It was another text from Akashi.

From: Akashi-kun

I’m sorry, Tetsuya but it seems like we have to cut our texting short tonight. To be honest, I’m feeling a bit tired so I’m going to sleep a bit early tonight.

Kuroko blinked but quickly came to his sense as he began typing his reply.

To: Akashi-kun

Sure. Good night, Akashi-kun. Sleep tight and don’t let the bug bites you.

He added the last part as a teasing but soon regretted it when the next reply came.  

From: Akashi-kun

I know. I rather bite Tetsuya though. Good night, Tetsuya. Sweet dreams.

Kuroko didn’t know what he’s been dreaming that night but it must be a good one because he woke up smiling in the morning.


Kuroko was not happy. Why? Akashi was still avoiding him. He thought after their last teasing that led him to a very nice dream that he had sadly forgotten what it’s all about had mended their relationship but no, Akashi was still making excuses to cancel their plans. In truth, Kuroko was starting to get annoyed but he had no idea what to do about it.

“So, what did you call for us again, Tetsu?”

Kuroko lifted up his head and was met with a grumbling Aomine and an enthusiastic Kise. He had decided to call his friends because he felt like it’s been quite sometimes since they last met. That, and he may had other reasons to ask them to hang out.

“Nothing, I just feel like hanging up with you guys.” He answered to Aomine who was now busy stuffing hamburger into his mouth.

Instead of Aomine answering, Kuroko was suddenly crushed into a bone-crashing hug by Kise.

“Kurokocchi I miss you toooooo!!!! You don’t have to be shy, I will even initiate the hug just so that Kurokocchi can feel me on his body.”

“Damnit, Kise! You’re so loud.” Aomine yelled.

“And gross. You’re gross, Kise-kun.” Kuroko said flatly as he tried to push Kise away.

Kise finally relented and released Kuroko from his arms. “You guys are so mean.” He pouted slightly. Kuroko decided to ignore him and turned his face to Aomine.

Aomine had a scrutinizing looks, which is rare and Kuroko was about to ask when the former suddenly said, “Spill it, Tetsu.”

Kise who had obviously heard this because he had stopped whining and now was giving his attention to them.

Kuroko just stared at his former shadow unrelenting. Aomine did the same and it continued until Aomine can’t take it. Nobody beats Kuroko Tetsuya in staring contest.

He sighed, “Look, Tetsu. You obviously don’t ca-”

“Akashi-kun is avoiding me.” Kuroko blurted out.

It was silence between them. Aomine blinked a few times, Kise looked a bit lost as he kept glancing at Kuroko and Aomine. Kuroko faced was still as emotionless as ever.


Kuroko put down his milkshake, opened his mouth and started telling his two friends everything that happened. During the whole story-telling, both Aomine and Kise just gaped at him.

”…. and he’s been avoiding me ever since the last dinner party we all had in Midorima-kun’s place.“ Kuroko ended his story with a forlorn face. He was staring down as he clutched his milkshake cup slightly.

After a moment of silence, Kuroko lifted up his head only to find Aomine and Kise staring at him. Kuroko quirked his brow at his friends.

Kise was the one who broke the silence first, "Umm… Kurokocchi…” He said in hesitant. “I think I know why Akashicci is avoiding you.”


Seijuro stood in front of the door of his apartment. He just realized he left the key inside today. Sighing, he leaned his forehead onto the door. His day was just getting worse. His mood also had been in a bad state these few weeks. He had snapped at least sixth times towards Koutaro and Eikichi for being a loud during practices and almost burned Chihiro’s latest light novel simply because the cover page had a hideous color of red. Reo was starting to get concerned towards his ‘Sei-chan’ but nobody had any idea what to do about it.

Today was one of the worse days. He had slept late because of his research paper that resulted to sleeping through alarm and getting to class late, followed by his incompetence partner that kept stuttering his speech during their presentation that got his mood turned sour until the end of the class. Finally, when the day was finally over he just felt like collapsing. Yes, that’s exactly the first thing he will do once he gets to his apartment. Alas, fate decided to mess up with him by making him forgot his apartment key.

He seriously hated himself right now.

Tetsuya probably hated him even more.


He was probably the reason why Seijuro was such a mess these few weeks but it’s not entirely his fault. It’s all began with Teiko Basketball Club reunion party last month. It was Satsuki’s idea and wholly supported by an enthusiastic Ryouta and a grumbling Daiki. Shintaro was the reluctant host because none of their places were big enough, with the exception of Ryoutabut he’s living with his older sister.

Everyone was invited and they all agreed to come, even though Murasakibara had to be bribed with five boxes of mauibo. Seijuro already had an arrangement that day and was about to tell inform his absence when Tetsuya, with his big blue puppy eyes managed to convince him by just staring at him. How? He didn’t have the answer.

When he reached at the party, everyone was already there and everything looked so nice that he felt almost overwhelmed. Satsuki ushered him inside after she gave him a warm hug, Shintaro was the first to greet him after that with his solemn expression but even Seijuro could detect the tint of excitement in his eyes. Ryouta also hugged him tight and pulled him to the side where Daiki and Atsushi were sitting. Daiki greeted him with his usual lazy tone and Atsushi, for the first time stood up from his seat and went to hug Seijuro.

“It’s nice to see you, Aka-chin.” He said lazily while petting Akashi’s head.

Seijuro who was not expecting it felt a sudden rush of warmness inside him. “Nice to see you too, Atsushi.” He said with a slight smile.

The party resumed after that. Seijuro spent most of his times talking to Shintaro after spending quite a time with the others. When Atsushi got to know that he won’t be getting the whole cake, there was a bit commotion and Shinatro had to take care of it as he was the host. Akashi then decided to spend his time talking to Tetsuya. He was starting to feel really glad that he came. He decided that he might enjoy this party tonight as he kept talking to Tetsuya.

“I’m going to get more alcohols. Do you want some, Tetsuya?” Seijuro asked as he stood up from his seat.

“I thought Akashi-kun doesn’t drink?” Tetsuya furrowed his eyebrow.

“I don’t.” At this, Seijuro turned his face to Tetsuya and smirked, “But might as well enjoy it tonight.”

Tetsuya looked at him for a moment before shrugging, “If you say so.”

That was the last thing he remembered once he woke up in the morning. “Urgh…” He groaned as he clutched his face. He was having a massive headache and there was no point asking how. That’s what alcohol does to people. He frowned when he realized that other than the feel of his head being pounded by wild animals all night, his jaw felt slightly weird. Like… like he was punched hard in the face. He brought his fingers on his jaw and winced slightly when he touched it. He blinked as he tried to think what had happened but before he could think anything further, there was a knock on the door.

“Oi, Akashi? You awake? Four eyes told me to bring this breakfast for you.” Daiki’s voice came outside the door.

Decided that his hurting jaw could be ignore for a while, he turned to the door. “Come in, Daiki.”

Daiki entered the room carefully with his tray of breakfast. He put down the tray beside Seijuro and made a move to leave the room when suddenly he decided to speak.

“Daiki, do you perhaps know why my jaw is hurting?”

Daiki’s shoulder immediately went tensed as he slowly turned around to face Seijuro who was staring straight at his face. “Well?” Seijuro quirked his eyebrow.

Daiki blinked a few times before he opened his mouth.

“Stupid reunion.” Seijuro uttered loudly as the final memories of the reunion finished playing in his head.

The cold voice that came after that instantly made his body tensed. “Indeed, Akashi-kun.”

Seijuro snapped his head at the direction of the voice and feeling a dread when he realized who was standing there.

“Tetsuya.” Seijuro finally managed to utter the name of the voice owner.

Tetsuya’s face was blank but Seijuro’s sharp eyes will never miss the swirling emotions behind those eyes. Tetsuya was upset. Seijuro gulped at that realization. “What are you doing here?”

Tetsuya didn’t answer but he raised an object that was suspiciously looked like Seijuro’s  apartment key.

“How did you get my key?”

“You gave it to me last month remember?” Tetsuya said monotonously.

“Oh…” Seijuro said slowly as he finally remembered that he did gave Tetsuya a duplicate key to his apartment. Tetsuya didn’t seem to mind his lack of respond as he began walking towards Seijuro who moved when he realized what Tetsuya was about to do.

A moment later, Seijuro found himself standing in his spacious living room with Tetsuya, also standing, not far from his back. He turned to Tetsuya and said almost awkwardly, “Why don’t you sit first while I make some tea?” He was about to walk to the kitchen without waiting Tetsuya to respond when Tetsuya said.

“I’m not thirsty. Let’s just sit together, Akashi-kun.” His voice was cold and Seijuro found himself starting to sweat in cold.

That was how Seijuro found himself sitting in his living room with Tetsuya sitting beside him with a respectable distance. The air around them felt so cold and awkward, Seijuro starting to wonder if it’ll be too late to move into a new apartment with a much better air conditioning. It was never been this awkward with Tetsuya before and it made Seijuro wanted to crawl into a hole and never came out again. He was snapped from his reverie when he realized Kuroko had been staring at him.

“Tetsuya…” He began but Tetsuya cut him off.

“You’ve been avoiding me.” His voice did not sound accusatory, it was more like a fact.

Seijuro inhaled before he felt his shoulder slumped in defeat. “I’m sorry.” He said without looking at the male beside him.

“For what?” Tetsuya asked sharply.

Seijuro was quiet for a while as he tried to gather his thoughts. Every regret, every remorse that he felt because of his actions. “I-“ He inhaled deeply, trying to gather the strengths to continue.

“I’m sorry for everything.” He finally managed to say although his eyes were still downcast, not having the guts to look at Tetsuya. “Tetsuya, just… I’m sorry for that night. I didn’t mean it, everything that happened that night. Anything that happened that night, I truly didn’t mean it.” He stopped to suck a breath. “I’m really sorry for everything that happened that night and I just feel like I can’t face you anymore after that.” He said remorsefully.

When Tetsuya was quiet, Seijuro dared himself to look up. Tetsuya was staring at him blankly but there was an evident of angriness that made Seijuro felt guiltier. He was so screwed.

When Tetsuya finally opened his mouth, he had never sounded this cold. “So you are telling me to just forget everything that happened that night?”

Seijuro bit his lower lips before as he whispered, “Yes.” Again, when Tetsuya didn’t indicate that he is going to give any response, Seijuro continued.

“Daiki told me everything the next day and there is no words to describe how much I am regretting what I did to you that night.”

“What did you do to me?” Tetsuya finally asked.

Seijuro snapped his head towards Tetsuya. His eyes widening as he stared at the male. Did Tetsuya seriously want him to say what happened at that night? Seijuro wanted to laugh and cry at the same time, Tetsuya was so cruel. Was it not enough that Seijuro had been getting sleepless nights for a month? Was it not enough that he barely at anything for these few weeks? Was it not enough that he spent his time regretting everything he did that night that made him felt like stabbing himself repeatedly in chest? Was everything is not enough?

Seijuro had never felt this lost before.

Of course it’s not enough! You deserve to suffer after everything you did to him!


That screamed snapped Akashi to the reality and he was once again was facing Tetsuya. Seijuro gulped once again.

“I’m sorry for trying to take advantage of you while I was drunk.” Seijuro finally managed to get out those words as he stared at Tetsuya who looked like he had been stunned.

Tetsuya blinked a few times as in he was trying to understand what Seijuro just said. Seijuro quickly looked down as he can’t bear the thought to see Tetsuya looking at him with a hateful expression.

“Ta- taking advantage?” Tetsuya finally opened his mouth.

Seijuro just nodded slowly at that.

“You mean, the reason why you were avoiding me was because you felt like you had taken advantage of me?”

“…yes.” Seijuro answered weakly as he truly had no energy to say anything else. But what else can be said when he just committed a wrong against his friend? Were they even friends now? Seijuro thought sadly.

Seijuro was too deep in his thought that he did not realize that Tetsuya had stood up and now was standing before him. He didn’t get to say anything when Tetsuya had grabbed his collar and pressed his lips against him.


It was over too soon as Tetsuya had already released him. Seijuro found himself staring widely at Tetsuya, his heart was beating loudly that he was sure not because of a shock.

“What…?” Was the only thing that Seijuro could utter.

Tetsuya sat down again but this time he sat close to Seijuro and brought their hands together. Seijuro was still in shock, dazed, whatever that is that he failed to realize that Tetsuya had brought his face closer to him. Their nose was almost touching and Seijuro can feel his heart beating even loudly now. He heard Tetsuya muttering something about Daiki along with a several curse words that Seijuro will feel amaze if not because of their circumstances right now.

“Akashi-kun.” Tetsuya said slowly before he continued, “Listen to me. You did not take advantage of me.”

That had brought Seijuro to reality as he stared Tetsuya confusingly.


“You. Did. Not. Take. Advantage of me.” Tetsuya stressed and before Seijuro could say anything,

“I kissed you back because the feeling is mutual.” This time, Tetsuya smiled warmly and there was this fluttering in Seijuro’s heart that was hard to ignore.

“What?” Seijuro repeated as he stared in wide eyes at Tetsuya. What did Tetsuya mean by that?

“It means, I like you too, Bakashi.” Tetsuya said teasingly.

Seijuro blinked a few times as he was trying to understand the situation. What just happened?

“Tetsuya, I… I don’t understand. Daiki said that I…” Seijuro trailed.

This time, it was Tetsuya who looked confused. “What did Aomine-kun say?”

Seijuro opened his mouth and said carefully, “Daiki said I was trying to molest you while I was drunk.” He waited Tetsuya to get angry or just screamed at him, anything, and when he saw Tetsuya’s expression morphed into anger, he was ready for everything that he will throw at him.

“Curse you, Aomine-kun.” Tetsuya whispered lowly. His eyes were narrowed and his expression looked very dangerous.

Seijuro who can’t stand being in a state of not understand anything grabbed Tetsuya’s shoulder to face him. “Tetsuya, I don’t understand. Just what is happening? I don’t understand what do you mean by liking me too? I mean, I like you too of course and not just as friend but I don’t understand any of this! You don’t hate me? How can you like me after I tried to take advantage of you? Tetsuya-“

Seijuro’s rants were stopped when Tetsuya had kissed him again and this time, Seijuro did not hesitate to kiss back. Their tongue clashed with each other when Seijuro coaxed Tetsuya to open his mouth, they pulled each other as close as they can by clothes and their warm breath mingled. It continued for a moment until the need of oxygen was dominating and when they released each other, their face were still very close, forehead touching each other. They took their time catching breaths.

“Akashi-kun. I have something to say.” Tetsuya said after a while. They were still in very close and neither of them felt like moving anytime soon.

“Hmm…” Seijuro was still closing his eyes, trying to recover from the wonderful feelings. He was still holding Tetsuya close with their fingers intertwined with each other. “What is it?” He whispered.

“I think Aomine-kun just lied to you.”

Seijuro felt his left eye twitched.

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